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WCBI News at Ten, Sunday, June 9th, 2019

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WCBI News at Ten, Sunday, June 9th, 2019
WCBI News at Ten, Sunday, June 9th, 2019
WCBI News at Ten, Sunday, June 9th, 2019 thank you for joing us tonight, i'm jory tally... and i'm cash matlock..

A driver walks away with minor injuries after his car ran off the road in caledonia this evening.

First responders say the driver was traveling east bound on spruill road when he lost control of the car.

Causing the car to flip over and then land on the side of the road.

The lowndes county sheriff's department and the district 2 volunteer fire department responded.

In calhoun county, when it rains-it floods, something residents have been witnessing a lot this year.

Back in february, flooding really impacted the area.

The spring storms led to damaged roads and homes, and with this recent round of showers, some residents are dealing with it all over again.

Our stephanie poole went to calhoun county and has more on the story.

The sun is finally shining sunday afternoon in calhoun county, after heavy downpours.

Within the last 7 days, parts of the county saw 4 to 8 inches of rain, which comes right after the recent spring downpours that damaged roads, homes and businesses.

"oh i get very nervous.

I'm lik i'm panicking."

Wcbi meteorologists say the county received the most rain on thursday night, which impacted janice harrod.

Harrod lives on county road 205 and says when there's a heavy downpour, the area floods, impacting every day life.

"we can't get out that way o that way.

" back in february, a landslide wiped out county road 210, which is right down the road from where harrod lives.

She says heavy rain impacts everyone in the area and hopes hopes something can be done to help prevent flooding when it rains.

"make me a path where i ca get out, that way if i have to go to the doctor or something i can get out."

Harrod says she now has a safety plan from all of the recent storms and flooding.

Reporting in calhoun county,stephanie poole,wcbi news.

Over the last year, much of northeast mississippi has seen over 20 inches more than the average annual rainfall.

At least one person has died after a crane collapsed onto the elan city lights apartment complex near good latimer and live oak in downtown dallas, officials confirmed.

Heavy winds from severe storms moved through the area sunday afternoon.

Dallas fire- rescue says two people are also in critical condition, three in serious condition and one person was already released from the hospital.

The aerial footage shows the extent of the damage caused by the crane collapse.

Damage to units and vehicles could also be seen.

More damage is being reported throughout north texas, especially in dallas, as severe storms moved through the area.

The damage is mostly being caused by heavy winds.

Fallen trees, downed power lines and damage to homes and businesses are the kinds of damage being seen through areas like dallas county.

Power outages are also being reported throughout north texas.

Florida highway patrol said a bolt of lightning struck a motorcyclist driving southbound on i- 95 in ormond beach around 3 p.m.


Authorities said a witness told them a bolt of lightning hit the motorcyclist's helmet, causing the helmet to shatter and the driver to veer off the road.

The crash happened near mile marker 271 in volusia county.

Authorities said the driver of the motorcycle was killed.

Investigators said an off-duty trooper on vacation from virginia was riding by and saw the crash.

Troopers haven't yet released the name of the man who was in the crash.

They're still working to notify his family about the tragedy.

First look tonight: partly cloudy with isolated to scattered showers and perhaps a rumble of thunder.

Thousands of elvis presley fans are heading home after another festival honoring tupelo's most famous native son wrapped up.

Our allie martin has highlights from the 21st annual tupelo elvis festival.

A highlight of every festival is the ultimate elvis tribute artist competion, and for 21 year old taylor rodriguez, it was the first time he had ever competed in tupelo.

"i'm at a loss for words, it' one of the most amazing feelings.

I've never felt this feeling before, but i'm quite flabbergasted as you could say."

There were also a few emotional moments.

For years dj fontana was a regular at the tupelo elvis festival.

Known as the first drummer of rock n roll, fontana played on the iconic early records that helped make elvis a household name.

Fontana passed away last year at the age of 87.

Tupelo honored fontana's widow, karen, and his david, who is also a drummer.

Nats david said his father enjoyed coming to tupelo, meeting elvis fans, and playing with the elvis tribute artists.

"i don't know cause if it wa elvis' original hometown, he always liked the people here, always felt comfortable here, they could come get him if they needed something, he had it."

Nats after parties at the gardner watson ice house were sold out, as the tribute artist showcased their diverse musical talents.

