Sheriff Responds to Gun Control Debate

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Sheriff Responds to Gun Control Debate
Sheriff Responds to Gun Control Debate

A man was shot and killed on west franklin street hours after the fall festival ended.

44news reporter noah alatza spent the day digging deeper into what county officials would like to see done?

To help curb the violence.

He joins us now with more.


These recent shootings have many people on edge.

On the national stage?

Democratic candidates have been calling for stricter gun control?

Back here in the tr?state?

Local leaders are reacting to those calls.

"most people who possess weapons in the united states have it for either personal protection of their home or person or for pleasure."

Vanderburgh county sheriff dave wedding says he's hopeful lawmakers can find common ground.

He wants to remind everyone?

People die every year?

And it's not just by guns.

"so don't blame weapons for all the deaths that occur in the united states people kill people in multiple ways."

Sheriff wedding says deputies catch criminals with guns*and drugs all the time?

For*illegally having guns?

And he wants to change how those cases are handled.

"i would like to see a statue in place that punishes them harshly for doing both."

Responsible gun owners like andrew bowlds say the the government's policy on weapons is already good enough.

"there is a real need for everyday americans to protect themselves and not followed around by security, 24/7 and that right is a human right, that our founding fathers put there for us to protect ourselves not only from individuals but also the government."

Sheriff wedding says people on*both sides of the political aisle need to do their research..

"i think they need to study the situation much deeper, ive said many times you could put a picture of the brian on the left side of the screen and a picture of the weapon on the right side of the screen and then ask someone which one is the weapon."

Sheriff wedding confirms?

During the last six to seven years?

Gun sales have surged.

In 2?16 handguns were involved in more than ?

Thousand deadly shootings?

Where rifles were involved in nearly 300.

What's shocking?

Other weapons like knives accounted for nearly three times as many deaths as rifles.

To review those statistics?

You can visit our website at wevv dot com.

Noah alatza?


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