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WCBI News at Ten - Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

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WCBI News at Ten - Wednesday, November 6th, 2019
WCBI News at Ten - Wednesday, November 6th, 2019
WCBI News at Ten - Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

Thanks for joining us tonight// mississippi republicans are making history by claiming victories in all eight of the statewide offices// but, that doesn't necessarily mean they're all on the same page// courtney ann jackson explains// tate reeves and delbert hosemann will lead the state the next four years.

But as millsaps' dr. nathan shrader notes---there's a clear distinction in their policies.

"he seems to be fully committed on those issues of pre-k, on issues of school funding, infrastructure and something on medicaid reform.

That runs at odds with what has been tate reeves positioning on those issues when he's been in charge of the senate as lt.


Mississippi college political science professor dr. glenn antizzo notes that the state's fragmented executive branch allows for these kinds of splits.

"because they were independently elected, they do not see the governor as their boss.

They see the voters as their boss and they made certain promises during the campaign that they feel they have to honor."

Delbert hosemann isn't ruling out looking at options for medicaid reform.

"well, we're not going to do that but you'll see some really concrete proposals that have accessibility and affordability in mississippi."

Tate reeves didn't specifically discuss health care on election night.

He said he'll work with the speaker and lt.

Governor on "every issue that's out there".

But he did say this about conservative governing.

"we stood for something and that's something i think all elected officials must do moving forward."

So now what?

"this is still where i see the potential and i hate to call ita's just a difference perhaps in how to implement the conservative agenda."

"there is going to have to be some compromise there if the governor wants to get certain things done, he's going to have to be making some accommodations for hosemann."

Courtney ann jackson, wcbi news take vo off top governor phil bryant says he'll work hard managing mississippi through january, then he will do what he can to help president donald trump get re elected// governor bryant spoke at the gop election night watch party in jackson, as votes were coming in and a victory for tate reeves was shaping up// the governor says tuesday night's vote, giving republicans a clean sweep of all eight major statewide offices, proves that mississippi voters align with conservative values// bryant says he will stay politically active when he leaves the governor's mansion in january// "it's really sad, almost feel sorry for them, joe biden is leading the pack, along with elizabeth warren, so people of the united states know better than that they will overwhelmingly elect donald trump, but if that's what they have, if joe biden who bless his heart seems to be lost most of the time, if that's all they can do we will win this race and make america even greater again."

Governor bryant appeared on stage with president trump during last week's rally in tupelo// wipe to vo a longtime state representative loses his seat in tuesday's election// representative steve holland has served district 16 since 1984// he lost to challenger rickey thompson, who ran as a democrat// holland ran as an independent to avoid a runoff with thompson// throughout his career in the legislature, holland was known as an outspoken legislator - championing liberal causes// he says he's at peace with the will of the voters and will continue to stand up for causes important to northeast mississippians// it is a rite of passage.

Turning 18 and casting that first vote// one community starts a lot earlier, emphasizing the importance of voting--and of supporting the winning candidates// in fact, this county has a tradition of sorts that gets even the youngest of kids involved with local politics// our cash matlock has more on the story.

Folks both young and old gathered outside the webster county courthouse tuesday night... eagerly waiting for election results.

Attendees say it's something they do every election year.

"yeah, it's been going on for many, many years.

I remember as a kid, it was on main street in eupora.

It was moved out here to walthal i'd say about fifteen years or so ago.

It's been going on for many, many years in webster county."

"they would have music, the kids would play, and our parents would always talk to us about why we were there, the election results, so we knew what was going on, but it was a good time, too."

Jeannie davis is 6th grade english and language arts teacher at eupora high school.

She says she's passing along the election day tradition to her children as well.

"i have twins.

They're in first grade, and i took them yesterday with me when i voted."

She says she often talks about local elections with her students as well.

"i have lots of children who have asked me, who are you voting for, do you know this person is running or that person, some of it is because they're related to them."

Students like 6th grader logan rico.

Rico was also at the webster county courthouse tuesday night.

He says he has an interest in politics.

"well, i just like politics, ani wanted to see who was going to be the next sheriff of webster county."

Reporter-- "why do you care about local politics?"

Logan-- "because i"m a citizen webster county."

But instead of pursuing a career in politics, like his uncle poochie, the district 3 supervisor... rico has other plans.

