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Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea - October 29, 2019 (Part 1)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - October 29, 2019 (Part 1)
Midmorning With Aundrea - October 29, 2019 (Part 1)

Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Doctors keep telling us: get your flu shot.

What to expect from this flu season.

Plus, the last leg of a long walk with singer- songwriter, Mike Posner.

Midmorning starts right now.

A sister.ct keorep doctors keep telling us: get your flu shot.

What to expect from this flu season just ahead.

And, charging your gadgets.

We look at options.

Plus, the last leg of a long walk with singer- songwriter, mike posner.

Midmorning starts right now.

Flu season is fast approaching.

Activity remains low, but is already increasing.

That's why doctors want everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Lisa mateo has more.

Nats allison danks and her two daughters are getting their flu shots.

I get my kids vaccinated every year just because its preventative .

When the flu arrives and how long the season lasts can vary, but activity usually starts increasing now..

That's why it's recommended to get vaccinated before the end of october if possible.

That's when the flu really starts to get bad and even after the vaccine it takes a few weeks to build immunity.

The cdc recommends everyone age six months and older get the vaccine.

Nats two shot dr. elissa rubin from happy and healthy pediatrics in new york says don't believe the common misconception that the shot can give you the flu.

It is impossible.

It is a dead part of a virus in the vaccine and it canot cause any illness.

//most common side effects that we do see is feeling run down for day&because your body is building immunity get a red, swollen arm at the site of injection she also emphasizes the flu is serious.

Getting the vaccine can prevent illness and can also reduce the chances of being hospitalized with complications of the flu.

Last flu season& as many as 43 million people got sick, 650,000 people were hospitalized and 61-thousand died.

Nats kids crying allison says the benefits are worth a few tears.

The flu shot doesn't guarantee that theyre not gonna get it.

But at least if they do end up getting it , hopefully they'll have a milder case nats hugs she says as a parent, this is the best way to protect her children.

Lisa mateo cbs news, mineola , new york.

It's estimated that every year about 80 percent of children who die from the flu are not vaccinated.

One new mom having a hard time had her day brightened -- thanks to a chance meeting.

The uber driver who gave her a ride from the hospital where her infant son is recovering from surgery knew just what to do.

Sean daly has the story.

Natsot/belinda "look at that hair!

Oh my go he's beautiful!"

This is the story of two moms. and one very special uber ride.

Nikki is from kansas.

She came to johns hopkins all children's hospital in st.

Pete to have a baby -- john henry.

Nikki/mother "at 28 weeks, we wer diagnosed with congenital diaphragmatic hernia.

Which basically means there's a hole in his diaphragm."

Belinda is also a mom and an uber driver... belinda/uber driver "i believe that people get in m car for a reason other than a ride."

Last week she picked up a passenger at the hospital.

A new mom having a tough stretch.

Who wanted to buy her baby boy some clothes.

Nikki/mother "i hopped in the car and i thin she could tell i was having a bad day."

Belinda/uber driver "she just needed to talk and was there to listen."

They drove to rhea lanas consignment shop belinda dropped off nikki, but she didn't drive away.

Belinda/uber driver "i parked the car and i turne uber off and i went in and i found her and i said this is a day that should be fun for you and you shouldn't be alone.

Lets shop!"

Belinda bought about 30 pieces of clothes for john henry.

Nikki/mother "i cried.

Cried a lot, didn't i?

The store was amazed.

Belinda/uber driver "at the store they were like how long have you known her.

And i was like i don't know, 15 minutes?"

The new friends plan on keeping in touch.

In st.

Petersburg, sean daly, abc action news some families happen later in life.

Dna tests - available now to just about everyone - is widening family circles.

Meghan mcroberts has that story.

Waiting for a plane has never felt longer.

Britny mcfarlane: "th wait is killing me."

As brittany mcfarlane waits to see someone... she's only seen in pictures britny mcfarlane: "nervous excited, happy and sad all at the same time."

But is already a huge part of her life.

Britny mcfarlane: "i'v missed so much life not knowing him."

Finally- britny mcfarlane: "her he comes."

Spotting his face in a sea of travelers that already looks so familiar.

Britny mcfarlane: "that's reall him, this is crazy."

Brittany and rod hobbs are brother and sister.

Rod dreaming of this for 32 years.

Britny mcfarlane: "yo look like us."

Moving out of a tough family life at just 15.

Rod hobbs: " struggled.

I was on my own.

I grew up with pretty much no family."

And learning as a teenager that the man he thought was his dad wasn't.

His mother taking to the grave- his dad's true identity.

Rod hobbs: "i'v hired private detectives and dna experts."

But finally a dna expert figured it all out.

So today he's not only meeting a sister.

Britny mcfarlane: "i jus can't wait for you to meet dad."

They're planning to surprise their dadwho has also been waiting decades to find rod.

Bobby kopelakis racing home friday to open a dna test.

Thinking rod would be on a facetime callto see the results together.

Rod made the trip.

To see the results in person.

Putting their distance in the past.

Now- focused on making up for lost time.

Robert kopelakis: "i a sorry that we lost so much time."

Stilto c still to come on mid morning, one store believes it you build it, customers will come.

That story when mid morning morend m more and more entrepreneurs are setting up shop in shared work spaces like "we work .

But now there are a number of new offices offering space to women.

Joy benedict reports.

"i've actuall worked in the beauty industry for a really long time&" amy liu spent more than a decade working for others& but recently she set out on her own- launching tower 28 beauty.

