"Stop the Inhumanity" prayer gathering

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'Stop the Inhumanity' prayer gathering
"Stop the Inhumanity" prayer gathering


People right here in the wabash valley are calling for change hundreds of miles away at the border with mexico.

Many turned out for what was called a "stop the inhumanity" prayer gathering.

Today's event comes just a day after the acting secretary of homeland security resigned.

Kevin mcaleenan was the country's top border official for just 6-months.

He has been critizied for the treatment of immigrants at the border... but was also known for disagreeing with some white house border and immigration policies.

Back in the valley... the sisters of providence at saint mary-of-the-woods showed their support for immigrant families through reflection... prayer... and call to action.

The sisters want to draw attention to what's happening at the border... and say it's important everyone comes together to create change.

"don't give up hope.

Call your congress person's, write your letters to the editor.

It does matter, it makes a difference."

The sisters have been vocal about the circumstances migrant families are facing

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