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Thursday, 4 March 2021

Toybox Tuesday at Noon (12/03/19)

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Toybox Tuesday at Noon (12/03/19)
Toybox Tuesday at Noon (12/03/19)
KOAM Toybox Tuesday at Noon with Tawnya Bach, Kate Kelley and Michael Hayslip

Into gold.

>> giving tuesday kicks off our first we box tuesday telethon.

>> a 2 day nato summit kicks off in london.

I'm cindy fought without president trump unloaded on european allies.

>> and we show you how the ottawa county angel tree is working to brighten the holidays for 4 state families.

>> today is giving tuesday a day meant to encourage charitable donations during the holidays and for the 4 states today also kicks off our first toy box tuesday telethon.

This is koam news at noon, i'm tawnya bach and topping up for 7 minutes.

Giving tuesday last year americans gave an estimated billion to us charities.

And you can do your part to help by picking up the phone in donating this half hour to our koam toy box campaign koam kate kelly is standing by live in our toy box call center with details on how easy it is to help.

This from the koam toy box call center.

We're here to take your donations for the 31th year of our toy box campaign.

>> it's so easy to help just grab your credit card pick up the phone and call 1, 8, 8, 6, 2, o for toy.

Our operators here we'll take it from there.

Let them know how much you're able to give and then we'll do the shopping your donations will help children in 15 counties have presents on christmas morning.

We'll be back in a bit to tell you more about this year's campaign in the meantime, let's get those phones ringing.

Right thanks kate.

>> the city of joplin could soon be raising the minimum age to buy tobacco last night the joplin city council approved on first reading a new ordinance the tobacco 21 act which would raise the minimum age for buying tobacco in the city from 18 to 21.

The ordinance stems from a community health needs assessment taken back in 2016.

The study identified lung disease and heart disease as the 2 main health issues affecting local residents.

Tobacco 21 ordinance is are supported by the cdc.

Now the missouri communities have adopted similar ordinances, including carl junction officials say they're hopeful the ordinance once adopted will help keep tobacco away from joplin use.

>> you never going to stop individual, you know from from a starting to use tobacco products entirely you never stop that the idea is to try to reduce that percentage over time.

>> the kerry says the ordinance will move to second and 3rd reading at the december 16th council meeting where if approved it will go into effect in 20 days after that folks in pittsburgh, a get into the holiday spirit for the 40th annual christmas parade.

Multiple pittsburgh, businesses and organizations have floats in the parade, including koam and our very own jesse irwin to parts.

>> santa claus himself.

Also made an appearance.

Well tonight, several 4 staters will gather in joplin for the cities annual christmas parade in the weather looks great michael lisa joins us for the first look at the forecast tell you what are you not only tonight for the joplin parade.

But as we head into what's going to be a gorgeous four-state weekend parade season is upon us.

>> and mother nature she wants to cooperate already sitting at 50 degrees as we take a live look from the freeman health system skycam over joplin.

>> and love that humidity dropping now below 50% and temperatures helped out a little bit with the southwest breeze coming in now we still have a little bit of a wind chill in effect there especially out in the western portion of southeast kansas where we sit high 40's but how about now burning cassville carthage and the like that have already cruise past the 50 degree mark we've been trying to shake these clouds all morning long just haven't been able to get out from underneath of them, but look at the relative humidity right there.

No worry about any rain coming out of it by the time we get to about 3 4 o'clock just before sunset we're going to have clear skies and a whole lot of sunshine now speaking of that 7 day forecast tonight for the joplin parade said about 42 degrees clear as can be going to be perfect for the big man to make his way down main street and more sunshine on wednesday now coming up here in just a little bit we'll talk about the rain is going to influence us thursday night.

And of course the big system still sit now in the atlantic tonya i know you've got the latest on it.

>> that's right a record breaking storm is hammering the northeast causing trouble for millions of people today.

The major snowstorm is finally on its last legs after haunting holiday travelers for the past week.

It could still dump up to 2 feet of snow in parts of new england before heading out to sea.

>> the storm is blamed for at least 8 deaths 700 crashes were reported in new york state alone.

As the system moved president trump is in london for a 2 day nato summit he wasted no time launching attacks on a key european ally.

