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Sunday, 11 April 2021

Glass Street LIVE Community Block Party, Saturday, November 9th Noon to 5:00pm

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Glass Street LIVE Community Block Party, Saturday, November 9th Noon to 5:00pm
Glass Street LIVE Community Block Party, Saturday, November 9th Noon to 5:00pm
Glass Street LIVE Community Block Party, Saturday, November 9th Noon to 5:00pm

It's just we're here talking with a couple of ladies about social activities that are going on concerning the glass house.

It's a seventh annual glass street live 2019 block party deborah bledsoe and teal specialist.

He beth tebo okay like a lawyer but spelled it right back.

I ladies good morning to you both on a little bit about the back story.

Few will of the glass street collective blackout like it is nonprofit.

We then ran for about 10 years now.

I can't believe that our mission is to make ashi and surrounding neighborhood cleaners a fairer and more inviting.

Are you doin this thing a lot a lot away is an example some of your most ... is an opening the community together.

Good thing is the block party and really love dad but starting out to the streets as far as putting greenery in the area more beautified people to feel more comfortable inviting come through the right so that is a big part of it and i think a big part of it is not metabolized in l ab part of the work on the front because of th block parties and gospel classes.

He was involved in setting from the network really patted is how we engage the residents of that community, an had the out-of-the-way rush back a few years how did you come up with the idea for the glass street what great question.

So we felt like the news and media sometimes portrays that area not so you are correct.

Pray and so we felt like in order to shift that narrative and instil pride and build confidence that if we held an a half.

They bought party that celebrated all the good things happening in th neighborhood that we could begin to kind of change that had a bigger and bigger crowd for the bush every year since this what party's inception, it has been no we have a gospel group.

Me and my husband is too deep within and so four years ago we performed with the phone for th last four years so we performed and then got involved with what was happening.

Everything you know something that things happening right and without a valid glasshouse collective and got on the committee and now it is a community-based only have different people from the community that's heading it up this year instead of in a pretty ever charge this year seminars on entertainment committee met verizon that i think i need and robert alleges next committee.

We had a marketing committee.

W really just like house collective is just one piece of the puzzle where in the first three or four years.

We, the charge to things going, but now he really kind of where you have a shared power model.

When you get to the size of this magnitude.

The critical so tell us what they give us the particulars on the glass street live 2019 block party for the shoe.

So whatever exciting new addition is an fitting lynette's three young boys in avondale that which is on the ellen show you one better.

They were just here on our morning shortly after lm etc.

We did them for gosh eli which is really a these got these young or extremely and therefore had to work on writin, the right were having a lot of gospel band ever put together her cd within 3-d robin and we had some pellet that i can be doing spoken word and corroborative, heading out at sea, grimy doing a lot of the wrappers he got katie brown different d the end and we have some dancers scream in nh so it can be if all entertainment show what's across the three day come along area of the size of making free.

We had a lot of excellent sponsors low shot of what we got a few seconds left neighbor.

He centralized technical united in memorial well folks are coming out to attend party itself are the particulars audit is coming up.

Not this saturday but next saturday, it will be acting mor chamberlain and rashi intersection.

The last three years, defendant is not confident last minute back to where it all started and it will be from 12 o'clock to 5 o'clock entertainment throughout the entire day injured out the website if you would like more information that's glasshouse collective is a thought, the lack of glass glasshouse on teal deborah, thank you so much i hope you not to hear the possibly possibly not ever care until about


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