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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Janesville Rotary Gardens light show to open for the season Friday

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Janesville Rotary Gardens light show to open for the season Friday
Janesville Rotary Gardens light show to open for the season Friday

The Janesville Rotary Gardens light show will open its 21-night holiday season Friday night at 4:30 p.m.

Thousand now deployed there.

Now that thanksgiving is behind us, christmas decorations are in full swing... and that means the holiday lights are going up!

Rock county reporter adam duxter joined families on the path of the janesville rotary gardens light show... on this opening night.

P- last year's show brought close to 60 thousand people to janesville's rotary botanical gardens... and those behind the plans are hopeful that this year... a bigger show could bring an even bigger crowd.

1 vo/mini-disc nat (lindsey talking with her kids) opening night and a chance to get the first look..

At the show...that brings people in from across the country.

Lindsey sameuchay and her kids... back..

For the second time.

5 49 40 obviously, the lights.

Seeing families together, and enjoying one another.

Directors at the garden say... they've worked hard all year... to create moments... nat just like this one.

5 32 50 we've really enhanced our lightshow this year with 250,000 more lights with 750,000 this year.

I think visitors will really see that difference and enjoy even more light and that experience out in the gardens.

The holiday light show... runs on select days from now..

Until the end of the holiday season.

Fun for young.... nat and old alike.

5 49 50 we came as a group, we've come before, tonight was the perfect night.

The light show..

The largest fundraiser for the non profit rotary gardens..

And while it takes months to set up.... those behind the plan say on nights like tonight... they're reminded why they do it in the first place.

5 36 40 the three month set up period and all the work are worth it, to see the smiles on those families faces.

The lights are set up mainly by volunteers... kronberg says though it's been a wet fall..

They pushed through in order to


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