Great Dane puppies get sweet tummy rubs

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Great Dane puppies get sweet tummy rubs

Great Dane puppies get sweet tummy rubs

These two Great Dane puppies have just arrived.

Raven, the smaller one in the green collar has found her forever home with a family in Millbrook, Ontario.

Her sister has come with her for the first part of her journey to her own family.

They are eight weeks old and it is time for them to move on.

Raised well by a loving breeder, along with their very attentive mother, these healthy and happy pups are thriving and growing fast.

Raven's sister enjoys a last wrestle with Raven before her family arrives here to take her for the second half of her journey.

She is also going to her forever home and a loving family.

Great Dane puppies grow rapidly and their legs are long and clumsy at this stage.

They roll and tumble in the long grass in the most adorable way as they struggle to develop balance and coordination.

Both of these puppies will reach well over 150lbs and will stand with their head almost as high as a small person.

Often mistaken from afar as small horses, Great Danes are true gentle giants.

They are a relaxed breed and they sleep and lounge much of the time as they grow older, making them easy to look after.

As puppies, however, Great Danes are full of energy and their enormous size and clumsiness make them a serious handful.

Most Great Dane owners proudly trade stories of the damage and mayhem their dogs caused in the puppy stage.

They can break through drywall, destroy a couch in minutes and knock even a strong person off their feet.

But the puppy stage is short and the rewards make it well worth having one of these dogs.

They are loyal and majestic, protective and gentle, and they act more like humans than any other breed.

Raven and her sister have no idea how big they will become, but their huge paws give us a good idea.

They are content to roll and frolic in the grass for the moment with few cares in the world.

Their only concerns are play time, food time, and nap time.

Raven was one of ten puppies born earlier in the summer to a wonderful mother with a gentle disposition and loving personality.

There is little doubt that Raven and her sister will also be very personable dogs.

They will also be well loved and well cared for.

Raven's new family already has a young, and high energy dog, River, who was recently rescued after being diagnosed with two life-threatening illnesses.

The two have become best friends.

Raven and River have a veterinarian and a veterinary assistant in the family and they will receive nothing but the best care.

Raven's family has had one Great Dane already.

Briva passed away in the spring after living almost 13 years, an exceptionally long time for a Great Dane.

The family fell in love with the breed after experiencing such a wonderful pet and family member in Briva.

Raven will receive all the love and attention her new family can give her.

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