Glasses Experts Break Down Athlete Eyewear Trends ft. Trinidad Jame$

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Glasses Experts Break Down Athlete Eyewear Trends ft. Trinidad Jame$

Glasses Experts Break Down Athlete Eyewear Trends ft. Trinidad Jame$

Trinidad Jame$ and Spencer Shapiro are eyewear connoisseurs.

They stopped by to break down the trends that are dominating the world of athlete eyewear, looking at the glasses of Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Trae Young, Chris Paul, De'Aaron Fox, Iman Shumpert, James Johnson, Draymond Green, Cam Newton, Von Miller, Lewis Hamilton and many more.

- Hey, what's up everybody?My name is Spencer Shapiro.- And I'm Trinidad James,and we are here today to talk aboutathletes, glasses, and trends.[rhythmic music]First up, we got aviator frames.We got our boy Russell Westbrook herewho is a very interesting man,maybe one of the mostinteresting men in basketball.It works for him.I would not wear those.Dwyane Wade, that's more aviator speed,kinda feels that Alpina feel.Spencer loves Alpinas a lot.Trae Young is speaking more my languagewhere he has that like, uh I'm a cool guy,type aviator style.Chris Paul, just look too old.The extra metal, sometimesa lot of metal gives youthat old feeling, remindsyou grandma's old Cadillac,less metal, more modern,that means younger.- [Spencer] You knowwhen you have the frameswith the extra metal goingover it with the clear lens,it adds an older look, butyou can kinda switch that up,give it a more younger vibe when you adddifferent colored tints, likeI like to throw in gradients,which is like a dark to light fade,or throw a pop of color inthere.

Something like this,I threw a light blue gradientin this Cartier tint.Just a little pop of color can give youmore of a youthful look.- You can go from grandpa to cool guy.[Light hip hop music]Clear Wayfarer style has become a trendthat a lot of NBA players havebeen wearing a lot lately.As you can see, RussellWestbrook, De'Aaron Fox,Iman Shumpert, they're all wearingdifferent styles of the clear Wayfarer.It's not really my cup oftea, but as you can see,different styles of the Wayfarerworks different for each guyWith Russell Westbrook,you see that cat eye onthe Wayfarer really works for him.However, Iman is kinda moresimple, conservative, chill,and De'Aaron, it works for his face.If if works for you, it works for you.At the end of the day, to each his own.- My favorite out ofthe three would be Iman,like, he has a real classic,it's actually a Clubmaster style look.It's light across the bottom,with you know, a littlethicker over the top.I like that it's kinda, almostlike Malcolm X type style.Ray-Ban was the first to doit, with the Clubmaster model,but all kinds of other brands do it now.[lighthearted hip hop music]- As you can see, in the NBAalso, one of the newer trendsare smaller designer shades.You see James Johnson, Idon't think those are Cartiersthat he has on with the flip-up style.A Different World was aTV show back in the 1990s,and one of the main characters,he always wore flip-up glasses.All right, it's just a thing from the 90s?So it's awesome to see, nowin 2019, moving to 2020,certain trends, they just don'tdie, but they do get better.You know, they do elevate.It's really dope to see thaton, like, James Johnson.- [Spencer] Here we have Draymond Greenwearing the Cartier Giverny,a trait staple of pure classic made out ofAfrican Bubinga wood, comesin two different finishes,either platinum or 18 karat yellow gold.Love the look, that's actuallyone of my favorite frames evermade, so, shout out to him.Nowadays, they go anywherefrom two to three thousand,but they're steadily rising.Just, even from when I firstgot into selling these frames,I was flipping themfor 400, 'cause really,nobody outside of thetrade really wanted them,so when I got to town, it wasa tough sale for me to make,and now I can't even keep them in stock.It's not necessarily clear,and it's either really coolfor wearing indoors or outdoors.- Feeling-yourself frame.That's the kind of frame, feelingyourself, look at my face.Look at me.- It's money.- I feel good, I feel like money.So, money frame.Put those frames on, you feel like money.Those are, oh, Cameron's C Decor wood,which I have right here.So those come in alldifferent colors, patterns,he has the clear rimless lenses on there,I love doing a clearlenses when it's, say like,a college shirt, suit,button down, you know,as you see I even have them on today.Another trend I'm really fond of lately,is jut the transparent frames.All different brandshave been making these,and as you see here, wehave like Von Miller,Lebron James, guys like Lewis Hamilton,it's a cool looking, there's also a lot ofdifferent variations incolor you can get too,like I've seen a lot of transparent blues,greens, reds, all that.- And the price point can vary too,I remember starting off withglasses like from brandslike Retrosuperfuture,where they really doa lot of the one LeBron has on,which is kinda like justa basic straight frame.That style can go startthere at Retrosuperfutureand go all the way up to Chrome Hearts.Chrome Hearts does a really,like the one the glassesthat Von Miller has on,Chrome Hearts is a really special one.It's really nice, you caneither put your prescription inor wear it as shadesor just normal glasses,just like we've been saying.Athletes really have beentaken to the transparent framereally well, you know?Like, it looks good onVon, that's a good pair.- Actually, Lewis hasreally cool frames on,it's more of a lucite aviator.- Lewis has, pretty muchanything looks good on him.Transparent frames aremeant for cool people,so if you're just naturallya cool guy or girl,psh, it's gonna work every time.Every time, has that.[upbeat hip hop]Marble frames, it's a trend.It's a trend that's happenedwith athletes, you know,every Sunday when theseguys coming in the tunnel,we looking to see what they got on,from the shoes on their feet,to the glasses on their face.O.B.J, Cam Newton aredefinitely two of the peoplein the league, NFL league to be exact,who really bring it to the top.O.B.J has on this particular pairof Louis Vuitton Millionaires.Same glasses, but not the same price.You can only get thesepretty much in Asia,or if you're connected.These, you walk in the LouisVuitton store, wherever,from Rodeo Drive to Fairfax Ave.O.B.J.

