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Saturday, 27 February 2021

Local Impeachment Reaction

Credit: WFFT
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Local Impeachment Reaction
Local Impeachment Reaction
Local impeachment hearing

Good evening i'm hunter petroviak.thanks for joining us..explosive testimony during wednesday's hearing from the u-s ambassador to the european union...gordon sondland telling house intelligence committee members president trump and members of his staff were 'in the loop' during the ukraine affair..but denies being apart of any shadow effort himself.

Today's testimony along with the previous two days..

Has state officials sounding off.

Fox 55's chris mullooly reports what state officials in your area are saying on social media.

" testimony from today was far from compelling conclsuve and provides zero evidence of any of the crimes alleged"was there a quid pro quo... the answer is yes""its a hoax its a sham its an embarrassment from our country"a lot to discuss after wednesday's testimony... ambassador gordon sondland took the stand... answering questions on his involvement and knowledge on the allegations of president trump's 'bribery' with ukraninan leaders leading up to the 20-16 election.all while state officials were sounding off on social media "in our area, republican legislators have been much more vocal during the testimony than democrats... take a look at jim banks... this is histwitter feed today..

16 tweets in the last 48 hours about the impeachment inquiry and he isn't the only one....senator mike braun retweeted this quote saying the information from the ambassador isn't pivotal....but democratic legislatures did chime in andre carson of the 7th district said the testimony quote... left no doubt about the deliberate scheme'with testimony far from over..

It's safe to say the conversation in d.c.... and online... won't end anytime fort wayne chris mullooly fox 55 news.


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