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Thursday, 4 March 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea - October 17, 2019 (Part 1)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - October 17, 2019 (Part 1)
Midmorning With Aundrea - October 17, 2019 (Part 1)

(Part 1 of 2) Today, we take a look at the latest tech gadgets.

And is social media listening in on our private conversation to enrich private information about consumers?

A London firm ran some tests to get to the truth.

And we get a peak at the facelift for New York City's Empire State Building

See you tomorrow.i d ul i could be wrong.

But i just feel like my phone is listening--even when i'm not talking into it.

We'll take a closer look.

And, eat early.

How what time you eat affects your weight.

Plus, a look at the empire state building's new face- lift midmorning starts right now.

The major smartphone makers have new devices out this year.

All of them come with new tech that each company hopes will make its phone stand out against the competition.

Hilary lane reports.

Jessica dolcourt/cnet managing editor google's newest phone works without even touching it.

The pixel 4 was unveiled at an event in new york city.

It starts at 8- hundred dollars.

"with a new look a new color and a beautiful new finish."

Like apple's iphone users can unlock the pixel with their face.

But the feature getting the most buzz is gesture control.

Cnet's jessica dolcourt showed us how it works.

"so let's sa you're driving listening to music and you want to advance to the next track."

Google is hoping the new tech will lead to more sales in the highly competitive smartphone market.

"phon companies have always been trying to impress consumers, they all know what the other is doing and they are all trying to introduce some take on it" earlier this year apple unveiled a nearly 1- thousand dollar iphone with 3 cameras.

"you ca actually take a picture and swap between the different lenses."

Microsoft is getting back in the phone business.

Next year the company will release an android powered device with a hinge..

Allowing it to open into a tablet.

Hilary "s samsung's new phone you can literally fold open and shut."

Jessica - it's true samsung already has the galaxy fold on the market.

"one thing yo can do is multitask - you can have 3 windows open at a time."

The fold costs nearly 2- thousand dollars.

Most phone makers do offer more affordable smartphones with fewer features for 3 to 4 hundred dollars.

But getting the latest technology in the palm of hand comes with a bigger price tag.

Hilary lane, cbs news, new york.

Many people believe social media companies are spying on our conversations and targeting ads based on what we say out loud.

But is it really happening?

A british security company is trying to get to the bottom of it.

Cindy pom reports from london.

:16-:22 + 1:32-1:36 yvette shapiro/facebook user :51-:56 cindy pom/cbs news/london 1:11-1:15 + 1:20-1:24 eldar tuvey / ceo, wandera yvette shapiro was recently on a family vacation in virginia.

I said to my husband, our phone is listening to us.

They were discussing how comfortable their mattress was.

Yvette says soon after&ads for mattresses appeared on her facebook feed.

I find that a little invasive, a bit creepy and certainly unwelcome.

You can find plenty of similar claims online: am i paranoid or is facebook secretly listening in?

I'm 100% convinced @instagram uses the microphone to eavesdrop another user questions: where is the line?

Nats...hearing facebook ceo mark zuckerberg shot down the suggestion when he testified before congress last year.

Mi yes or no - does facebook use audio obtained from mobile devices to enrich personal information about its users?

Nat sot no.

To find out who's right - a security company here in london put our phones to the test.

We don't believe that they are spying... london firm wandera did a 3 day experiment.

They played pet food commercials for 30 minutes with a smartphone in the room.

You'll see the difference in your dog they left another cell phone in a silent room next door.

We weren't able to discern any kind of noticeable difference in terms of the adverts that were being received by that phone versus the other adverts from the phone that was in the silent room.

Instead - the firm's ceo believes our online activity reveals more to tech giants than we realize.

The advertising algorithms can figure out exactly through the searches that we do// what we're interested in, and then they target those adverts to us.

But people like yvette are still not convinced.

I don't see why they wouldn't be doing this because it's such an obvious money maker.

: whether suspicion or fact --- it's unlikely to keep most people off their smartphones.

Cindy pom, cbs news, london.

Researchers at northeastern university in boston studied 17-thousand android apps last year.

They found there was no evidence of conversations being spied on - but a handful of apps were taking screenshots of what people were doing.

A new report accuses one of the nation's largest car retail chains of selling used vehicles with un- repaired safety árecallsá.

The public interest research group looked into 24- hundred used vehicles at 28 autonation dealerships nationwide.

It claims "one i nine" had safet recall issues, including problems linked to deaths and injuries.

Cbs this morning consumer investigative correspondent anna werner has been looking into this.

:13-:17 earl stewart/owner, earl stewart toyota 1:03-1:16 adam garber/consumer watchdog, u.s. pirg 1:32-1:40 mike jackson // former autonation chairman and ceo 2:39-2:48 sen.

Richard blumenthal/d- connecticut 2:52-:307 anna werner/cbs news, new york in lake park, florida, dealer earl stewart walks a lot filled with cars he owns, but refuses to sell because they have defective takata airbags&.

If i can't sell a car that i would sell to my own family to my customer, i'm not going to sell the car.

Stewart estimates he's lost close to 600-thousand dollars on those cars over the past 3 years because he can't get the parts to fix them.

