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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

on demand 10-30-19

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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on demand 10-30-19
on demand 10-30-19
on demand 10-30-19

Your news 12 headlines on demand... i'm kay blevins.

An early morning wreck in dade county on i-24 has slowed traffic for several hours.

Protos provided by the dade county sheriff's office and the trenton daily news show the over-turned 18 wheeler in the eastbound lanes near the i-59 split.

Eastbound traffic has been backed up for most of the morning...and at last report the truck was still there and traffic was inching by on one lane.

First reports said fuel was leaking from the tanks.

No injuries have been reported.

In chattanoooga... a truck is stuck under an underpass in alton happened earlier today..... the top of the vehicle was damaged as the driver attempted to clear the top.... no injuries were word the amount of damage to the bridge.

Those are today's top stories ..

Make sure you tune in everyday to wdef news 12 at noon.

Have a great ;) afternoon!

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