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Midmorning With Aundrea - November 11, 2019 Part 1

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Midmorning With Aundrea - November 11, 2019 Part 1
Midmorning With Aundrea - November 11, 2019 Part 1

(Part 1 of 2) Amazon may be known for its online shopping, but now there new brick-and-mortar stores are popping up.

And what products have been inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame?

We'll take a look.

When you think amazon, you likely think about online shopping.

But now there's a store.

And, getting your car ready cold weather.

We'll have some tips.

Plus, a trip to the country music capital of the world.

Midmorning starts right now.

A new secret service report looked at incidents of targeted school violence across the country - and found many of them could have been prevented.

On hand for the report's unveiling - fathers who lost their children in the 2018 massacre at majory stoneman douglas in parkland, florida.

Natalie brand has more from the secret service headquarters in washington.

Pkg: "these finding highlight what we've known for 20 years - a lot of these attacks are preventable."

The chief of the u-s secret service national threat assessment center unveiled áwarning signs to look for in a new report on targeted school violence.

It looked at 41 incidents across the country - involving firearms or other weapons - between 2008 and 2017.

While the report did ánot analyze the 2018 parkland massacre, that attack - along with one in santa fe, texas - prompted school personnel and government agencies to step up efforts to study the problem.

The goal of this process is to intervene before an attack can occur.

There is no profile of a student attacker, or the type of school targeted.

But the report found that - attackers usually had multiple motives - the most common involving a grievance with classmates - most attackers used firearms - most were often acquired from the home.

- all attackers exhibited concerning behaviors...and most communicated their intent to attack.

This report says in many cases, people who observed the threatening behavior failed to report it.

"prevention i everyone's responsibility....i t's not just on law enforcement alone, it's not just on schools alone."

Tony montalto lost his daughter gina in the parkland massacre.

He is now dedicated to making sure other parents don't experience the same pain.

"we need to fin the children that are having difficulties, provide them with the services to make them able to fit in our society, in our communities.

Montalto and the secret service are taking their message on the road, holding seminars in several u.s. cities.

Natalie brand, cbs news, washington.

The report found most attackers had a history of school sciplinary actions, and many had prior contact with law enforcement.

They were also often victims of bullying.

A classroom on wheels is helping medical students in rural areas hands on experience before working on real patients.

Hilary lane gives us a look at the innovative program.

Turn it up to 30 second year medical resident anthony cianciolo and his classmates are practicing chest compressions on someone in cardiac arrest.

With the simulation you can slowly go through those things and talk it out so you feel a little bit more comfortable.

Their classroom &.

Is a truck in the parking lot of st.

Luke's hospital in pennsylvania.

Nats this mobile simulation lab is equipped with microphones, speakers, and a control center.

Realistic dummies breath and bleed.

That sets them up for the real case scenario.

Whereas if you do this for the first time on a human, the emotions are much different and could be detrimental nats simulation simulations are recorded so students and instructors can review their work.

Afterwards we have the ability to debrief/you know where we talk about how it went for the learners what worked well and what they can do differently.

What they didn't do so well.

The mobile lab allows hospital systems to bring state of the art training to more medical students, especially in rural areas nats sariya first year medical resident pooja saraiya says the mock scenarios are building her confidence and preparing her for when she has to make life- saving decisions on her own.

We read about it and we practice it/but actually experiencing it was on a whole other level, and very helpful.

The truck can also be converted into a real treatment center in the event of a natural disaster, mass shooting, or other emergency.

Hilary lane, cbs news, bethlehem, pennsylvania the simulation center has trained more than 12,000 staff in the last year.

For years now, just about anything you want to buy is a click away thanks to amazon.

Now, you can also shop at an amazon store.

Jack fink has that story.

15-20 sue woolweaver ÷ shopper 42-50 jeff cheney ÷ frisco mayor 55-102 drew sheriff ÷ director of physical stores, amazon 113-122 deon springfield ÷ shopper "there are a lot of perks bein an amazon prime member."

Amazon may be the online retail giant& "so i will scan that.

But it still packed shoppers into amazon four star", its newes brick and mortar store - in frisco - the only one in texas.

Sue woolweaver/sho pper i think it's great because we live close and we come a lot, so we will be here a lot."

Jeff cheney/frisco mayor "i mean it's reall important to the city of frisco."

Frisco mayor jeff cheney says the city welcomes amazon's store, which fills the void left by apple earlier this year which suddenly closed its store here.

Increased shopping opportunities in neighboring cities and apple's departure unexpectedly led to slower sales tax growth, which the city relies on to fund many services.

