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Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Kiernan Shipka and The Cast of 'Let It Snow' Play I Dare You

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Kiernan Shipka and The Cast of 'Let It Snow' Play I Dare You
Kiernan Shipka and The Cast of 'Let It Snow' Play I Dare You

Kiernan Shipka, Isabela Moner, Shameik Moore, and the rest of the cast of 'Let It Snow' sat down to play a hilariously cute game of I Dare You.

What is the most cringeworthy thing Odeya Rush has posted on social media?

What Disney character does Shameik Moore identify with most?

Can Kiernan Shipka dish out compliments starting with the first letter of all her castmate's names on the spot?

- What's the dare?- The dare is brush the teethof the person next to you.- That's not going to work, is it?[laughter][cheerful bouncy music]- Hi, we're the cast of "Letit Snow" and we're goingto play a game of I dare you.- Success![cheerful bouncy music continues]- I'll do a truth please.Can someone pass me the jar?- Yes.- No, you've gotta give her the jar.- No it's okay, I don't mind.Tell us about a timeyou embarrassed yourselfin front of a crush.- Oooooh.- When have I done that?One time I was tryingto be very cool in frontof someone I wasinterested in and I fumbledand tripped into them and spilled anentire coffee down myself.- But it was like endearing,it was like quirky.Anna!- I'll do truth as well.Normally I'm a dare girl.- [Liv] You're the truth distributor!- [Kiernan] There you go.- Oh, what is an instant dealbreaker in a new relationship?If you don't like animals.Yeah, if you don't likeanimals, than you probably arenot going to like my four cats.- I'll do a dare!- Woo!- [Shameik] She's brave.- Take a selfie withthe person next to youand post it on socialmedia along with a deepand emotional paragraphabout what they mean to you.Wait wait wait- I can't decide!Can it be both of them?- [Offscreen Voice] Yeah.- Okay, because they're bothreally beautiful people.- Awwww.- Hey, you're beautiful.- You did great.- On the outside, on the outside.- Oh okay.- [Liv] All right I'll get out.- [Jacob] I shouldn't be in there.- Here we go.- So we're just going to sit here and waitfor you to post the entire...[all talking at once]- You guys, I'll read theparagraph when I come up with it.You guys keep going though.- Okay, okay, okay.Me, I will do dare.Pretend you just won anAcademy Award, do a full speechthanking every person inthe room individually.And don't skip anyone.All right, well can yougive me something to hold.- Here you go.- Ah perfect.- What are you doing?- Wow, this is amazing.I can't believe this.I just wanted to...I'msorry I wrote something,this is stupid.[more laughter]First to Odeya, she's beenthere every step of the way.Every step of the way.Without which I wouldn't be here today.To Kiernan Shipka, oh ship us.Kiernan, you've made my life.Everything I'm proud of it.I'm lucky to be in yours.Oh Bela, oh Bela.Where do I even start?Since I met you on thestart of "Let it Snow,"and to the end of itwas amazing, every step.[roaring laughter]Anna.Anna means more to methan any of these guys.- Whoa, wow.- Liv is my homie who's been there for me.She had my back.And we've been rowdy, it's been crazy.You know what, get up here, get up here.- Stop it.- Bro, thanks man.I just, I can't.- [ Jacob] Beautiful.- Come on.- Come here, I'll finish for you.Mitchell would also like to thank Shameik.- [Mitchell] Shameik!- What's up man?- For all of the wonderfultime you spent together.- I love you bro.- [Liv] To Jacob for all of his support.And to Matthew.- Don't worry.- Okay fine.- I don't know guys, Ican't top it but I am goingto go for a dare.Tell me when, tell me when.- Now, now.- Okay.Give everyone in the rooma compliment startingwith the first letter of their first name.Okay.Out of the ordinary humor, wonderful beingto be around Odeya is fabulous.- Thank you Kiernan!- And I love her.Mischievous- [Odeya] Good adjective.- Mischievous fantasticfunny hilarious Mitch,you have become one of my best friendsand I love you very much.I really do.Interesting Isabela is just-- That's the nicest thing to say about me.Interesting.- Interesting, icy,like in a cool chic hot icy kind of way.God, cliche but amazing Anna, c'mon.You are fabulous.I love what you do.I am a fan of yours.I think you kill it, always.And you're just a reallylovely person to be around.- Thanks.- You really are.I'm going to go with...- It's tough.It's a tough letter.- I'm going to go with lovely Liv.Lovely Liv, you are truly a homie.I adore you.You're just a wonderful person.- Thank you.- I just think you're a total badass.- Thanks Kiernan!- Totally, one hundred percent.