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Sunday, 11 April 2021

Tips for Voting Next Tuesday

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Tips for Voting Next Tuesday
Tips for Voting Next Tuesday
Tips for Voting Next Tuesday

And in just six days, voters- throughout the state will be- heading to the polls to cast- their ballots on who will be- mississippi's next governor.- of course, democrat jim hood an- tate reeves are - leading recent polls as the - majority party gubernatorial- candidates in what appears to - promise a pretty tight race.- a few reminders from the- secretary of state's office - before you head to cast your- vote next tuesday.- voters are required to show a - voter photo i-d, such as- a current driver's license, at- the polls before voting.- it is unlawful to campaign for- any candidate within 150 feet o- any - entrance to a polling place,- unless on private - property.

- the polling places should be- clear for 30 feet from every- entrance of all people except - elected officials, voters - waiting to vote or authorized - poll watchers.- voters are prohibited from- taking pictures of their marked- ballot, including with your - phone.- polls throughout the state open- next tuesday, - november 5th from 7 am to 7 pm.- you can find your appropriate - polling place at- the secretary of state's pollin- place locator website.- the in-person absentee voting - deadline is this saturday,novem- er 2nd.

Circuit clerk's offices- will be open saturday from 8- am to 12 noon.- the deadline to vote by mail is- monday, november 4th, - and circuit clerk's offices mus- - - - be in actual receipt of the - absentee ballot by 5 pm.- be sure to tune into news 25 on- tuesday for full election - coverage and


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