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Sunday, 26 September 2021

Adoption Month

Credit: WCBI
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Adoption Month
Adoption Month
November is national adoption month.

November is national adoption month.

And wcbi's chad groening found a tupelo couple who took the adoption plunge in a big way.

Adam and amy sudduth at home with their five children on the night before thanksgiving.

And recently they enjoyed a family outing where adam works.

Their five children are 14-year old alex, 12-year old anna, 8- year old adi, 3-year old ali, ad 1-year old ava.

Adam and amy were married ten years and were unable to have naturally born children.

"we tried for multiple years and she also wanted to adopt early but i was not how do i say it, i was not really on board.

I didn't think i could love an adopted child like a biological child."

"well unfortunately it wasn't me that convinced him.

I tried.

We got into several disagreements because i kind of pushed because usually when i want something i push until i get it.

But this was different.

You can't really push somebody to adopt.

They've got to want it to."

So adam and amy adopted alex and his biological sisters anna and adi....and less than two years later added real sisters ali and ava.

It was needless to say a great adjustment for the couple.

"living with basically just a wife for ten years, being married kind of having our own thing doing our own thing.

If i wanted to do something than i could do it.

If amy wanted to do something she could do it and not really worry much about it."

"it became an adjustment once they were adopted because i started homeschooling as well.

And so trying to homeschool with three older kids and then two babies running around the house.

It's challenge you know it's a big adjustment you have to try to juggle everything and make it all work the right way."

And both adam and amy encourage other couples to consider adoption.

"i did not realize how much love i would have for my children.

And they are my children, even though they were not naturally my children.

And so don't see yourself short for thinking that you would not love a child that is not naturally yours."

"you're bring in somebody into your home that might not otherwise have a family or might not have a great situation.

They're so many children that are in the foster care system that their mothers have left or their mothers just can't take care of them.

Bringing them into your home and giving them the love that they need is the biggest blessing to us."

Chad groening wcbi news, tupelo.

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