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Sunday, 26 September 2021

I Got Legs- Adam G

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I Got Legs- Adam G
I Got Legs- Adam G
I Got Legs- Adam G

Stay tuned.

>> 10 past, determined, relentless just a few words to describe our guest.his paraplegia propelled him toward triumph.

We are proud to have adam with us today.he is the founder and executive director of the nonprofit i got legs.

Thank you for being here.

>> it's an absolute honor and a pleasure to be here.

>> i watched you over the last several years and i am blown away at what you've been able to accomplish despite your setback.

If we could, i'd like to introduce people to introduce our audience to you.

To let them know about your story and how you lost the use of your legs and what you have done since then.

>> so my story begins when i was 19 years old.

Most 14 years ago.

I was driving back home from college.

I went to the university of south carolina.

I was driving home to charleston and i fell asleep at the wheel for 3 to 5 seconds.

I was in a car accident and i broke my back.

I suffered a spinal cord injury and doctor said i would not be able to walk again.

I lived a life without the use of my legs for 10 years and four years ago, i was introduced to this reeboks ?

Reebok exoskeleton.

>> this allowed you to get back on your feet.

What was it first like when you were told you were never going to walk again?

What was the change in lifestyle?

How did you adjust to the new challenges?

>> that's a very good question.

You know, it was a punch in the gut when i told me i was never going to walk again.

I think what happens is when you become physically disabled, is that you are more mindful of everything that you can't do.

So i think that's the biggest adjustment and challenge.

You are so much more aware of your own body.

Things that i did not have to be aware of before the ramps, and stuff like that, so it was a punch in the gut.

>> i can imagine it was a roller coaster of emotions.

Did you -- what was it that the life-changing moment when you decided i'm not going to let this dictate how i live the rest of my life.

>> i think pretty early on, i had a good support system.

Especially here in charleston.

I don't think -- i think my support system would let me feel sorry for myself.

So that definitely helps.

But four years ago i went down to the st.

Francis hospital in downtown charleston and started using this rate walk which is an amazing piece of technology.

>> how does it work?

>> i describe it like the lower half of a terminator seat.

I will this watch on my right hand rest it's like the brain/remote control.

>> it's got three settings, sit stand and walk.

I'm in said mode the other setting to stand when i put in walk mode i tab and move my hips side to side when there's a sensor to each hip of the exoskeleton.

My abs and make the movement was amazing corn cardio workout.

>> it almost sounds like the virtual intelligence that he can sense what you want to do and where you want to go.

>> yes.

>> is it heavy.

>> it is.

It was about 55 pounds.

>> is it hard to get into?

>> in terms of me getting into it, it's pretty easy.

The one challenging part is to transport him because of my spinal cord injury, i can feel my i have to have somebody with me when i'm using it in case it breaks or anything like that.

It's an amazing piece of technology.

It's a great first edition of this of the things we are doing our bigger picture goal is to raise awareness to drive this technology forward.>> i want to learn more about i got legs, the foundation you started.

When stick with us.

>>> our guest has proven that paraplegia does not have to render you wheelchair-bound.

With the help of medical science and technology exoskeletons are helping people walk again and that is what adam is wearing right now is that exoskeleton.

We were talking about how it's about 55 pounds but is controlled through this little watch, all the brains around your wrist which is incredible.

Now, this kind of came about at a time that you founded i got legs.tell people more about your foundation.

>> so, we are i got legs.

We are based in charleston.

We are a nonprofit organization and we are dedicated to improving the lives of disabled community.

What we do is we provide quality of life grants to help others gain access to this technology, whether it's in exoskeleton, a vehicle ramp, i hand cycle, there's so much amazing technology out there that is not covered by health insurance.

So we help others get access to the technology.

>> your mentioning from time to time these things can break down and you need to have somebody with you.

But you have had a mass of people with you when you cross the cooper riverbridge.

>> yes .

>> several years ago.

So we saw you in fantastic form, the exoskeleton working the way it should.

How many marathons have you completed?>> i'm walking 1 million steps were -- wearing this exoskeleton.

My first race was a bridge run.

I walked in about 44 races now.

Five case, 10 gaze, i completed 1/2 marathon i attempted to do the los angeles marathon only got 17.02.

>> that's a long one?

>> i'll be doing the charleston marathon january.

>> are you doing the gobble wobble?

>> maybe.

But no, the charleston marathon will bemy second marathon attempt.

>> that's great.>> through all these blogs you've raised money, inspiration, hopefor a lot of people find themselves in the same situation .

One in 50 people live with some form of paralysis.

So you are raising money.

Tell us about the fundraiser this weekend.

>> it's called the eddie carlton dear mild betty carlton is the name of my exoskeleton.

Betty after my grandmother and carlton after difference -- fresh prince of bel air.

It was my favorite tv show and i loved carlton.

He's my favorite character in.

>> is a great dancer.

>> yes.

And so my grandmother, betty, she just -- she did roller derby, just powerful legs so as a source of inspiration, the spirit of my grandmother will hopefully allow me to do the carlton dance.

>> we look forward to seeing that.

I'm going to mention the shirt and a second but maybe we can stand up and show people what this is about and what it represents.

>> totally.

>> this is a great shirt.

People that attend the fundraiser, are they going to be able to get one of these t-shirts?

>> yes.

It's at the river dog stadium with solo beer mild, two-person four-person relay team and a spectator option.

>> wonderful.

All right.

So this is how it works.

That's incredible.

You look're amazing.

You are such an inspiration.

Thank you for joining us we appreciate

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