Huntsville's Involvement in Artemis Missions

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Huntsville's Involvement in Artemis Missions

Huntsville's Involvement in Artemis Missions

The woman in charge is a Huntsville native, called "one of the sharpest minds."

Huntsville is at the forefront of the next lunar landing!

Today nasa announced the marshall space flight center will be leading the lunar lander project -- which is the spacecraft that'll take astronauts directly to the surface of the moon!

But the rocket city's involvement doesn't stop there -- the woman in charge -- is a huntsville native!

The administrator called her one of nasa's sharpest minds!

Thanks for joining us -- i'm najahe sherman.

And i'm dan shaffer.

Over the last couple of days a lot has been made of what was looking like a political tug- of-war between johnson space center in texas and marshall spaceflight center here in huntsville.

And while huntsville was chosen to lead the lunar landing program administrator bridenstein made it clear that returning to the moon and eventually on to mars is an effort that will require everyone at every nasa facility.

He reiterated president trumps support for the program and said they couldn't have done it without the support of congress.

The fear of coarse is that presidents change and congressional support can shift.

Right now nasa is asking for an additional $1.6 billion in funding for the artemis program.

That money still has not been allocated.

Marshall was selected for the lunar lander project for a number of reasons -- one of which is their experience with propulsion!

Waay 31's steven dilsizian explains how the specialty landed us the project!

Nasa administrator jim bridenstine made it clear, marshall space flight center was selected for the lunar lander project because of their work in propulsion systems.

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