Some Retailers Cracking Under Online Demand as Cyber Monday Kicks Off
Some Retailers Cracking Under Online Demand as Cyber Monday Kicks Off

Amid a blockbuster Black Friday and as Cyber Monday kicks off with a bang, some retailers are feeling the virtual cracks as more consumers forgo the crowds and shop online, causing strain on websites - and consumers' patience levels.

Bulk-discount retail giant Costco got a rude and expensive awakening Thanksgiving Day when its website went down for more than 16 hours, costing the retailer nearly $11 million in lost pre-Black Friday potential sales.

Nordstrom's Nordstrom Rack also suffered from throngs of cyber shoppers flocking to its website, only to find they couldn't check out.

With Black Friday living up to the hype and Cyber Monday poised to be the biggest yet, keeping things humming along online has proven a challenge for some retailers.

And that isn't likely to abate anytime soon, given the peak period for holiday shopping is unusually short this year, with only 22 days between Cyber Monday and Christmas Day.

That means retailers are switching up their sales strategy accordingly, offering deals earlier and potentially adjusting how they plan on getting purchases to consumers.

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