Beshear Files lawsuit over subpoenas

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Beshear Files lawsuit over subpoenas
Frankfort, KY.

Attorney general andy beshear is suing to block subpoenas issued by the bevin administration as part of an investigation into teacher 'sickouts' that shut down some schools, including in fayette and madison counties.

Abc 36's ryan schmelz is in the studio with more from the attorney general and reaction from governor matt bevin...and ryan...these two political rivals wasted no time going after each other.

No time at all...what is expected to be a heated legal battle is already off to a heated war of words..

Attorney general andy beshear began the announcement of his lawsuit against governor matt bevin and the labor cabinet -- by attacking past comments made by the governor..

Governor bevin has called our teachers thugs, ignorant people, drowning victims who need to be knocked out and drugged to shore.

When they protested, he accused them of causing the abuse and addiction of children.

The 97 page lawsuit from beshear and the jefferson county teachers association claims the labor cabinet and governor bevin have no right to subpoena school districts...asking for the names of teachers who called-in sick to go to the state capitol to protest proposed legislation...saying it's a violation of free speech.

He believes instead, school districts should deal with teacher sickouts..

Not the state..

The school districts are not objecting, they are not trying to punish the teachers and they do not believe there is a work stoppage or a strike.

That means that this labor cabinet secretary does not have a labor dispute.

Beshear calls bevin a bully...bevin accuses beshear in this case of playing politics and refusing to enforce the law he's sworn to uphold.

The beshear's have never paid much attention to the law, including the one who happens to be our attorney general.

It's an embarrassment, it really is.

And it's an absolute stunt.

It's remarkable to me how incompetant, how corrupt, how remarkably unwilling to do his job our attorney general is.

Bevin believes the labor cabinet is simply doing its job and has every right to subpoena the schools.

There's several people who have the responsibility to determine that the law is being followed, and in this case law includes labor law and labor practices.

That is the board of education, and the commissioner of education, and that also includes the labor cabinet.

#### this is the eighth time the attorney general has sued the bevin administration..

Fayette county was among one of the school districts subpoenaed..

In the studio ryan schmelz abc 36 news..

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