voting machine lawsuit

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voting machine lawsuit
voting machine lawsuit

A local activist and recurring political candidate is one of the people leading a lawsuit against the indiana election commission.

Vicki woeste and a handful of other people are listed as plaintiffs along with the non- profit "indiana vote by mail."

The lawsuit says they are suing because typical electronic machines don't leave a paper trail confirming if the ballot is cast.

The group also claims they're susceptible to hacking.

As we reported last month, the state is spending millions of dollars this year to upgrade many voting machines to ones that do leave a paper trail.

But that will still only upgrade 10- percent of machines statewide.

The lawsuit says that's not enough.

Vicky woeste released this statement saying in part quote, "to me, this is unacceptable in a democracy where every vote is supposed to count and be counted.

In tippecanoe county, we have no way to verify whether votes were counted as cast, because our outdated, outmoded voting machines lack an independently auditable paper trail."

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