Michael Bloomberg warming up for 2020 White House race
Michael Bloomberg warming up for 2020 White House race

ALABAMA — Looks like the Democratic race for the White House in 2020 just became a little less of a snoozefest as billionaire former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg signals he's ready to rumble—maybe.

According to the failing New York Times, Bloomberg submitted paperwork last Friday ahead of a deadline to enter the 2020 presidential primary in Alabama.

The move is a necessary step to join the scramble to take on the Teflon Don in next year's election.

The 77-year-old towering giant has yet to formally announce his candidacy, but many of his friends and allies say he intends to throw down.

That's because he apparently thinks the current Democratic candidates all suck.

He may be right.

The overstuffed Democratic field currently has hands on Joe Biden, Native-American Elizabeth Warren and heart stopping Sanders leading the pack.

The problem with Biden is that he's a borderline idiot, while Warren and Sanders are way too progressive for the average U.S. voter.

As for Trump, he told reporters on Friday that, "there is nobody I'd rather run against than little Michael." Well—if the Democrats continue on their current trajectory, Trump may just get his wish.