Howard High drama awards

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Howard High drama awards

Howard High drama awards

We've got a follow up story on the Howard High drama department for this week's episode of What's Right With Our Schools.

The program has now grown to their first production and their first theater awards.

At the howard school has come a long way in just a year.

Two of the school's students won acting awards from a state competition.

It's a big achievement for this fairly new program.

News 12's david moore takes us there for this week's edition of what's right with our schools.

Natural sound: this is it.

So watch.

Take cast, i give you the show now it belongs to you.

It's not mine anymore.

We except it.

John: we started with a stage that had a hole in it with an organ falling through it.

And now we are doing our first full production.

Natural sound: you don't know me... antteria, antteria!!!

John: the things that theater does for kids you can't, it's not about going to broadway.

It's about what theater does for a group of kids and so we want to expand on that.

We have come from a showcase, , two cast auditions, cast full show.

And last weekend we went to the tennessee theater association competition.

Natural sound: seven loud noises came out.

John: annteria evans and mekhi jones natural sound: five years ago i was spirit 6 feet deep!

But i survived.

John: first time ever howard high school had two all state actors.

And the cast and crew got a superior and two excellent ratings.

Annteria: i was like was that really my name?

I was like no, it was.

And i got excited.

I was like oh yeah i get to i get to go home and bring home something good like a medal.

Mekhi: i didn't know i was going to win it and when they called my name i was like, i felt sad.

It was just amazing to win an award.

It just gave me hope to keep moving forward.

Natural sound: hi pretended to, i'm not quite sure which.

Perhaps there was a bit of both.

John: it is a vindication but it's also i would say that the kids can see where they are too.

Natural sound: i'd be a star.

John: you know we know where we need to be to and we're not there yet.

But the journey you can see it.

They saw the path.

Annteria: we are going to show everybody that they don't know us.

John: we are excited we are on a roll.

And it's because of the support from dr. johnson, dr. ware and people that walk the arts in here.

So we are full steam ahead man.

If you have an idea for a story, go to our website, wdef dot com.

Look for the icon that says what's right with our schools, and you'll find a link to post your story idea.

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