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Midmorning With Aundrea - April 12, 2019

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Midmorning With Aundrea - April 12, 2019
Midmorning With Aundrea - April 12, 2019

Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Live from Starkville at Bulldog Burger.

We have a wide assortment of guests to bring you a preview of the Cotton District Arts Festival April 13.

Good morning.

We are on the road in starkville.

Here at bulldog burger in the heart of the cotton district.

This is our cotton district arts festival preview.

It all begins in the morning.

John bateman is the executive director of the starkville area arts council.

He is here this morning to talk about the role of the arts council - and how the cotton district arts festival continues to grow.

Daniel clapper >> in this morning and lorraine early in the morning the vessel is is something that tomorrow i councilperson is as is ... programs for outreach circles from his impact for example last year we had hundred three nine or vendors ... gross revenue was also thousand dollars is renascent ... you see the they will have stuff in the heart so they based their hahands to the grea job ... decision this year with 70 patients the spots ... need to grow up and games kickoff tomorrow youth involvement through big deal ... is the deal ... because we serve for the twelfth grade ... working january february ... you are set up this week ... our kids able to get involved in class i can draw interceptor class with the teacher if there drawn this point in her the parents can forcing ranchers, students there's a lot of talent imprisonment talent is what's in the same artist ... here the growing ... this best in show any commissions ... relatively historical, obese ... while small pieces ... this is a tough time ... captures the original pieces ... on a jpeg with that looks like life ... they'll be out of city pieces know they will not this shows up this week ... this piece down a person lobby for the next month during our show support for young people to self talent finalizing in talent they got a gift of your age separates ... but your cell phone on the line things are for this opportunity ... great to see welcome back ... why should are testable the art role excited.

He married the arts village ... the vendors always work with ... get hundred and 44 record number of applications when toys phone items jewelry, jewelry paintings bath bombs these vendors that, these are handmade is walkure.

For cell like this how you this for literally thousands of customers working at times for entire year world to be situated ... all on the usual route starting user university drive on the west wall pass all food vendors really for this is the money that more of a next mission project that over 100 artists apply appliances show 37 artists ... this is the diversity gallery photography sculpture painting the best the artworks art is not just paintings and photography ceramics irons to repurpose the prior artist ms. pieces are also for sale are very high in pieces for your home office with the need to do one of them ... desmond was starkly area our counsel ... usually couple months ... too much for the festival during the show would all the vendors figure for ... welcome back to starkville.

We are live at bulldog burger with a preview of the cotton district arts festival.

Music has always been an important part of the festival.

John brocato is a local musician.

He is the music chairman this year.

Will showcase music and go triangle ... music here 40 years and up ... everythingbout it is a mix of musical interest in everything from soul ukulele ... two contemporary jazz and everything in between place a couple different acts was the stages with stacy first tried ... stage ... near the visual arts complex little farther west at the ... this was all happening so the people's introduction asked for others the groupies ... can we want to do this to go triangle and offer ... talk with the exposure for a lot of us in church again ... small subset everybody is to see ... is a huge audience what the one of getting a gaze after the play ... not quantify the clock you can find out all the acts in their times on the website ... was here joining us the international village drive three vermont environment to the festival international displays inexpensively called the fiesta on campus invisible to hear this.

Parking lot really great group coming to initial village people people colors exposing you to things you may not have seen otherwise dispose the starkville community of international students we have the educative we have truly from melting pot killed so much we come back for the weekend my from the library orwhen we return, a look at super bulldog weekend.

Mid morning is on the road in starkville.

Stay with us.

There is so much to do this weekend in starkville.

This is super bulldog weekend, in addition to the cotton district arts festival.

Rhett hobart is the assistant athletic director of marketing and branding for mississippi state.

He is here this morning with what we can expect on campus.

We'll be right annual spring homecoming for us this event that brings alumni back is going homecoming because we can rate for us to roll for carpet with constant forming link teams referring down expect startle tonight ... six p.m.

To 630 ... serviceable david events his come out in the nfl so competition the plate edw that match spring football game at one p.m.

Ball by baseball at the noble ... process media is 65; can we are on things closely at healthy ... one-stop shop students and their familiesi the leasbacic glfgoappanadback to wrap things we want to thank our hosts this morning - robin fant and the eat with us group here at bulldog deli.

Thank you to jon turner for bringing us to starkville.

And to the entire starkville area arts council and and the i3dti ... cuzzpro asusimvolunteers who make this event one of the very best in the south.

We leave you this morning with the sounds of keatzi gunmoney and georgia graham.

Thanks for joining us on the road with mid morning.


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