SCOTUS Turns Down 'Serial' Podcast Case
SCOTUS Turns Down 'Serial' Podcast Case

SCOTUS Turns Down 'Serial' Podcast Case.

The murder conviction of Adnan Syed was thrust into the public spotlight in 2014 following the popular podcast's first season.

Syed was convicted of the 1999 kidnapping and murder of his high school ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, 18.

Syed is currently serving a life sentence in Maryland for the murder.

He has maintained his innocence since the conviction.

The Maryland Court of Appeals did not grant requests by Syed's legal team for a new trial.

Syed's team petitioned the Supreme Court in August due to a "straightforward legal issue," pertaining to claims of ineffective counsel.

The 'Serial' podcast brought evidence to light that seems to exonerate Syed, including a woman who provided an alibi for him night of Lee's disappearance.

Another friend of Syed's testified during the trial that he helped the high school senior dig a hole for Lee's body