It all wrapped up with a gospel concert sunday morning, featuring the music elvis enjoyed singing the most.

"god bless you guys, and go bless elvis presley."

In tupelo, allie martin, wcbi news a love offering to st.

Jude's children's research hospital was take during the gospel showcase.

Through his lifetime, elvis was a big supporter of the memphis hospital.

Pets also came out to this weekend's elvis festival... yesterday elvis fans packed into the bancorp south arena for the fifth annual elvis pet parade.

It was a unique event to celebrate tupelo, celebrate elvis, and get pets and people out together to raise money for the tupelo humane society.

Each contestant sported the owners favorite elvis theme.

"really anything tha celebrates elvis.

First of all the pet has to be safe and control that's number one.

Then creative, celebrating tupelo or elvis or really anything that's a theme."

Outside the arena fans got a chance to meet with two of the six dicasa dancing ponies.

The specially trained horses perform dances in shows across the area and were a special treat for those attending the elvis pet parade.

On saturday south bend, indiana police said patrol officers morgan and kronewitter were able to rescue an injured and sick baby raccoon from busy west angela blvd.

Police said they were sending the raccoon to a wildlife rehabilitator.

South bend police tweeted: "second detai patrol officers morgan and kronewitter came to the rescue of a sick and injured baby raccoon from the busy angela roadway!

Officer kaszas is going to meet them and get it to a rehab!

Simple summer dishes...that's what this week's mom to mom is all about!

Simple summer dishes...that's what this week's mom to mom is all about!

Sarah pannell: today on mom to mom, we've got a simple summer side dish for you.

Joing me today is chef kate.

I'm so ready for summer.

Chef kate h.: yes.

Me too.

Sarah pannell: you just have no idea.

So, today you've got this beautiful- i mean, look at all these colors.

Chef kate h.: yes.

The best ingredients of the season.

Sarah pannell: yeah.

Chef kate h.: we've got fresh corn, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, so it's just like summer in a bowl.

Sarah pannell: good.

All right.

Well, let's dig right into it.

Chef kate h.: yeah.

Let's make it.

Sarah pannell: all right.

Chef kate h.: bring a cup and a half of water to boil and add a half cup of couscous.

Reduce the heat to low and simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes until all the water's absorbed.

Set it aside.

Dice up the bell pepper into bite size pieces, remove the corn from the cobs, and thinly slice the garlic.

Add all three to a skillet over medium heat with a drizzle of olive oil.

Cook for about six minutes to soften, stirring occasionally.

In a bowl, you're going to want to combine the couscous, lime zest, little bit of olive oil, lime juice.

While the veggies are cooking, go ahead and half the cherry tomatoes and set them aside.

Once the bell pepper and corn mixture's finished, you're going to combine it with the couscous, the half cherry tomatoes, and thinly sliced basil.

Toss it all together and taste to adjust seasonings.

Sarah pannell: this is so beautiful.

Chef kate h.: i know.

Sarah pannell: i almost don't want to eat it, but we have to.

Chef kate h.: you're going to want to eat it.

It's so good.

Sarah pannell: we have to.

Yeah, we have to.

Maddie tosses to break tonight: partly cloudy with isolated to scattered showers and perhaps a rumble of thunder.

Temperatures fall into the upper 60s and low 70s with a calm wind.

Some patchy fog can't be ruled out.

Monday: some scattered showers and a few storms can't be ruled out.

Temperatures climb back into the low 80s before a cold front pushes showers and storms out to the east.

That sets up a nice, quiet and dry monday night, allowing lows to fall into the low to mid 60s with decreasing clouds.

Tuesday - friday: we've been watching for awhile, but it seems that amazingly quiet and beautiful weather is coming!

It might be one last hurrah from spring as all the tropical summertime moisture is shoved back to the south.

Behind the front, expect it was win or go home for the ole miss rebels this afternoon game one in the fayetteville super regional definitely not going as planned... arkansas had themselves a day delivering an 11-2 victory over the rebels and now it was up to the rebels to respond back to baum-walker stadium we go..

Game 2 between ole miss and arkansas.

Omaha on the line for ole miss...good thing doug nikhazy was the starting pitcher 1 on, 2 out for dominic fletcher who crushes one over the right field wall.

2 run homerun for fletcher and this time around it's arkansas who gets ahead early.

Bottom 1st, no outs.