Es: éé we have to hold those cars until the takata airbag is available to fix it.

So i'm suffering a huge amount, most of that, half a million dollars plus is from depreciation.

But other dealers do sell cars under safety recalls.

A new report from the u-s public interest research group surveyed 28 autonation dealerships around the country, and says of 24- hundred used cars for sale, one out of nine had unrepaired safety recalls....some were takata airbags and general motors ignition switches linked to injuries and deaths.

Adam garber co- authored the report.

Ag: éé these recalls range from explosive takata airbags to steering malfunctions to seatbelt problems that could put the lives of drivers, passengers and others on the road at risk even before the purchaser got home.

In 2015, autonation said it would no longer sell any vehicle, used or new, with an open safety recall.

"we're jus gonna put the customer first, and the customer's safety first" that was former ceo mike jackson on cnbc: "you better car about recalls, i think the industry needs to get its act together around recalls and we want to do our part/ " but a little over a year later, autonation reversed course and resumed selling vehicles with active recalls.

Jackson told automotive news, "with th trump administration there's no way that that issue is going to be addressed from a regulatory point of view."

Ag: autonation advertises that these processes are worry-free, and they're not worry-free if i have a car with a takata airbag in it -- that's something i'm probably pretty worried about.

Autonation told us it has not had the opportunity to see the u-s pirg report- but disputed its accuracy, saying it repairs the cars if it has the parts or holds the cars if instructed to by manufacturers.

For cars it does sell with unrepaired recalls, the company said they sell them "with ful disclosure."

But democratic senator richard blumenthal, who's pushing legislation to outlaw the sales of used cars with unrepaired defects, says disclosure isn't enough.

Disclosure is really no substitute for repair.

// the dealers who say disclosure is a substitute for repairs ignore the plain fact that unsafe vehicles are a menace.

Not only to passengers and drivers, but to other motorists.

Autonation says it fully complies with all laws and regulations regarding recalls, and any suggestion that it is "knowingl or deliberately seeking to mislead consumers is entirely unfounded" anna werner, cbs news, new york this issue isn't limited to autonation: cbs news checked in with a florida car dealer - who says it's still a problem nationwide.

Are all calories equal?

Maybe not.

When it comes to trying to lose weight, studies show the time of day you eat could have a big impact.

Meredith wood explains.

Are all calories equal?

Maybe not.

When it comes to trying to lose weight, studies show the time of day you eat could have a big impact.

Meredith wood explains.

Anyone's who's ever tried to lose weight has been bombarded by all kinds of messaging on the best way to do it.

Cutting out this or that, reducing calories... you name it.

One thing though that many nutritionists agree on... what time of day you consume your calories affects how fast and efficiently your body burns them.

According to a 20-15 studyby brigham & women's hospital, this has to do with our body's circadian rhythm.

The physical, mental, and behavioral changes in the body during a 24-hour cycle, affects diet-induced thermogenesis -- or how our body burns calories.

The result- the body is better at burning and digesting calories at 8am, then it is at 8pm.

So here are a few ways to put this into practice and see if it's right for you.

Start by front-loading your calories.

Always eat a filling breakfast.

Move what you would normally eat for dinner, to lunch.

And your dinner?

Think about eating half of what you typically would.

The goal is to be full throughout the day, when our bodies burn the most calories... and not chowing down before bedtime when our bodies slow down.

For today's health minute, i'm meredith wood.

No fountain of youth you know what they say.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

But this time its dangerous.

More precious because they don't last long."

Oscar wilde some medical clinics across the country are advertising a treatment some believe is a fountain of youth.

They're selling hormone therapy as a way to make people look and feel younger.

But a cbs investigation finds this may be putting patients at risk .

Here's dr. jon lapook.

Cindy kinder-binge patient leighann decker ultra sound technician dr. steven nissen cardiologist //a priest grabbed my hand and said do you accept jesus and i was out.

Last year, at the age of 60, cindy kinder-binge was rushed to a hospital in new albany, indiana with a heart rate four times normal.

I seriously thought i was not gonna make it.

Two months earlier, she had gone to the emergency room with palpitations.

// a cardiologist walks in //and he said, who put you on thyroid medicine?

Kinder-binge had been prescribed thyroid hormone for menopausal symptoms like hot flashes& even though her thyroid blood levels were normal.

She says her cardiologist had her stop taking the hormone because he believed it contributed to her irregular heartbeat.

"thousands of 2 again members are feeling their best&" kinder-binge was treated by a nurse practioner at a clinic called 25 again... hormone therapy is promoted as a way to help patients lose weight and feel younger.

But our investigation found clinics across the country prescribing hormones like thyroid and testosterone to people with normal levels.

And it's not just 25 again.

Ultrasound technician leighann decker is a former employee of an ob-gyn in owensboro, kentucky.

He prescribed testosterone to patients with normal testosterone levels.

//more and more practitioners have tried to jump on board and when they've seen the profit that's being made from it.

Of course, it's cash pay.

It's easy money.

// patients are now demanding it; they read about it, they hear about it, they see it.

The doctor in kentucky and the practioner in indiana both attended seminars given by this man: doctor neal rouzier.

