Bernie Sanders makes his way to North Iowa

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Bernie Sanders makes his way to North Iowa
The Vermont senator is making his case to voters in Floyd County.

Fully as we countdown to campaign 20á20..

Presidential hopefuls are making their way to iowa ahead of the caucuses in february.

Kimt news 3's alex jirgens met up with senator bernie sanders who was making his case to voters in floyd county today.

Alex á what'd he have to say?xxx calyn á the vermont senator spoke on issues ranging from climate change to medicare for all and everything in between.

I got to sit down with bernie sanders before tonight's town hall and spoke with voters on their nat?

Kester robbins was in attendance at tonight's town hall.

"i think his personality á he comes off pretty well."

Immigration á student loan debt relief á and equal pay are key issues that he agrees with sanders on.

As someone that is on medicare and has run into complications with it á he believes the senator can tackle that issue as well.

"i have two different programs, dental is not one of them that pays very well.

I like the issues."

I got the chance to speak with the senator before he went on stage.

He still stands by his idea of a single payer medicare for all system.

"the function of healthcare is not to make $100 billion profit for the healthcare industry, but to guarantee healthcare for all people."

With so many candidates crissácrossing the state and country making their cases heard... he feels confident about his campaign á highlighting crowd sizes at events and more individual contributions.

"i believe our numbers are up.

We're in this race to win it, we're going to win the democratic nomination, and we're gonna defeat i feel the most dangerous president in the history of to see my full interview with bernie sanders.

Head to our website... kimt dot com.

Live in the newsroom á alex jirgens á kimt news 3./// thank you alex.

According to most recent poll data from quinnipiac (kwináuhápeeá ack) university á elizabeth warren is the front running democrat in the state of iowa.

Pete buttigieg is slightly behind.

And bernie

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