Connor noland pitching.

Thomas dillard hits one to center.

Fletcer dives for it but can't make the catch.

Dillard gets on with a single.

Same inning, 2 on for cole zabowski who absolutely crushes one across the street out the park for a 3 run homerun!!

Ole miss takes a 3-2 lead.

Bottom 2nd, cooper johnson at bat.

He takes one to opposite that keeps on going and going and is gone for a solo hr!!

Still in the 2nd, 1 out.

Bases loaded.

Kole ramage pitching to tyler keenan who smokes one to center field that'll drop.

Wave em all around coach.

Bases clearing triple for keenan.

Rebs take a 7-2 lead.

Fast forward, top 5th.

Arkansas down 8- 5 threatening with 2 on base.

Doug nikhazy fast ball inside strikes him out and gets ole miss out of the jam.

Nikhazy broke the record for freshman career strikeouts in this game bottom 6th, 1 out, rebs up 8-5.

Tyler keenan absolutely tattoos one to the apartment complex across the street!!

That's solo homerun for keenan and his 4th rbi of the day.

Rebs take a 9-5 lead and continue to pour it on the razorbacks.

And with omaha on their minds...the rebels drop 13 runs on arkansas, they take the win 13-5 forcing a game three that will determine who is headed to the college world series chris bolton: now when i drove across the mississippi river to arkansas, this was the team i'd imagine i would see as ole miss beat arkansas 13 to 5 in game 2.

Now unlike in game 1 the bats were here!

They were in full effect.

I guess ole miss hit up amazon prime and said instead of 2 night shipping we need the bats here overnight and that's what happened.

Cole zabowski he had a big 3 run shot!

Cooper johnson hit one opposite field and tyler keenan also got in the mix as well.

Now doug nikhazy didn't have his normal game.

He did get dinged up a little bit.

Gave up 10 hits gave up 5 earned runs but the bats were here.

He had run support.

That's all that mattered.

Then when nikhazy came out, houston roth come in the game.

He pitched 4 scoreless innings.

It's just amazing to see the work this ole miss team does when their backs are against the wall and they have to perform.

Mike bianco: "they don't loo nervous.

They look...if you were in the dugout, they look like a team that's won 4, 5 games in a row..and in the most pressure packed parts of the game, they do play loose and with a lot of confidence.

Cole zabowski: i think it come from the challenges that we face throughout the season.

It just puts us when we get in that situation we're able to handle it because we've been through it and have experience there.

Doug nikhazy: "we don't kno what tomorrow's going to bring and we have to make sure that we do our jobs today.

We can't look past today.

And that's kind of what's kept us on our toes.

I think we were never really comfortable but not to say we weren't comfortable but we weren't content with what was going on and focused on making sure we poured it on them."

3 o'clock.

We'll see if ole miss can win yet another elimination game as they are 5- 0 in their last 5 elimination games.

Gunnar hoglund, another freshman for the rebs, will be on the mound.

You already had one freshman get a win.

We'll see if hoglund can finish it up for the rebs.

But for now, reporting in fayetteville, chris bolton wcbi sports.

State and arkansas battling it out on the diamond in game two...we check-in on the game coming up after the break it's hard to imagine a dudy noble field that has gone completely silent while mississippi state leads by five runs in a super regional well that was the scene at the top of the sevennth inning saturday evening junior pitcher jack eagan went down in the dugout suffering what the university states as a non- athletic medical event it quickly became a very emotional scene players kneeling on the field, competitors comforting each other and teammates huddling around the good news is, mississippi state baseball reporting today that eagan has been released from the hospital...his jersey currently hanging in the state dugout but in that sevennth inning it became difficult to resume and play ball...head coach chris lemonis described the moment after the game "it was tough.

I mean it wa tough.

It was a tough five, ten minutes for our team.

Just a group of guys that just care a lot about each other and when you see one go down like that it was tough on everybody."

"at that point its no mississippi state versus stanford its everybody saying prayers for the health of another ball player.

He seemed really concerned about it and we were saying prayers too hoping for the best."

Current score for game two of current score for game two of the starkville super between stanford and state x-x if mississippi state wins they advance to omaha full recap on wcbi sunrise and we're going to take a quick break but when we come back maddie will have a final look at weather.

Tonight: partly cloudy with isolated to scattered showers and perhaps a rumble of thunder.


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