Rouzier has been promoting hormone replacement therapy for decades.

I don't care about the number.

I treat patients.

During a 2016 deposition, he said he gives testosterone to patients even if their levels are normal.

Testosterone is only fda- approved to treat men with low levels of testosterone.

And some research suggests testosterone therapy may increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Back in 2015, rouzier dismissed that concern.

//there's thousands of articles to show protection against heart attacks.

But under oath, in that deposition, he couldn't back up his claim that his approach to testosterone therapy is safe.

Have you now recollected any clinical trials in any of those exhibits that supports the safety of giving testosterone therapy to men with normal levels?


//the problem is that there is no fountain of youth dr. steven nissen is a cardiologist at the cleveland clinic.

He's leading an fda- mandated study to see if giving testosterone affects the risk of heart attack or stroke in men whose testosterone levels are low.

//there's no scientific basis for giving hormone therapy to people whose levels are already normal and there's lots of suggestion that it may actually be harmful.

Tag: cindy kinder-binge is suing "25 again" the company told cbs news the overall health of their patients is their priority and they make patients aware of any risks.

Dr. rouzier declined our request for an interview and did not respond to a list of written questions.

Dr. jon lapook, cbs news, new york.

We should be going from king kong to tom hanks, the empire state building has starred in many a movie.

Now, it has its own facelift.

That story is next on mid " i don't care i don'have i don't have any reasons i lef them all behind i'm in a new york state of mind billy joel for 88 years, the empire state building has been an icon of the new york skyline and one of the tallest and most famous buildings in the world.

And from this ánewá viewing platform 12- hundred feet in the air you can see new york city in a whole new way.

The panoramic views from the observation decks attract millions of visitors from both home and abroad, generating around 130- million dollars a year.

Tony dokoupil takes a look at the empire state building's new face- lift.


Anthony malkin/ceo, empire state realty trust, inc.

Time: 03:11 - 03:15 it stands like a beacon in the middle of new york city.

And after dark, bedazzles with light shows that illuminate the night sky.

After 88 years, the empire state building is still a sight to behold.

Tony dokoupil: 11:31:07 so this is your grandfather, right here?

Tony malkin: 11:31:09 right.

Tony dokoupil: 11:31:10 holding the model?

Tony malkin: 11:31:11 that's right.

Ceo tony malkin is the third generation in his family to run the empire state building.

But safe to say this is no longer his grandfather's skyscraper.

Malkin is making changes.

Nat pop around 4 million people visit the empire state building each year -- to take in sweeping views from its famous 86th floor observatory.

Tony malkin: 11:49:22 so here we go to the only museum// open 365 days a year, 8:00 a.m.

To 2:00 a.m.

In all of new york city-- tony dokoupil: 11:50:47 you're calling it a museum, but this used to be the line.

Tony malkin: 11:50:49 that's right.

Well, it still is the line.

Now tourists have something to see closer to the ground.

What was once essentially a hallway -- and the line to the elevators -- is now a mutli media, interactive museum.

It pays homage to the building's construction in 1930 and 31, nats old newsreel with recreations of how workers built the tower by hand.

Tony malkin: 11:54:08 so here we go, to the-- the speed with which the building was built.

Tony dokoupil: 11:54:16 fourteen months is all it took?

Tony malkin: 11:54:18 thirteen months, 15 days.

// the empire state building went up in a little more than a year at a cost of 41- million dollars.

By contrast, these renovations are a four year project and cost more than 160- million.

Tourism brings in around 130- million to the building each year.

Tony malkin: 12:07:28 -- welcome to kong .

No empire state museum would be complete without a nod to its most famous visitor, king kong.

Tony dokoupil: 12:07:35 it's a little bit too lifelike, i have to say, a little bit un-- unnerving.// tonly malkin: so he's obviously curious.

He's a little playful.

And he's-- even sneezes in the window.

Tony dokoupil: 12:09:52 incredible.

But if what's new on the second floor is entertaining, what's going on 12-hundred feet above the ground is eye popping.

Tony malkin: 12:35:55 hey, you step like you've stepped out here-- 100 times.


Come into the corner office.

Tony dokoupil: very nice!

Malkin led us to a small platform jutting from the side of the building on the 90th floor.

Tony dokoupil: 12:38:14 how high are we right now?

Tony malkin: 12:38:15 we're probably just about 1100 feet.

It's from here that workers hoisted what's known as the coon -- part scaffold, part construction platform to the 102nd floor.

Malkin: it's actually made of dozens of individual pieces, bolted together over the course of the summer, we watched as steel walls were replaced by floor-to- ceeiling glass.

24 panes each weighing about 450-pounds, installed from the outside of the building.

The result, 360- degree views 102 floors above manhattan.

Td: why do this?

It was already an iconic building.

You already made more than $100 million a year in tourism dollars.

Tony malkin: 12:52:12 right.

Tony dokoupil: 12:52:13 why go further?// tony malkin: 12:52:42 what we really wanted to do was to connect with people//give them something magical.

So 102 is the absolute pinnacle of that magic.

Moon suits when we come back, the newest style is out of this world.

Mid morning will be right


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