- Shmancy ShameikBecause you are.You are the definition of shmancy.- Shmancy huh?- Yeah, you're-- A fancy man.- He's, you're a fancyman Shameik, and I thinkyou're a fine man as well.You're lovely, you're funny, you're cool,and you're very talented.- Oh my god, joyous Jacob.- Ooooh.- What a guy.- Oh whoa, stop it.- I mean, just has a sense ofhumor that is unprecedentedand unbeatable.Lights up the room, a hundred percent.Oh my god, I could goon and on about Jacob.Jovial Jacob.Just like, truly, what a guy.Seriously, I could just keeptalking but I'm not going to.And then is there anotherperson back there?I don't think so.I think we're good.- Oh no!- Everybody's just like, it's cool man.I can go.- No seriously I'm going tosay something about Matt,my Scorpio brother for life.Marvelous Matt is one ofthe kindest human beingsI've ever met, and Ithink you are talentedand funny and wonderful.Really you are a homie and I love you.- Love you too.- Yeah, yeah.- That was a great dare.- What a toast, what a toast.- I'm going to do a truth,'cause they seem shorter.What is the most embarrassingthing you have putup on social media?I feel like, okay, I'vehad some bad captionsback in the day.Let me think.- Did you ever do a cheesy song lyric?- I'm sure I did.- Like a feeling random.- Oh, do you guys remember,I think it was called Picnik?It was an editing thing.So cringeful, so cringeful.- Filters were my jam.- Heavy filters, purposeful heavy filters.That's embarrassing.- Speaking of captions,how's your caption Bela?- I posted it like five minutes agoand I don't like that peopleI actually know are liking it.I don't know how they take it seriously.I just said, I've never metgreater people in my life.To say they are angelsis an understatement.I owe them everything.I've had to keep this a secret.I don't know why I said that.I'm scared to lose them.No cap.To Mitch I give you my dog.To Anna I give you my kin.[laughter and group chatter]- Wow.- How long do I have to keep it up?Why do people actually like this content?- 'Cause they think you justcame out as being in a thrupleand they're trying to be supportive.It's nice.- We love a thruple.- We love a thruple!- We stan a thruple.- Who's next?- Matt, Matthew.- [ Matt] The truth shall set you free.Tell me when to stop Kiernan.- Stop.- If you had to be lockedin a room with someonein this room for a week, who would it beand why?- A week?- Because Mitchell, becauseyou said so many great thingsabout me in your speech,I'm going to pick youto be locked in that room for a week.- Thanks man.- Because, I think of allof us, Mitch is the leastactive on social media,so he's really a mystery.You're a mystery man, soI'd like to you know--- Crack that code!- Crack that code.- Okay, I'll take a truth as well.- Oh, a truth.- Truth, truth.Okay, if you could goback in time and eraseone thing you said ordid, what would it be?- Why are yours so dark?- God.- We're here for you.- We love you.- You're amongst friends.- Well actually this was pretty recent.I was filming this sortof horror thing and Iwas running around andmaking a lot of noiseand I kind of farted for like two takes.Really loudly and no one said anythingand so I--[laughter drowns out Jacob]- But my question iswhat's the kind of fart?- It was really just loud, butt flapping.- Oh, I got two of themso, oh no it's one.What Disney character doyou identify with most?I have to think about that one.In "The Proud FamilyMovie," there's this dude,Omarion played the voice,so there was a dance battleon like an island and then Penny Proudwas like, she was goingaround in a circle,and then the dude was like "Yeah."I forget what he was sayingbut I'm definitely him.- Switch shoes with theperson to your right.My things are sweaty.- Yeah, and we're different sizes.- That is so honest though.- Empty your wallet.We don't carry wallets!- Sing "Happy Birthday"with a sock puppet.- No.- These are all great.- All right, rub your armpitsand then smell your fingers.- No!- Keep this in the video.- Eat a pickle dipped in Nutella.- [Kiernan] No!- Ew I hate pickles.- We're running out of dares.- Read the last three thingsin your search history.- No, that's--I have health stuff.- Personal as hell, goddamn.- Bite into a lemon slice.- I like lemons, I can do it.- Pass us a lemon slice.- Take one pass it down.- I'm going to use this.- This is bad for your enamel.- [Odeya] Dare, drink a glass of water.- All right together, here we go.- "Let it Snow" on Netflix![cheering]- Mmmm.- That's pretty good.- That's a very potent lemon.- That's kind of nice.- Really not bad.- Thank you guys for watching.Don't forget to watch "Let it Snow"November 8th on Netflix!- It's up to you.[outro upbeat music]


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