Wild Thyme- BLT

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Wild Thyme- BLT

Wild Thyme- BLT

The classic sandwich needs no introduction, but knowing how to pull it off makes all the difference.

Chef Allison Davis and Anthony Critchfield are here to show you how.

C1 3 critchfield meats, enjoying a really crispy, good piece of bacon.

We love to have fun around here in this kitchen, but today- anthony c: i'm finishing this by the way.

Allison davis: ... we are talking bacon, okay?

We like bacon so much, we cooked all the raw bacon already, and- anthony c: yep, didn't even think about it.

Allison davis: ... put them in the oven.

Do you do your bacon this way or do you cook it on the skillet a lot of times?

Anthony c: oh, i love cooking it in the oven.

Allison davis: i think you can even get like a crispier product.

I'm going to tell you guys, please stop using the microwave for your bacon.

Anthony c: oh please.

Allison davis: please stop using the microwave.

You can pop it into the oven.

We put it on a piece of parchment, just to kind of say with cleanup a little bit, but just lay the bacon out, put it in at like 400 degrees and you can tell my oven kind of cooks inconsistently just like everyone else's.

So we have a little array of a medium to crispy bacon here.

Anthony c: but i'll eat any of it.

Allison davis: but we were talking about this bacon, you guys get this out of a farm in indiana, which with distributors and stuff, i consider that pretty local, because it may not be kentucky, but it's still in the surrounding area.

So... anthony c: yeah.

And it's just our platter bacon.

We sell in the counter and you can buy it by the pound, this is actually a thicker cut bacon, which i prefer.

A lot of people do look for a thicker cut bacon.


Allison davis: you said you have like maybe 11 to 12... anthony c: i think it's like 11, 13.

Allison davis: in a pound?

Anthony c: right.

Allison davis: yeah.


Oh, so good.

I'm going to tell you i've already enjoyed it, but we wanted to do something fun today with the bacon.

So we're going to kind of play around and i've got the ingredients what i think is going to make an ultimate blt.

Anthony c: i'm down, i love blts.

Allison davis: are you down?


So we're going to start with a fried egg.

So it's a blt and e, we're already adding.

Anthony c: which one?

We going this one?

Allison davis: yeah, we'll go to that one.

You got to hold it in and push, there you go.

And i've got a little kerrygold butter.

If you all don't know kerrygold butter is... it's on.

Kerrygold butter is the best.

It's a grass fed butter and you guys have this as well.

Anthony c: i believe so yeah, we definitely carry it.

Allison davis: and you carry your own, we've got pimento cheese.

You guys have your own homemade pimento cheese in house.

Anthony c: we do, yes.

Allison davis: so the first thing we're going to do is we're going to fry up this egg and then we're going to start to assemble our blt.

I've got a nice ripe tomato here.

We're just going to cut a couple slices.

So as far as what we're going to do here with this blt, we've got our bacon, first ingredient foremost, and we're going to add probably a pound of bacon on the sandwich.

Anthony c: almost half eaten now.

Allison davis: because it's for our camera guy and he wants the whole pound of bacon for himself.

All right.

So we are going to add the bacon.

We've got some iceberg lettuce or you could go green leaf lettuce, whatever.

Some tomato, pimento cheese.

I've got a little bit of this like pickle relish.

I just really like the crispiness of a pickle.

I had pickle on a blt recently and it was fire.

Anthony c: i'll try it.

Allison davis: i'm going to do something kind of cool with the outside.

I think we've talked about this before, you know how you can use mayonnaise like on the outside of bread to crisp it up?

Anthony c: yeah, right.

Allison davis: i think we did like a grilled cheese or something.

Anthony c: something, i can't remember.

Allison davis: but i made a sriracha mayonnaise and i thought we would do that on the outside of our bread to kind of make our bread really like saucy and spicy.

Anthony c: i'm down.

Allison davis: right?

So we've got pimento cheese, a little pickle, bacon, lettuce, tomato on the inside, and then of course the fried egg and then we're going to have the sriracha coated bread.

Anthony c: i wasn't hungry but now i'm really hungry.

Allison davis: well, this bacon is where it's at.

All right, so i'm going to fry the egg and then we're going to assemble the sandwich and get it browning up and see how this sriracha crust comes together.

All right.

We fried up our egg and now we're going to keep kind of assembling the sandwich.

And if you can see anthony's face, he's like drooling, he's so excited about the sandwich.

All right, so we got pimento cheese and then we're going to go in with some bacon, right?

I said we're going to use this whole thing here.

So all right, so that's about half a pound there.

So we have our bacon, then we'll go lettuce.

That'll kind of be a barrier there with our tomato.

Anthony c: for our next layer of bacon right?

Allison davis: not just yet.

Anthony c: oh, okay.

Allison davis: okay.

Got a little bit of the pickle going in there.

We're going to put our egg in the center.


Anthony c: sounds good.

Allison davis: you with me yet?

Anthony c: i'm there.

Allison davis: oh my god, i'm so excited.

Now i've got the sriracha mayonnaise on one side, but i'm going to go with that pimento cheese on this other side.

We're just going to use it all here.

Anthony c: sounds good to me.

Allison davis: then let's top some more bacon on there.

Anthony c: bacon.

Let's do it.

Allison davis: might put a layer of lettuce just to kind of be another barrier there with our egg.

Oh my gosh, this looks heavenly.

All right, so pimento cheese.

Anthony c: that's two slices?

All right, that's good.

Allison davis: you just have to eat it and now we're going to, if i had a panini press that would even work.

We're going to fry this up, kind of sear it with that sriracha mayo, and then flip it.

I told you this was the ultimate.

Anthony c: that is the ultimate.

Allison davis: all right, we're going to let this sear, we're going to gently try to flip this guy over and then we'll show you the finished product here.

You guys know where to see anthony, go get some good bacon, butcher bacon over at critchfield meats, located in the zando shopping center.

I'm chef allison- anthony c: and i'm going to enjoy this.

Allison davis: i'm chef allison davis.

We'll be right back after this short break.

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