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Saturday, 6 March 2021

What you need to know: Nov. 6

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What you need to know: Nov. 6
What you need to know: Nov. 6

Good morning, North State!

Here's what you need to know to start your day on Nov.


To know to start your day.

Republican megan dahle has won the race for the district one assembly seat.

Elizabeth betancourt conceded late tuesday night.

With 100-percent of precincts reporting, republican dahle recieved 57.9 percent of the votes.

Betancourt announced she would run again in 2020.

### at a meeting tuesday night the town of paradise took a look at its progress one year after the camp fire several agencies like paradise police, fema and the town gave context to the year in review.

Cal o-e-s said more than 10 thousand sites in the debris removal program are cleared, equaling 3.6 million tons of debris.

The butte county board of supervivors voted to dedicate november 8th as "camp fire rememberance day".

They're encouraging everyone to participate in a moment of silence every year on november 8th at 11:08 in the morning.

And most of all... to be thankful of those who assisted in response and recovery.

Butte county deputies arrested a woman they say embezzled more than 63-thousand dollars from a 75-year old camp fire survivor.

Police in tulsa, oklahoma found "brenda rose asbury" hiding out.

The butte county sheriff's office says asbury stole money from an insurance settlement the victim received after losing his home in the camp fire.

### new this morning- investigators say a suspect has been arrested and is under investigation in connection to the deaths of nine u.s. citizens - three women and six children - slaughtered monday when cartel gunmen ambushed their vehicles.

Mexican officials said the gunman may have mistaken the group's large suvs for those of a rival gang.

Congressional impeachment investigators are preparing to hear from a high ranking state department official this morning... after a key witness revised his testimony.

The u-s ambassador to the european union jordan sondland says there was a quid pro quo with ukraine over military aid.

Accross the country democrats took some wins in state elections.

Suburban voters came out in large numbers backing democrats in virginia taking the state's house representative seat.

In kentucky the results for the governor's race could be contested..

With gap between the apparent winner democrat andy beshear came and incumbent governor matt bevin less than one percent of the vote.

Republicans kept their hold on the governor's office in mississippi.

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