"yes, i do want to be a journalist.

I want to be on the today show."

Community members say they hope more young people will take an interest in local politics.

"we hope that the young people will realize the importance of going out and voting because it is important for our young people to go out and vote because they're our future generation.

We want them to realize how important it is to vote and be involved in local politics."

According to research by according to research by students at tufts university, a record number of young voters came out to the polls in the 2018 midterm elections.

First look stinger first look summary: several cold fronts will be moving across the region over the next week.

Thursday's front will produce areas of showers.

A stronger cold front may give us more rain, colder air, and perhaps even a little frozen precipitation early next week.

Sandwiched in between will be a mainly sunny and pleasant weekend.

Wednesday night: not as cool with lows in the low 50s.

Clouds will fill in during the night but any shower activity is expected to remain to our northwest.

Thursday: highs in the 60s with falling temperatures during the mississippi department of education has begun their "celebration of excellence" tour for a-rated schools and districts.

Those accomplishments aren't too far from home as lowndes county and the amory city school districts both earned a-ratings for the 2018-2019 school year.

Our stephanie poole joined the tour to bring us more..

Educators at mississippi schools want better grades for the work they do with students.

On wednesday, mississippi department of education superintendent of education dr. carey wright met with school districts who have earned an a rating.

" it's great for the community to see what a great job the schools and districts are doing for these children and it's great for the children to hear about this and put it into perspective for them."

Wright says throughout mississippi, the number of school districts earning an a- rating has doubled, going from 14 to 31.

"mississippi has done exceptionally well.

We are totally in the nation's eye right now where education is concerned because we've done so well."

Lowndes county school district superintendent lynn wright says his educators and students have worked very to receive an a.

" they put out so much time and effort and the administrators in the schools that spend tirelessly hours working to make sure that we are providing students with everything that they need."

" everybody is growing, everybody is getting better.

The bar keeps raising and we keep meeting the challenges and if that happens then we are going to continue to grow as a state."

Dr. wright says students across the state have made a gradual progression, scoring higher on state testing.

She says she hopes those numbers will keep growing... " it's been drastic, i mean we had gains for every four years on our statewide assessments.

Our kindergarten collaborative, those kids are coming out of pre-k or outperforming all of their kindergartners ,i mean we really have a-lot going on.

We're also still pushing the literacy andnd mathematics in terms of you can't let up on that.

It's what else can we do for children to ensure we are expanding opportunities for them."

Dr. wright says the mississippi department of education will continue to work towards student success and produce more a-rated school districts.

Adding nickels and dimes we know it's tough as adults when it comes to spending but our educator the week is making sure her class is keeping up with how much change they have.

Rebecca kennedy is teaching her second graders at aberdeen elementary school to count change.

They're also learning the value of each ?other?

As well as the value of those nickels and dimes.

Kennedy says that's the most important lesson.

"if you know compliment a student they might think i'm not worth anything, but you need to lift them up because they need to know hey you can do it."

"she never gave up on me.

She still checks on me while i'm in third grade and that makes me feel good" to nominate your favorite teacher just visit wcbi dot com.

Stinger take educator of the week billboard wx open sunny, drier, and cooler weather religious mother's day that we have coming in thursday showers will be back to our back which is recovered the lower timeout absolutely gorgeous up and there's a setting was closed without incident in shadows these showers it will help tomorrow will there was a closure that was once a in caledonia to see the years we go i love rambo this is how i'm to be out when the couch going to require you to he is probably going to do inside temperatures will be in the 60s's will be a little warmer in this house a little cooler than your prolific ring hollow producer great files this is where i don't be alarmed future cash picking over 50s overnight into tomorrow night peeking in the 60s ... i will ... when to be in the 20s upper 40s to 50 teachers in the 30s for high school football ... early next weekend ... i ... lowered 20s is a ... it will be a pretty nice day overall safety zones 60s on sunday ... no way so cold in not think stinger it's playoff football time in the endzone... so you know this week's game of the week is going to be a ?big?


Find out where it's going to be later in sports... flu season is here and the time is now to start thinking about protecting yourself from getting the illness// we learn more about the flu vaccine in our health talk with baptist// hi, i'm dr. lee richardson, a physician in the emergency room at baptist memorial hospital - golden triangle.

