MBA at Baylor

Video Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN - Published
MBA at Baylor
MBA travels from Nashville to Chattanooga to take on the Baylor Red Raiders.


This ain't duck weather, it's sack race weather.

Too bad the baylor and m-b-a offenses were about as affective as a sack of potatoes.

No score first quarter.

M-b-a's jordan turks blows in for the block.

Turner stevens with the scoop and score.

P-a-t was no good, so it's 6-0.

Second quarter marcel reed to throw.

Ball hangs up there for awhile, and baylor's mykal jones is sitting pretty for the interception.

He makes a nice return as well, but baylor failed to cash in.

Under a minute before the half, red raiders threatening.

Neyland jean going deep.

Never easy throwing a wet ball, and it's not easy catching one either.

Jeremiah skipworth has it go right through his hands.

Same drive.

Three seconds left.

Red raiders got it to the twenty.

They attempt a field goal.

Snapping ain't easy in the rain either.

Bad snap nullifies the field goal attempt so it's still 6-0 at the break.

But baylor comes back to win it.


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