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Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea November 27, 2019 (Part 1)

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Midmorning With Aundrea November 27, 2019 (Part 1)
Midmorning With Aundrea November 27, 2019 (Part 1)

From cars to your Thanksgiving table.

Taking care of Mother Earth.

And, new concept in eating out.

Pay what you can afford.

Plus, Jacob is in the kitchen with a tasty dessert.

You can see what's important frs ar from cars to your thanksgiving table.

Taking care of mother earth.

And, new concept in eating out.

Pay what you can afford.

Plus, jacob is in the kitchen with a tasty dessert.

Midmorning starts right now.

A number of automakers, from hyundai to mercedes-benz are introducing new models of environmentally friendly cars but they are not electric.

Chris martinez takes a closer look at cars that run on hydrogen.

"i also have th option to show how much of the overall power i'm using."

Adam bray-ali has driven a toyota mirai for three years.

On a full tank - he says he can travel nearly 300 miles in the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

"for the mos part i'm able to refuel my car in 5, 10 minutes and go about my day without even thinking about it."

A fuel cell car doesn't have to be plugged in for power.

It instead uses hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity on board.

The tailpipe's only emmision is water.

"i certainly thin if people got to drive these cars they would want them..."

Roadshow editor-in-chief tim stevens says - despite the benefits of fuel cell technology - sales haven't taken off like electric vehicles.

One reason - the cost.

New models introduced at this year's l-a auto show - like hyundai's nexo carry a price tag of just over $58,000.

The other hurdle: california is the only state that has a large number of fueling stations available "it could chang in the fif we get more fuel cell stations elsewhere in the us.

But there really isn't any major movement to put a massive number of these stations elsewhere.

That's what you really need."

Adam lives in l-a and has easy access to hydrogen.

"people ar mostly concerned about can i just get from point a to point b without me worrying about it, and the short answer for this car for me has been absolutely."

And he likes knowing his car is environmentally friendly.

Chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles.

Have you bought your ticket?

This week mississippi became the 45th state to have a lottery.

Residents now can test their luck at their local retail stores.

It's a win-win for the state and lottery players.

Up to 80 million dollars in lottery proceeds will go towards roads and bridges.

Our stephanie poole looks at how lottery ticket sales are going for the first day.

Thousands of mississippians are crossing their fingers taking a chance on winning a prize in the mississippi lottery.

Manager of west point sprint mart tammie rood says by lunch time, over 150 people had been in to buy tickets " i think it's goin to get a lot of people's attention and i think the more winners you're going to have and stuff it's going to make people even more hungry for the tickets."

Rood says the lottery will hopefully attract more customers to her store.

" i think it's goin to really up our sales on everything.

Anywhere from the gas, to the cigarettes to the beer, everything."

Retailers who are in small towns like vardaman are noticing the difference..

Manager of mounce supermarket josh james says around 75 customers have purchased scratch-off tickets since they opened this morning.

" i know along o people are still at work right now and they haven't had a chance to come get it.

Probably towards the end of the week and holidays starts everybody is getting off work, when payday hits they'll probably buy a few more tickets at that time.

" james is hopeful the large crowd of lottery players will soon turn into permanent shoppers .

" there's been few i've never really seen before and then we had a lot of our regulars come in and buy tickets.

There are ones who have just come in for the lottery but i have seen a few come in today and buy groceries and pick up a few tickets on their way out and that's really why we're hoping for is stuff like that."

There are a few guidelines to keep in mind if you plan to play the lottery.... you must be at least 21 years old to buy a ticket and all winners have 90 days to claim their winnings with proof of a photo id.

Reporting live in columbus, stephanie poole, wcbi news.

You can show some gratitude this thanksgiving by eating in a way that limits harm to mother earth.

Here are three tips for a sustainable thanksgiving dinner.

Giving thanks while keeping mother earth in mind.

This thanksgiving-- small changes on your plate have a big environmental impact on our planet.

David melton, fresh harvest// "if you look at your plate thi thanksgiving day and go ok where is all of this from.... odds are you might not be able to say where any of it came from.

Let alone how it was grown, how it was processed, how was it packaged how was it shipped?"

One expert shares three things you can do to have a more sustainable meal.