Is not a regular guy,so it makes sense for him to rock these.I would imagine he has every single pair,but he's very proud of theKorean pair because it's limited,costs more, and celebrities, athletes,definitely like to flex.- The green pair is anywhere, resale-wise,anywhere from 1400 to 2000 up.- And the red ones are going for retailso this pair about 900.Glasses that Cam Newton hason, I don't think that thoseare Louis Vuitton, but thatmarble, that tortoise lookis just a classic lookthat happens in glasses,been going on in the worldof glasses for years.- That's something that'sbeen around forever.- You see it on the Moschinos,still has that tortoise feel,like that whole feel, orwhatever, these are for the 90s,but the feel is still the same, you know?This is 2019 Celine, I wouldhave it with Yeezys or men,as the new director, butthe Tortoise hasn't changed.See what I'm saying?These certain things not going nowhere,you'll come, you'll pass away,but certain styles will never die.- They have the name Tortoise,because back in the day,a lot of brands wereactually making eyewearout of real tortoise shell.And thankfully, they'vestopped doing that,they've gone to synthetic tortoise,which is made out of plastic.[Lighthearted hip hop music]Thick oval frames, well, Ican't even just call themthick oval frames, kindamore like Kurt Cobain frames.These really remind me of Kurt's.I think Kurt Cobain, and I think Fabo.He is an artist from Atlanta,From a legendary group called D4L.When I see white glasses,that's exactly what it makes me think of.It's a really iconic staple piece,it kinda gives you thatpunk rocker type look,the shade that Travis hason, it works for his face,a little bit bigger.With Kelly, you can alsotell, you can tell with him,he likes the skinny feel, or whatever,'cause he has more of a narrow,and more of a narrow face, narrow jawline,so it's a lot less room in betweenthe eyebrow to the cheekbone,which is important for youto understand the ratiowhen you're doing glasses,making glasses for yourself.So these are Christian Roth, Archive 1993,these are the brand that Kurt wore,they don't make these anymore.It was very very classic in 1993,Kurt really wore theselike this was his piece.- That's something thatis made for somebodywho's bold and just doesn't give a shit.It's for icons, guys likeKurt Cobain Guy Fieri,Fabo, Lil Jon, T-Pain,- [Trinidad] T-Pain.- It's the glasses of an American hero,that's the true American bad-ass frame.- America's glasses.- 'Murica.[Upbeat hip hop music]Okay, so here we have Kelly Oubre Jr.,doing some small dark frames,off the Chrome Hearts hat,digging it, and not a look for everybody,but if you can pull it off,do it right, the it's fly.You know, I have a few different styles,you know, this is aold-school platinum Cartierthat's kinda from the samewave, these are from late 90s.And that's, I'd say that's when that stylewas really popularized,now it's having a comeback.Vintage Fendi right here,same style look, you know,small round shape, dark black lenses.- Tiny frames really originatea lot of different times in history.If you look at Kelly Oubre,now that's the same glassesthat, per say, LaurenceFishburne wore, in the Matrix.It's also, if you go backto, old Jet Li movies,from the 2000s, Jet LiDMX, I would have it like,that 1997 to 2001, is aspecial time for tiny frames.Like I say, it's kinda likean alternative, bad-ass look.It's really interesting,like you should see him withcross and skull bones, and Chrome Hearts,it really works for that look.We have our boy NickYoung, all-star NBA player,who's really interestingbecause him and Kellyboth have on those off-whiteglasses from Virgil.That particular pair ofshades was a really hitlast year when it came out of 2018.It was right on point,it was the right size,not too much, black, and it really matchedthe climate of the way people dressed.- You know, it's oneof Virgil's early stepsin eyewear as well, Ithink he just killed it.So these glasses came outlast year, and as you can see,these guys are still wearingthem, because glasses,they're one of those thingsthat just keeps goingwith your wardrobe, you keepthem, it's like jewelry.You know, you buy new jewelry butyou still gonna wear old chain.Old sunglasses still lookgood with new clothes.They make them look bettersometimes, because if you'recollecting pieces and thingsthat are not easy to get,when you decide to wearthem with your new outfit,new clothes that you'redoing, it's a great time.[upbeat hip hop music]Another trend that we'verecovered with athletesare small round frames.- The small round glassestrend is very reminiscent of60s and 70s, you know,people like Janis Joplin,John Lennon, you know, Ramones,- Lewis Hamilton, he can really mix it up,from square transition to aviators,see through aviators, dark, tonow we have the small round.Some people just have a great face.Russell, as you can see, thelens, the color, the wire,it might be too thin of a wire for mebut it really works for him.You know, I like that he accessorized itwith a thin gold chain,compared to have a thick one.I would have the small detailslike that really matterwhen you're putting togetheroutfits and accessories, you know?I don't think that he wouldhave done the big Cuban chainwith thin glasses but with thin glasses,I'd do the small necklace.It's really just like I said,it's a science to this man, for real.- So, here we have P.J.Tucker, he's wearingmore of a large, large round frame.Shout-out to P.J., goodfriend and client of mine.I like the way he's mixingthe light with the dark-brownwith the colors of fur on his collar.All about having the right mixture outfit.- Even with Iman, smallnecklace, thin wire frames.You know, P.J.