Tonight i want to talk to you about the flu vaccine.

The single best way to prevent seasonal flu is to get vaccinated each year.

Yearly flu vaccination should begin as soon as the vaccine is available.

Most of the time flu peaks between december and february.

It takes about two weeks after vaccination for antibodies to develop in the body that protect against flu virus infection.

The cdc recommends getting your flu shot by the end of october.

We are already seeing patients testing positive for the flu in the er.


Everyone six months of age and older should get a flu vaccine every year especially those at high risk such as people with chronic pulmonary disease such as asthma, cardiovascular , renal, hepatic, neurologic, hematologic, or metabolic disorders and people who are immunosuppress ed, including those with hiv.


You should also not get a flu shot if you have a severe, life- threatening allergy to any of the ingredients in the vaccine, especially eggs.

The flu shot cannot give you the flu.

The flu vaccine that is administered with a needle is made with either flu vaccine viruses that are inactive or are not infectious or with no flu vaccine viruses at all.

If you get flu- like symptoms, you may have some other respiratory virus beside flu or you were exposed to the flu shortly before getting vaccinated or during the two- week period after vaccination.

Join us next time for health talk with baptist when we will discuss common sense ways to keep from catching the flu this year.

Stinger the bulldogs begin 2019 in style... highlights from the season opener, next in sports... spx college basketball is back a lot of new faces taking the court for mississippi state, but it was the familiar ones that got the season off to a good start tyson carter and company back in the hump, taking on fiu tuesday --glose game, dj stewart steal, outlet to carter, robert woodard alley------replay --carter layup before the end of the first half--bulldogs up 10 at break, 15 first half points for carter --fiu closes the gap in the second half, carter one dribble triple --off the inbounds, carter three....5-9 from deep, 23 points --msu breaking the press....carter to perry, two hand slam bulldogs win 77- 69, start the season 1-0 ben howland says the team will lean on tyson carter in the absensce of nick weatherspoon "we're asking tyson to do so much.

Wihtout nick out there, he's our one experienced guard, and he's being asked to do so much.

He's really delivering.

He shot the ball well, and played an enourmous amount of minutes again."

Men's basketball on friday ole miss opens up the season agaisnt arkansas state sam houston state at mississippi state---bulldogs will face former new hope trojan terryonte thomas who's now with the bearkats on saturday...wome n's basketball..missi ssippi state faces southern miss....former starkville yellowjacket kelsey jones with southern miss and ul monroe travels to ole miss on sunday...former ingomar falcon gara beth self with ul monroe.... cool opportunity for local athletes to come play back home the playoffs have arrived, and for our game of the week for week 12, we looked for a heavyweight matchup with serious win or go home feeling in terms of possible title contenders, one of the biggest in the state will go down in montgomery county our game of the week for week 12 will feature 3a first round battle between the houston hilltoppers and the winona tigers both teams disappointed in not clinching division titles, but are ready for the new season....everyon e is 0-0, but only one can advance to next friday the first time in more than a decade these two will compete.....we'll be live from winona on friday to kick off week 12 speaking of playoffs....defen se wins championships..

If there's one team that knows that, it's the louisville wildcats, and one it's biggest playmakers delivered in the final game of the regular season our athlete of the week is defensive lineman ty cooper.... a monster season so far for cooper, and now he adds his first career touchdown...7 tackles, a sack, and a scoop and score in louisville's 55-7 win over kosciusko the junior says once the ball hit the turf, he knew he had to get into the endzone ""it happened so quick.

I just seen the ball on the ground.

I picked it up and go for 7!

I jut had to get the touchdown for my team.

We came down here and went over the gameplan for the game.

Got focused and went out there and played ball like we were taught.

I got to stay humble and grind to get there, and after that i want to get to the next level and go to the nfl."

Cooper is now up to 15 tackles for loss and eight sacks on the season...louisvill e hosts yazoo city in round one of the playoffs signings from around the hope's ryan burt signs with pearl river baseball burt averaged 323, with 20 hits, 5 home runs, and 23 rbis for the state champion trojans this past season amory's isiah thompson signs to join icc basketball thompson averaged almost 22 points per game and 7 boards in 2018, being named co- mvp of region 2- 4a still to come..

... you never know what last look stinger last

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