The new BMW M2 CS Racing at LA Auto Show 2019
The new BMW M2 CS Racing at LA Auto Show 2019

The arrival of the new BMW M2 CS heralds BMW M GmbH's first ever foray into the premium compact segment with its prestigious and overtly sporty portfolio of limitedrun special-edition models.

The exclusive BMW M2 CS is positioned one rung up the performance ladder from the BMW M2 Competition and will build on the success already achieved by the BMW M3 CS and BMW M4 CS models.

This Immensely capable car also serves as a basis for the BMW M2 CS Racing model, BMW M Motorsport's new entry point to amateur racing and the new Clubsport segment from the 2020 season.

The BMW M2 CS has an even sharper look about it than the BMW M2 Competition and blends outstanding track performance with unrestricted everyday usability to create a four-seater sports car of exceptional appeal.

The BMW M2 CS sets new, class-leading standards for acceleration, handling dynamics, precision and agility, making it the perfect choice for fans of high-calibre high-performance cars.

The new gateway into the world of BMW M GmbH products will also stir the emotions of a younger target audience.

Prices for the BMW M2 CS start at €95,000.