>> the president trump called the french president emmanuel macron's recent comments about nato, very nasty.

The french leader had said nato is brain dead because of a lack of us leadership.

>> well the president defended nato, we also unloaded on members of the alliance for not contributing enough in defense spending with president trump back in london.

So are the protesters they're moving from the center of the city to buckingham palace, the queen is hosting a reception for nato leaders.

President trump insists the impeachment scandal will not impact is negotiating power during the summit.

Well for 31 years 4 staters have opened their hearts to those in need during our koam 20 bucks campaigns and we hope this year is no different kaye is standing by in our toy box call center.

So this is our first toy box tuesday telephone of the season and we really like you to be a part of it already we've got phones ringing, it's great to hear so give us a call.

>> at 1, 8, 8, 6, 2 o for toy and make a donation.

The koam toy box partners with area salvation army's and other organizations to help families in need.

Our wonderful viewers like you call and make donations we turned that cash into toys for children across the 4 states.

Please help us put a smile on kids faces on christmas morning.

Give us a call at 1, 8, 8, 6, 2, o for toy.

>> well that's a look at today's top stories and wheather in our first 7 minutes still to come on the koam news at noon.

Mister food.

>> howard and i'm kelly in the mister food test kitchen in a row dog and having a gingerbread that time so be sure to join us.

>> bringing you see the number on the screen 1, 8, 8, 8, 6, 2, o for toy you call and donate and we'll do the shopping for you.

>> koam news at noon.

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>> the return of the christmas kid is an updated version of charles dickens a christmas carol presented by the joplin little theater the holiday production opens tomorrow night and gives you the opportunity to bring a new unwrapped toy to the performance in place at the front of the stage.

These toys will be used during the show for the plays 20 bucks store.

After the production all of the toys will be donated to the koam toy box and dispersed to children through the joplin salvation army.

>> bring something for other people and especially since it's christmas and usually people are on christmas.

Well people usually buy things for themselves.

I thought people so then it needs to fund the get themselves stuff.

>> all seats are reserved and tickets are on sale now at joplin little theater dot org.

Or you can call the jail tee box office during regular.

Office hours.

Each year koam partners with dozens of local organizations to make christmas merrier for children through our annual toy box campaign.

>> to kelly joins us with details on one in particular.

That's right the ottawa county angel tree is a perfect example.

>> for one family in miami oklahoma, the angel tree program has made all the difference shanna bass is a single mother of 2.

Now while she loves christmas paying for presidents can be hard with donations from the community though the holidays are now less stressful and she's thankful.

>> and i can't afford it, you know i can get a kid and so.

I want them help and everybody in the community.

It's like a.

It's like a day.


I think it's more than what they know.

>> ottawa county angel tree is a group effort on the part of community college miami police and fire along with other area agencies it provides toys unneeded items each year for children from birth to 17 years of age and the koam to a box is proud to partner with them.

Now let's get those phones ringing call 1, 8, 8, 6, 2, o for toy and our awesome call takers hear from the pittsburgh and joplin salvation army.

We'll take your credit card donation over the phone to help this year's toy box campaign.

Already we've got the phones ringing and we have real burden bigelow from shell the missouri giving us $25 and it just keeps going up from there.

Vicki morris from parsons $50 and so far highest number we've got.

Peggy and rick radish from joplin with $100 that's amazing and i challenge you to match those that this year hundreds of families will need some help at christmas time it's up to you to help them whether it's 1020 $50 or more every dollar you give states in your community.

So we want to hear from our viewers in newton county jasper county crawford cherokee and yes we want to hear of course from our viewers in ottawa county.

Michael we'll have your forecast right after the break call us.

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I'm jake lynn turner, you're kansas treasure, this holiday season consider different kind of get the gift of education, learn more about a learning quest, 5 to 9 education savings account find out more at learning quest dot com.

Merry christmas.

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>> come to the joplin historical and mineral museum, christmas open house saturday.

>> always love that first tuesday in december when we begin the koam toy box tell upon on a tuesday, the number right there on the bottom of your screen.

8, 6, 2, 0 for toying remember you've been helping koam tv for the past 31 years.

