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Monday, 18 January 2021

Vaping devices now accepted in medical drop boxes

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Vaping devices now accepted in medical drop boxes
Vaping devices now accepted in medical drop boxes

Vaping devices are now accepted with prescription drugs at medical drop boxes. 

Janesville hospital.

Today is national prescription drug take back day... and vaping devices are being accepted for the first time.

As gabriella bachara shares... dane county leaders are hoping an education on properly disposing drugs... can save lives.

"drugs dropping."

"i actually had a family friend who passed away from an opioid addiction and she started actually... she got into her grandma's opioids."

University of wisconsin- madison school of pharmacy students are disposing of these old perscription drugs properly.

"there's a whole other bag."

While behind the scenes dane county community leaders are joining forcesto address the opioid epidemic from all perspectives.

"drugs moving" from public safety... "the most significant public safety issue we face and one of the most significant public health challenges is the opioid epidemic and any steps that we can take to help address that epidemic are ones that are going to make our communities safer."

To law enforcement... "if individuals in the community know that they're unused percriptions and particularly opioids in a residence, it poses a greater risk for burglury or break-in to that residence and potentially harm to the homeowner."

And even education.

"prevention is the number one key for families.

Don't have these medications laying around, right.

Put them in lock boxes, take them to the nearest walgreens or cvs pharmacy to drop them off.

Just be aware of what is going on with this epidemic in this community."

For the first time vape devices are included in perscription drug take back day.

"we don't know exactly what their impact is going to be on the environment, so if people can remove the battery and dispose of them safely at a drop box, they can have the piece of mind they have done the disposal in a way that is safe."

Over 16-hundred cases of vaping related lung injuries have been reported in the united states according to the center for disease control and prevention.

"we can collect those vaping products and get them properly disposed of as well.

It removes them from the possibility of being used or abused by young people."

With these two health related epidemics prevelant in wisconsin... these community leaders are stressing the importance of safely disposing drugs.

"if they are flushed down the toilet that is an environmental concern... if they are thrown away in the garbage... again someone who wants it is going to go in there and take it."

And it can save a life.

"so if those were never avaliable to her maybe she wouldn't havgotten addicted and maybe she would still be with us today."

Maybe she wouldn't have gotten addicted and maybe she would still be with us today."

While today was national perscription drug take back day... you can dispose of old perscriptions... medications and vitamins year- round.

For a link to a dropoff location finder ... visit channel 3000

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