Construction likely to cause delays for AmFam Championships

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Construction likely to cause delays for AmFam Championships

Construction likely to cause delays for AmFam Championships

Road construction is likely to create delays for golf fans headed to this weekend's American Family Insurance Championship on Madison's west side.

Will never be forgotten.

" close to 25- thousand people are expected to visit madison this weekend for the american family golf championships... but ongoing construction near the university ridge golf course could cause delays.

We're talking about the work along county roads m and p-d... and that's where we find our adam duxter with the latest on what to expect this weekend... eric and dannika.... this isn't the first year that this construction has been a factor.... and if anything..

Those involved with the amfam championships say..

That's a good thing.

Because this year..

They're not just swinging for a solution..

Rather, they say theyve got a plan .

(nat of golf club swinging) as these guys get ready to golf..

Nat amfam tournament director nate pokrass is getting ready for everything else..

This weekend has in store.

((( , " "))) 19 24 45 we expect large crowds friday, saturday, and sunday.


Road construction... close to to the university ridge golf course..

Epected to draw close to 25,000 fans for this weekend's event.

((( , " "))) 19 25 10 everyone should just allow for a little additional time.

Again, with madison police managing traffic control at the corner, we'll be able to move cars smoothly through the intersection, but with construction going on we certainly should allow for a little extra time.

Pokrass says while they've got shuttles running from verona schools and the epic campus... they're still relying heavily on their partnerships with madison police..

And engineers..

Who say this weekend is about balancing priorities..

((( , " "))) 9 34 54 the priority for the project is getting it done, but the priority for our community is definitely to keep everyone safe.


The reason why they're stopping construction here just for the weekend..

The tournament's director says..

Getting through the construction might be a pain..

It's worth it.

((( , " "))) 19 28 12 i hope everyone understands and has that patience knowing we're ultimately here for the greater good, then everyone will have that experience.

19 27 06 once the project is done, we're hoping it's going to be extraordinary for everyone the city says... while it's still a hassle..

After navigating the cones in barrels for a few years now..

They have this event down to a science... ((( , " "))) 19 37 20 (a little later) so the coordination is always there, but we've kind of gotten into a groove where we know who we have to connect with, we know what works, we know how to get people in and out safety and effectively.

Even with that being said..

You should still expect delays this weekend..

And if you don't have to... don't come down this way at all..

With the construction set to complete this november... both the city..

And the tournament's director say they're already looking forward to smooth roads..

Next year.

Adam, thanks.

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