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Saturday, 6 March 2021

Impeachment hearings: sondland testfies

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Impeachment hearings: sondland testfies
Impeachment hearings: sondland testfies
Impeachment hearings: Sondland testfies

C1 3 investigation,,, the american ambassador to the european union, gordon sondland..

Testifying before the house intelligence committee today... that there was a 'quid pro quo' regarding ukraine..

As mona kosar abdi reports in today's nation view.... sondland also testified that several other top officials..

Including vice president mike pence and secretary of state mike pompeo - "were in the loop" regarding dealings with ukraine.

Models are still moving back and forth on this system but as of now fridays rain will be models are still moving back and forth on this c1 3 concerns to vice president pence - about his presumption that nearly 400 million dollars in military aid was being withheld from ukraine pending president zelenskiy's annoucement of the investigations.

Sot - sondland: "everyone was in the loop."

However - republicans questioned sondland's crediblity and recent revisions he's made to his past testimony..

Sot - castor: "you don't have your notes because you didn't take notes.

You don't have a lot of recollections.

I mean, this is like the trifecta of unreliability."

The president - this reiterated to reporters the specific message he relayed to sondland.

Sot - trump: "i want nothing.

I want nothing.

I want no quid pro quo.

Tell zelensky, president zelensky, to do the right thing."

Tag: despite sondland saying everyone was in the loop.

Like ambassador volker he testified he only recently made the connection that the burisma investigation involved the bidens?

Mona kosar abdi abc news capitol hill.


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