"just felt ther was a hole in the marketplace for products that are both good for you, meaning non-toxic, as well as for sensitive skin&" with just 4 employees she set up shop at "the riveter" the los angeles co-working office is named after the world war two icon rosie the riveter and is marketed as a space for women.

"i couldn't fin where women were talking about what skills they were sharing& their journey's" amy nelson is the founder of the riveter, a former attorney-- her journey mirrors many here.

"for me th world really changed when i became pregnant with my first daughter, i thought people including my colleagues and bosses really perceived me differently when i told them i was pregnant shared work spaces have exploded in popularity.

The riveter welcomes men but most clients are female.

The space offers a d?cor focused on community and has programs for women entrepreneurs.

"women only ge 2-percent of venture capital funding.

So we have things like venture capital office hours where we put male investors in front of female founders."

"the riveter wa founded in 2017 in the last two years it has now opened 10 locations on the west coast making it one of the fastest growing coworking companies in the country."

But the riveter isn't the only female focused co-working space.female founders.

"hera hub offers mentoring and collaboration between women.

And the wing-has an area where kids can play while moms work.

"i like the energ of being around other women" liu says her tower 28 beauty is growing and now selling on numerous websites .

She believes a little femme finnesse has helped her succeed.

Joy benedict, cbs news, los angeles.

While more retailers are shutting their doors, luxury retailer nordstrom opened a massive new store this month in new york city.

Its a high stakes bet that people still prefer bricks over online clicks.

Diane king hall has the latest from new york.

Beauty, buzz and the latest brands..shoppe rs could not wait to get inside when nordstrom opened the doors of its new flagship store in midtown manhattan.

It's beautiful.

I am very excited.

Co-president pete nordstrom says it took eight years to go from an idea to launch.

These things take a long time to plan and execute.

The seven story luxury store features an open floor plan, four full service restaurants and a bar, all aimed at getting shoppers offline and into the store.

The best way to do that frankly is to have this service ethic that is about inclusivity and welcoming people, making people feel good.

Nordstrom says his family company still does two thirds of its sales in stores .

But other brick and mortar retailers, including barneys, are getting clobbered by the internet.

In recent years department store sales dropped almost 50 percent& while online sales are up 300 percent.

Them making this move is risky given what the retail landscape looks like.

Retail analyst hitha herzog says nordstrom has done a good job targeting its cutomers&.

But says retailers need to better understand what shoppers want.

The way the consumer has changed in terms of shopping since the recession in 2008 has been solely focused on less items, less amount of money and more time with the family.

Customers today say they like what they saw.

From the sales associates to highlighting all the trends going on, i think nordstrom did an excellent job, especially for the grand opening and shoppers both online and in stores agree..

& just give them the best bang for their buck.

Diane king hall, cbs news, new york these days, many of your favorite gadgets might boast wireless charging.

But what exactly does that mean and is it really effective?

In this tech minute, cnet's kara tsuboi breaks down the benefits and pitfalls of wireless charging.

Wireless charging means you don't have to plug in your phone, tablet or other gadget.

Instead, you rest it on a pad or stand and the charge transfers through magnetic induction.

But let's be clear: the term wireless charging is a bit of a misnomer since you still need to plug in the charging device.

When it comes to picking your charger, brand name ones like nomad and otterbox will start around 50 bucks.

But off-brand pieces that work just as well can be inexpensive and start as low as 10 dollars.

There's no fumbling for cords with wireless chargers.

Rest your phone or other gadget and that's it.

A stand would be convenient at a desk to cradle your phone and charge it while you're not using it.

While a pad might be handy on your nightstand for overnight charging.

Wireless charging is definitely slower than with a cord.

That can be a big downside if you're looking for a quick mid-day recharge.

Also, since the phone or gadget has to be touching the charger at all times, you can't easily use it mid-charge like you would if it were simply plugged in.

For complete reviews of wireless charging devices, visit cnet.comin san francisco, i'm kara tsuboi with cnet for cbs news.

From high tech to hands on, national art day celebrates artists and their creative expression.

Laura podesta takes us to the graffiti hall of fame in harlem, new york, to visit with one of the pioneers of the art form.

Can you read this?

A critical eye can see a word in the swirling spray painted letters.

It's something you put flowers into..



What about this one?

It reads, cope.

Laura podesta" now when you see graffiti do you think, i influenced that?

James: yes!

James top is a trailblazer of the graffiti movement.

In the '70s...he and his crew used a never-before- seen "blockbuste style" - like thi silver lettering - to paint new york city subway cars.

James: "letter are big and bold.

This is my outline in white."

The once áundergroundá and illegal displays, are now front and center in cities, nationwide.

But none so much as here at the graffiti hall of 106th street and park, in the big apple.

--nats from festival-- each summer, artists, and admirers from far and wide convene in this spot, to celebrate.

Shiro, is from japan.

"i feel honore because this event, graffiti hall of fame, this is the most historic graffiti festival all over the world."

No one here sees these tags as defacement.

"laura podesta some people consider it vandalism.

What would you say to those people?

James: 27:55 well, just look around//if you look at this art form, would you consider it vandalism?//it is beautiful.

// he sees bold colors..

Unique styles..

And true artistic expression.

Laura podesta cbs news, harlem, new york.

Up next - walking across the usa.

One singer songwriter did it.

We'll tell you why ahead on mid morning.


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