Number one-- buy locally- grown and seasonal foods.

It may cost a bit more and require more meal-planning... but experts say it's worth it.

David melton, fresh harvest// "it just tastes better.

It's mor fresh.

It makes sense.

It's been stored in the ground rather than on a truck for two or three weeks.

It's harvested at peak freshness in season."

Also, experts say most local farmers use sustainable growing practices that are good for the earth.

David melton, fresh harvest// "they're rotating those crop and they're even resting the land on certain seasons."

Number two-- use less plastic at the dinner table.

Instead-- use re-usable dinnerware, glasses and napkins.

Number three-- eat less meat.

The meat industry is one of the biggest sources of methane gas emissions -- which is a major contributor to climate change.

If you can't save the turkey-- experts say opt for free range and naturally fed animals.

David melton, fresh harvest// "let's not think about meat a the centerpiece.

Let's shift that a little and give more of the limelight to the fruits and vegetables."

For consumer watch-- i'm mary moloney.

Coming in with confidence - a new wait to dine.

Food halls ahead on mid th is e this is the best idea.

It's like combing food trucks with a wide open venue.

Food halls are opening in cities across the country.

Faith salie visited one or two.

- once upon a time, americans actually left their houses to shop.

But with the rise of online shopping, thousands of brick-and- mortar retail stores have closed - and some developers are hoping to fill that empty space by filling eager bellies.

"even if you'v been here 10 times, you walk in and you're discovering something different," sai phil colicchio, a consultant with the real estate firm cushman & wakefield, as he led correspondent faith salie through a food hall.

"how is a foo hall different than a food court that we'd find in a mall or an airport?"

Sali asked.

"the food cour was never really designed to give you an experience of any kind," colicchio replied.

"i wasn't designed to make you say, 'wow.'

In a food hall, all your senses should get activated.

Lots of variety, lots of artisanality."

"what i artisanality?"

Asked salie.

"does that mea 'fancy'?"

"no," colicch said.

"you kno what?

It means 'not corporate.'" they may not be corporate, but food halls are big business.

In 2015 there were just 70 food halls in the u.s.; by the end of next year there will be more than 400.

Detroit has food hall built of old shipping containers.

In anaheim there's one inside a former citrus packing plant.

In charlotte, n.c., they've converted an old textile mill.

Chicago already has 10 food halls, with more on the way.

When nebraska real estate developer jay noddle wanted to create a community space on the site of a former race track, he turned to new york chef akhtar nawab to help curate the space.

Omaha's inner rail food hall opened last month - nine vendors with different cuisines, surrounding a central bar.

"fo us this wasn't a space filler, this was intended to be a traffic generator," noddle said.

Nawab said, "th destination here is food; the destination's not to go shopping.

People are coming here specifically because they want food, they want an experience."

Nawab scoured omaha looking for the best food the city had to offer, which is how he found 24-year old chloe tran.

She was anxious to expand, but didn't think she had the money to open a second location of her vietnamese sandwich shop, the b?nh m?


Tran said, " brick-and- mortar shop would cost, like, at least five to ten times more just to get started."

Vietnam isn't the only far-off land whose cuisine is represented at inner rail.

In fact, culinary diversity is part of what makes each food hall unique.

At kathmandu mo station, sagar gurung serves up himalayan dumplings called "momos," ea made by hand.

Mos-at-inner- rail-food-hall- 620.jpg serving up mos at the inner rail food hall.

Cbs news gurung was born in nepal but grew up in nebraska.

Back then, his neighbors used to complain constantly about the smell of his family's then, his neighbors used to complain constantly about the smell of his family's cooking: "fast forward to 20- plus years now, i see people lining up to pay for the same foods," h said.

Dumplings from the himalayas in omaha?

"isn' that great?"

Sai noddle.

"no there's a place where you can interact with people that you've never met before and try cuisines from around the world."

Like a kimchi mac- and-cheese egg roll.

"kore meets america," said colicchio.

Even if all these dishes are instagram- worthy, coliccio says a good food hall should give you something technology can't: a sense of community.

"since the cav people, we ate together," h said.

"and that' probably not gonna change even in an e- commerce- dominated world.

We're gonna eat together."

There's more to one restaurant that the menu items. we'll tell you that story ahead on

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