JTS Mortgage Minute 11/5/19

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JTS Mortgage Minute 11/5/19

JTS Mortgage Minute 11/5/19

For families on the sidelines thinking about buying a home, current rates are making the climate extremely favorable in markets across the country.

Current rates are making the climate extremely favorable in markets across the country.


Last month, first time homebuyers drove 33% of home sales.


These traditionally low rates make it that much easier to qualify for a mortgage and have fueled an already-hot real estate market.


The seven-year housing boom is back in high gear.


After a series of relatively small price increase quarters, home prices saw an uptick, seller profits rose, and the problem of distressed sales continued to fade, helping to make third quarter the strongest in four years.


Stronger year-over-year home price appreciation was driven by lower interest rates, lack of supply, and a solid economy.


The increase in home values poses a question for existing first-time homeowners in need of more space& 8.

Will they sell and buy their next home, or tap into their home equity to expand their current home?


No matter what you decide, jts & co.

Can help.


We have loan and down payment options to fit most homebuyer scenarios.


Give your lifetime mortgage advisor at jts & co.

A call to review your unique situation.

Cg: lifetime mortgage advisors 12.

In october, refinances continued to drive overall applications while purchase applications for new and existing homes consistently outpaced levels from a year ago.


Millennials and gen z veterans and service members accounted for 45% of the va purchase loans in the fiscal year 2019, which ended september 30th.


This growth helped drive va purchase loans to their eighth consecutive year of growth.


The va loan program means millennial and gen z buyers don't have to spend years building the credit and savings their civilian counterparts often need.


At jts & co.

We are honored to work with current and retired military members on their va loan.


We consistently save them time and money verses national companies.


If you have been prequalified with a national company, give us a call for a second opinion.


The consult is free.


We can compare closing costs and interest rates to see if we can save you money throughout the transaction.


And we'll definitely save you time because we consistently close loans in 21 days or less.


Being a veteran myself, i love helping others make the dream of homeownership come true.


And with veterans day just around the corner, let me be the first to say thank you to the men and women who serve our country.

Cg: lifetime mortgage advisors 24.

At jts & co.

We strive to be your life-time mortgage advisor.


Whether you are a first- time homebuyer or right sizing your home through purchase or refinance, we have loan options to fit your needs.


You still have time to prequalify, shop for homes, and move in before the end of the year.


Remember, it's always best to work with someone you can sit down face to face with, not with someone in michigan.


At jts & co.

We are local.



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