PG&E says Public Safety Power Shut-offs not a permanent solution

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PG&E says Public Safety Power Shut-offs not a permanent solution

PG&E says Public Safety Power Shut-offs not a permanent solution

Action News Now asked utility reps what’s being done to prevent widespread blackouts from becoming a “new normal.”

Fire prone weather means another pg&e blackout is looming this week.

The utility says it may cut power to 250-thousand customers across northern california.

Action news now reporter stephanie lin breaks down what you need to know as temperatures drop.

Ll: in an effort to prevent future shut-downs and wildfires, pg&e is working to put power-lines underground in paradise.

You can see them at work on this stretch of merril road.

Meanwhile locals continue to adjust their day to day routines, in anticipation of this possible shut-down.

Not very happy.

Just got the text message.

Vicki taylor lives in paradiseã she's not thrilled to hear about the news of another possible pg&e blackout.

Like so many other camp fire survivors on the ridge, she's adjusting to a life without dependable power.

I have a couple of heaters in different areas and they use too much energy and they trip the circuit if i run more than one at a time.

Reporter: i see some pg&e trucks over there.

What's been going on?

Vicki: they have been putting the underground utilities in since september.

Paul: our job is to provide power.

And to restore power when the power is out.

Paul moreno of pg&e says widespread blackouts are necessary to public safetyã but certainly not a permanent solution.

Reporter: are there any plans to underground more of the lines?

Not just the ones in paradise, but through high fire-prone areas.

Paul: we have a number of initiatives underway to harden our system.

Part of that includes undergrounding in some cases, others to install covered wire with stronger poles and fire resistant cross irons that will help prevent outages and wildfires.

Going forward, psps will be shorter, less frequent, and not use them at all at some point.

Reporter: those power poles will be gone?

Vicki: yeah, those way up high& that's cable and telephone also.

Life continues for this camp fire survivor, now surviving under unpredictable, new conditions that involve power blackouts on the ridge.

From paradise, stephanie lin, action news now coverage you can count on.

# pg&e says it expects fewer customers to be impacted by this upcoming potential shut- off.

The october 26th blackout impacted nearly 975,000 customers.


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