Probablythe biggest rounds,but that's why he gotthe diamonds on them.And you really get to see what small,what the meaning of small round frame iswhen it comes to athletes,because they're usually big guys.So, this big guy with thissmall glass on his face,some pull it off, somedon't, but they all attempt,and it's really interestingbecause they like it,they really into it, you know, it's dopewhere there's, I don'teven want that all of themare doing it because thestylist told them to,I think they just genuinely like it.[light hip hop music]- Here we have my guyNoah wearing some big,some shield looking glasses, you know,Oakley vibes, realreminiscent of, you know,like Hulk Hogan, Riff Raff type style.It's the type of look whereyou, people can't reallysee in but you can see out.- As you can see with Dwight Howard too,when it comes to that reflectivetint on the aviator style,it's kinda like you'reshowing people themselves.That's what the kind oflike, reflective tint,that mirror tint, like, look at yourself.You, don't look at me.Look at yourself.You know, those do reallywell against the sun too,for people with light eyes,and who like dark tintjust really doesn't workfor you, then mirror tintalso is a good one tofight against the sun.That's why you see that particular tintused in a lot of like,sports wear looking glasses.Like Balenciaga is coming back,with a lot of like plastic sports looking,Alpina-ish type of likesnow goggles type of feel.Although it's reallyinteresting that they do it,but it makes sense, itmake a lot of sense,that's why you see a lotof the athletes use it,because they're in the sun the most.- The sun, I would say,go as dark as possible.Get a polarized lens, orget a nice reflective look,you wanna protect your eyeswhile you're out there.Polarized lens have a special coatingthat actually blocks outthe UV rays a little better.They're also good forbeing out in the water,fishing, seeing the water a little better,because it blocks out the glare.- When it comes to trends,you can't leave out your veterans.As you can see here we haveTom Brady, David BeckhamA-Rod, you know, just go's.Go, go, go.As you get older, and status,glasses hold a status.It's a certain classism thatcomes with certain glasses,you know, and it shows that,that guy might have six rings,compared to a guy who has one.The way he dresses, the way he talks,the type of eyewear that he chooses,as you can see with theveterans here, latelythey've been rocking theclassic Wayfarer style.It takes you back to that Ray-Ban feel,like dark shades, like James Dean,like, straight to the point.You know what I'm saying, really hasa distinguished look for it.And no, you go from Ray-Ban,Cartier has a style, just like this too.A lot of people have this particular stylelike Spencer's saying, withmetal arms, tortoise top,or whatever you know, it's wide open.But you tend to see, partslike A-Rod, David Beckham,you know that would probablybe like the time for it.You know, 'cause thatfeels like their status.- You know, everybodyhas their own styles,but these aren't the typeof guys you're gonna seewith bright, lot of colors,or iced out glasses,they're more, you know, refined style,so that works for them,and it's more of a universal classic look.- Athlete's eyewear isdefinitely gonna be one of thosetrends that are alwayschanging, and will never die.- Something that's a componentto your everyday outfit,so I think it's somethingthat's only gonnacontinue to grow and become more popularas the spotlight is actuallyon the eyewear industrya lot more these days.- We will be seeing more and more trendsthat these guys set, becausethese guys are the wave men.

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