Jeff cheney/frisco mayor "we reduced ou projected sales tax figures as a result of that so we knew very quickly we would have to replace it with a like brand and something that would be a regional draw."

Amazon says it chose its newest location carefully.

Drew sheriff/director of physical stores, amazon "we're alway looking for a really vibrant retail locations stonebriar mall as you can see based on today it's just a great spot a lot of customers."

Nats of deon looking at items what may help the city is that the retailer says it will be changing some of the items in the store every week to keep customers like deon springfield coming back.

Deon springfield/shop per "how often d you see yourself coming to three times a month and after that probably not too much because i'll probably have everything by then."

When products are recalled for safety concerns, the idea is to get them off the market to protect consumers.

But that's not always what happens.

Lisa mateo reports on how shoppers can steer clear of potentially dangerous recalled products.

If you search the internet for a used baby sleeper.... hundreds of these rock 'n play models are for sale on secondhand markets.

What buyers may not realize is that fisher price recalled that model in april... after it was tied to dozens of infant deaths.

These are really dangerous products and using them can be extremely risky.

Consumer reports writer rachel peachman searched online for recalled products that have caused harm to children and found a number of items that were supposed to be off the market.

:37-:40 i also found recalled ikea dressers, and those have been associated with hundreds of tipover incidents and several deaths of children consumer reports says facebook marketplace and craig's list have the most postings of recalled items. ebay has automated filters to prevent listing dangerous products.

:51-1:02 when products are recalled, retailers are required by law to pull them from store shelves.

The law also applies to secondhand marketplaces, but regulating the numerous online platforms has been a challenge.

In many cases, neither the seller nor the buyer is aware the product has been recalled.

Which is why consumer reports advises shoppers to do their homework.

If you're not sure you can ask the seller when the product was manufactured, what's the serial number so you can make sure the product you're getting has not been affected by a safety alert or a recall or go to recalls dot gov to check for yourself.

A few extra clicks could protect you from a purchase you may regret.

Lm, cbs news, new york the resale platforms do have warnings to discourage the sale of recalled products.

But consumer reports says they are not effective in stopping the posts.

As children around the world begin working on their christmas lists, three items are inducted in the strong museum of play's toy hall of fame.

Dan gross was there.

"toys, games dolls, video games, are so crucial to life and to creating quality of life."

Magic the gathering was released in 1993 - and won in their first induction round.

The game has endless rules and combinations in gameplay.

Players use color-coded creatures and spells to defeat their opponents.

- bill rose mtg "it gives yo freedom, in how you want to be play, how you want to build your deck."

Matchbox cars are the iconic mini-car, originally released in the fifties.

- match box guy "when you say 'matchbox' that means mini toy car, and mini toy car means matchbox."

The high-quality and close to real life builds captured hearts after their release decades ago.

Finally... - bensch on coloring books "coloring book bridge grown ups and kids... but now grown ups are turning to them for serenity."

Christopher bensch, the vice president for collections at the strong says anyone can nominate a toy.

This year they had nearly five thousand nominations for more than six hundred different toys.

They widdle it down to twelve for a committee to decide that meet their criteria: - bensch "which ar longevity, icon status-" "and really pla value.

Toys that cultivate learning, creativity, discovery, and socialization."

"and as they sai throughout the day, it's a nice combination of magic, fast cars, and serenity."

Dan gross, news 8.

When we come back, these guys have their own kind of fame - and now they are sharing it through food, drink and song.

The story ahead on mid morning.

Me ocoun some of country music's biggest stars are taking the nashville music scene to a whole new level.

Jason aldean, blake shelton and luke bryan are just some of the artists opening massive, multi-floor live music venues.

That's where fans told kenneth craig they're flocking to feel closer to their favorite country stars.

"she was like 'o god, this is my song...'" luke bryan's rise to the top of the charts began in nashville, the country music capital of the world.

And more than a decade later he's planting new roots here& with a 30- thousand square foot entertainment venue that towers above the city's famous honky tonks.

"i never coul have imagined driving down broadway and seeing my name in neons.

A transformation is underway in the music city driven by some if its biggest stars&who are opening up massive restaurants and bars themed around themselves.

"you can find m ..."

Jason aldean's vision came to life with three floors, six bars and a kitchen that can serve thousands of fans a night.

Steak, we are known for steak, the best steaks in nashville.

Chef tomasz wosiak of t-c restaurant group collaborated with not only aldean, but luke bryan and florida georgia line& giving him the nickname 'chef to the stars."

