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Monday, 18 January 2021

Hundreds of pounds of medication collected at Drug Take Back Day

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Hundreds of pounds of medication collected at Drug Take Back Day
Hundreds of pounds of medication collected at Drug Take Back Day
It's an effort to fight back against the opioid crisis.

Opidiod crisis continues to take a toll on communities across the nation.

According to the 20á18 national survey on drug use and health... more than 10 million americans misused prescription opioids last year.

It's prompting community leaders to step up and make some changes.

Today is national prescription drug take back day.

Here in rochester á several agencies like the olmsted county sheriff's office and mayo clinic are teaming up to fight back against opioids.

Kimt news three's maleeha kamal was at the event today and has our one by one people stop by to drop off their prescription medications.

Kenley schmidt was one of 600 people who came out today.

"we heard about this and thought this was a great opportunity to empty the cabinets a little bit."

Every day, more than 130 people in the united states die after overdosing on opioids.

That's according to the national institute on drug abuse.

Robalee wanderman is in her third year of residency at mayo clinic.

She says the opioid crisis is what motivated her to participate in today's drop off.

"a very common thing that we see is that people will come in for a short procedure they will be prescribed a short course of opioid medication and for one reason or another they just aren't able to stop taking those medications."

Olmsted county sheriff kevin torgerson says this event is just one way they are fighting the opiod crisis.

But it's not just patients who are misusing the prescribed medicationsá sometimes the medications finds themselves in the hands of family members.

"is people taking them from peoples home they may not take the whole bottle because people would be suspicious.

So they might take three four five pills or half the bottle or something like that " if you have any medications laying around, sheriff torgerson advises you to hide them in a safe place and not in the medicine cabinet.

In all á about 545 pounds of medication was collected today.

In rochester, maleeha kamal, kimt news three./// one new thing with this year's event was the collection of vaping devices.

Organizers say they only collected one eácigarette... but that they're still hopeful the effort will make a difference.

The next take back day is in april.///


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