Camp Fire survivor faces another tragedy, FEMA trailer burned

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Camp Fire survivor faces another tragedy, FEMA trailer burned

Camp Fire survivor faces another tragedy, FEMA trailer burned

A family who lost everything in the Camp Fire is going through yet another tragedy almost a year later.

A single mom who lost her paradise home in the camp fire..

Has lost her home to fire..

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I'm alan marsden.

And debbie cobb.

Action news now reporter amy lanski spoke with the woman and her son about the devastation..

The second time around in oroville..

And their plans for their future.

### saden warden - "i just want her back though, she was a great dog."

Saden warden is just 7 years old... last year he went through the loss of the camp fire..

On monday the fema trailer he and his mom were living in burned with their dog inside.

Dezera jordan- "my neighbors basically said that, they just noted smoke and flames coming from the back of my trailer, before that nobody noticed anything strange."

Dezera jordan is a single mom... she was already having anxiety for the year anniversary of the camp fire.

Dezera- "i just feel devastated and i feel like really exhausted."

Jordan says firefighters do not know the cause of the fire... but says fema was helpful getting her and her son into a new trailer.

Dezera- "it was encouraging and it was a relief that i wouldn't have to think about where i was going to sleep that night."

((natt)) "i love you mom, i love you too saden..

I love you too chloe."

Jordan's son says it's been a lot of work for his mom.

Saden- "it's really hard, because we have a lot of things to do, we have to change address, we had to change a lot of stuff, we even might not get a pet again."

Jordan says even though her and her son are okay..

They are both most hurt about losing their family dog.

Saden- "i just can't really handle it, because that was my only dog i had, it is just really hard."

Dezera- "i said we still have our lives, but i just think the support of family and the local community really helps me push through."

Jordan says she will be handling the rest with fema.

Fema representative michael peacock says fema's priority was making sure the family was in a new home.

Voice of: mike peacock "connect them with wrap around services, through our val - voluntary agency liason which connects them with services like the red cross."

There will also be an investigation done on the cause of the fire.

Reporting from oroville.

Amy lanski.

Action news now.

Peacock added..

Fema checks all the trailers and has them inspected before anyone is able to move in.

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