Interview: WarHorses for Heroes

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Interview: WarHorses for Heroes

Interview: WarHorses for Heroes

Nancy Frideres sat down with WTVA and talked about a great Veterans Day Picnic in Memphis.

This interview aired on Nov.

6, 2019.

>> quickly men watching w t nine news with anchor tanya carter and meteorologist joel.

>> and welcome back to w t v eight nine.

News at noon tanya carter delighted to have with us nancy frieder's.

She is a us army veteran who's here to talk about the war horses on my right war horses heroes there's an event that's actually coming up in memphis but also if you want to tell us a little bit about what you have here.

>> okay i wrote a song called take away my yesterday's about hope love and healing and i'm giving all the money just three different veterans programs one of.

Those four horses for heroes guitar for vets and operation stand down for homeless veterans.

So if people like it they can download a cd baby in the ninety nine cents goes to these three different programs that it's absolutely awesome now again you guys have a huge veterans day program that's actually coming up in.

Memphis want you tell us a little bit about that absolutely.

We have templeton thompson sam gay or going to be performing their nashville country music stars.

We're going to be feeding all our veterans for free and they're big games.

And entertainment silent auctions so if you're in the memphis area it's on quincy road at the like human nature center and like i said betters come in for free but it's also a fund raiser.

So we're looking for people to help sponsor the warhorse program since it is of no one see three programs so if you're not a veteran it's twenty dollars in advance.

For a ticket in twenty five dollars at.

The gate won't you tell us a little bit about the war horses for heroes??

Because i've been to the website and what you guys do is just absolutely wonderful.

>> i'm thinking we take veterans that have had injuries are dealing with ptsd and.

We take amount.

Introduced him to a horse because a lot of our veterans isolate when they're dealing with ptsd or they've had disfigurement so they get to go out there.

Bond with the force and it puts him in a safe environment with other veterans this stealing with this similar issues and they can bond with that animal and there's nothing like that that safety and being with other veterans but also the warmth of the animal and the trusting this of the animals so they writing lessons to learn to write english and western satellites.

>> all right then well wow thank you so much you're nancy for all that you're doing for veterans again we have the war horses for heroes.

If you were to download even the cd will have that on our website you could be able to help raise money for veterans here well thank you so much for being with us.

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