Kenneth craig: what do you see that sets these places apart from the traditional honky-tonks on broadway?

Wosiak: i'd like to say food.

Definitely food.

I'd like to believe it at least.

For fan, heather dragon, it's a way to connect..

They've created these bars - this is what they like, so you feel closer to the artists themselves."

"good time.

Oh w having a good time..."

Alan jackson's hit "good time was the inspiration for his nashville bar where outside we met tour guide robbie goldsmith who expanded his business to include celebrity bar crawls.

It's over 30 percent of our revenue.

It's growing really fast.

It's only 3 years old but in our last 12 months probably growing about 300 percent.

Blake shelton, dierks bentley and kid rock are also cashing in& part of the explosion of 'star bars' and nashville's booming, new act.

Kenneth craig, cbs news, nashville tennessee nashville's tourism numbers are also on the rise.

Just last year, the city drew in 15.2 million visitors, an increase of almost five percent from the year before.

Most people can only dream of owning a supercar -- because of the outrageous price tag.

But for those with deep pockets and a need for speed...even exotic cars won't cut it.

The "hypercar" where it's ian lee reports from eastern france.


At this exclusive chateau in molsheim, france..we enter the world of hyper cars.

Some of the fastest...most expensive...most luxurious in the world.

Nats up....vroom the home of bugatti.

To see what a 3 million dollar chiron sport is packing...we get behind the wheel with legendary race car driver andy wallace.

Nats up....gas we let loose all its 15-hundred horses... nats up ian: giddy up!

A souped-up version of the chiron recently broke a record..becomin g the first production car to top speeds of 300 miles per hour.

Ian: "when you hi three hundred though&what was the feeling like?"

Andy, "it's th fastest i've ever been that's for sure.

While we didn't quite hit 300...we flew.

Speed has been in the company's dna for over 100 years... the first cars were born to race... luigi: "the 35 i the best car in our portfolio for winning and racing."

Ian: "t crown jewel."

Luigi: yes.

Today, each car is hand crafted with carbon fiber, aerospace grade metals and built uniquely for each client.

Less than a hundred roll out of the workshop every year.

Unless it's bugatti's la voiture noire... that was one of a kind, 19-million dollars... ...the most expensive new car ever sold.

Andy: "we are o top of the automotive tree."

Ian: "what make bugatti stand out compared to ferrari, lamborghini and other supercars?"

Andy: "so no only are we the fastest production car in the world, the most powerful, we're a luxury car.

// so it's a complete package."

Nats up...speed bugatti won't reveal what's coming next.... so buckle up as they race to stay one car length ahead of the competition.

Ian lee cbs news in molsheim france.

If you feel you need to burn a hole in your pocket buying one of these hyper cars, you may have to be patient.

The waiting list is two years.

It's chilly this morning.

That means winter is just around the corner and it won't be long until we start seeing the lows reach the 20's.

Automotive experts say it's important to have your vehicle ready ábeforeá the mercury starts to dip.

Our rylie livingston takes a look at what you can do to keep your car running in tip top shape.

The leaves are falling and so are the temperatures.

With the cooler weather it's a good idea to give your car a tune up/ "you know the best thing to d is they need to check the antifreeze make sure you know it's up to standards and then next thing to do would be to make sure air filters clean for the winter and check tire pressures."

It may be tempting to put off airing up your tires but that could have consequences.

"well the main thing is, if yo run a low tire and it warms up warmer than it should because it'll get hot when it's low, you know, you can have a blow out.

.a low tire will get hotter than a normal tire, it's a morning ritual for many to let your car warm up before heading out for the day.

But that might not be the best idea.

"it's not ever good to let a ca idle in winter or summer because the cold weather is not going to affect an engine once it warms up.

You know, it's one thing to warm a car up and get the water to running temp but when you continue to idle you're pushing you're even in the wintertime."

That warm engine may also be an invitation for critters.

Cade says they have already seen cars with chewed wire, torn insulation, and other damages caused by rodents.

"if you think about somethin you pull your car on the carport night it's warm hoods down.

You go inside things get quiet.

The mice will come to the top of that car get up on the engine to get away from the cats and dogs and, and if you have cat food or dog food on the carport that's really a no no because that gives them a food source.

Yeah, we got one in the backs been chewed up now."

Another thing cade suggests is to make sure your windshield wipers and heater are working.

Legendary football coach vince lombardi said - the measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.

Just wait until you how one young player proves that every single day.

Mid morning will return in a moment.


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