West Lafayette Rental Inspections

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West Lafayette Rental Inspections
West Lafayette Rental Inspections


3 new tonight, west lafayette has a work around to keep its apartment inspection program we previously reported, it's been in jeopardy since the state supreme court ruled fees for landlords were too high.but shifting those charges from "registration fees" to "services fees," has provided a new avenue for funding.mayor john dennis says, that's important.

3<dennis: obviously that doesn't come cheap.mayor john dennis is talking about his employees making money during rental inspections.they are experts who are certified in things like electricity, plumbing, and foundation work.

Dennis says the whole staff has the same goal in mind.

Dennis: we want to make sure the apartments are for our students permanent residents and anyone who is getting invovled in a rental property.

We want to make sure they are safe.safetly..always the number one priority.the property owner will pay west lafayette a certain amount based on a few factors.

Those include how many people are living in the space and how big the space is.dennis adds taking a step back and evaluating what the indiana surpreme court ruled helped fix the city's problem.dennis: we went back and looked at it and we realized the services that we provide weren't technically a registration fee.

It was an inspection fee.

Dennis: we never did slow down.

Even though we had to hit the 3pause button.> 3 dennis says the city worked with the supreme court every step of the way to make use it's new fees were compliant with that recent ruling.the proposal will have its first reading at monday's city council

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