Put a smile on kids faces across the 4 states for the holiday season, let's continue to do it, thanks to all of you who have donated already and a thank you in advance to those of you that are going make a contribution before the end of the show hey speaking of the holiday season.

We are in the miss a primetime christmas parade and i'll tell you what we're going to have a perfect night for in joplin thanks in part to a little southwesterly wind really diving down to the south and look at those temperatures on the eastern edge of southwest, missouri that have now pushed up into the mid-fifties give you an idea of the natural perspective right here because we're fortunate enough to have the good jet stream split but that's going to do is keep the middle of the united states quite all the way to the middle of the week of course that's not the case at on the east coast.

That's that's a low pressure system that gave us the holiday storm that started back on november 26 took an entire week to crisscross the united states and now they're not actually done they've got another day of snow live look from manchester new hampshire.

They're already sitting in the 12 to 18 inch range.

They're going to get another one to 3 today that's current snow depth that they're sitting on as we see anywhere from that 18 to 24 as you progress through maine.

Now we look from one low pressure system into the midwest still trying to kick our cloud cover which we will be able to do by the time santa claus wells through main street in joplin tonight and we'll get some afternoon sunshine as the midwest remains quiet.

But there's another low pressure that we're really concentrating on right now that one is kicking off out of the pacific and we're starting to see it formula little precipitation right there so by the time we get into thursday night believe it or not yet sitting out there off the coast of california but will actually play a role here in the 4 states but before we get there on a tuesday and even into a wednesday.

We're talking about temperatures just a little bit above seasonable today and then overnight going need a coat.

Don't worry about anything out the parade go enjoy yourself because we don't have to worry about any precipitation until we get to thursday.

Now here's what's going to happen as that low pressure system crosses the rockies will turn our attention out to the west.

But here's the nice thing look that stays all green, we don't see any yellow orange picking up we're not talking about hard rain and this things move in quick hits in out thursday night and friday morning friday is going to be little bit cooler but then saturday we're going to bump right back up and we can kind of give you an illustration about that low pressure system there she is making landfall on wednesday now watch as across the rocky turns to snow, but it's on the backside of it and we're back to rain and what that will do is actually set us up for a gorgeous weekend as we're going to have more parades and we've got 4, 5, of on saturday and worse it back have sunny skies and work up into the high 50's and with that being said says this is our inaugural toy box tuesday telethon here of 2019.

I turn it back over to kate kelly and that would box call center.

>> well michael it may be cold outside, but you can get that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from giving by donating to 20 bucks right now, a christmas merrier for kids in your community give us a call at 1, 8, 6, 2, o for toy and make a donation just like megan davis from miami giving us $50.

Roy nichols in jasper giving us another $50.

All the way from the windy city, yes, naperville, illinois.

Killer with $50 that's amazing.

Thank you so much.

>> koam tv is it responsible technically my the person's to feel full and part-time master control positions video audio keep your experience is preferred, but not required some responsibilities include the coordination of live and recorded programming for broadcast preparation of commercial and syndicated content for air monitoring multiple 18 per annum large and phone sec monitoring the a s procedures e-mail eeo at koam tv dot com or point percent koam tv highway 69 south of pittsburgh, kansas koam tv here to its tv the cw is an equal opportunity employer.

>> how that gets me captain essence nicest a direct they ran neck and with a click not first place.

That's more than 80 is at its peak and that amazing.

He knows that matt can dial and then picking people's chi from my own county free.

>> the most important and they need to remember is the number one.

The people vote and that can number one place have their game clothes back on.

And that can not let the guys work on your car after amendment that can come jack say, yeah.

>> hello homeowner, john your home from and a recent project was completed for the carl junction schools administrative office building driving by you might not spot the before and after a good thing above the brick home for on start citing softened patient getting complete the virtual maintenance free exterior they did their homework very smart decision to sell grow when you're ready to go with them virtually maintenance free exterior there's no place like home there's no place like home pro cea says.

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The bring you casey a recipe.

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>> under and the koam tv play back.

>> the holidays are the perfect time to roll out some don't have a good time with the family in today, howard shares a versatile recipe that's sure to create many memories, we're making gingerbread cut outs in the mister food test kitchen.

>> as we continue counting down the days to the number one recipe as part of our christmas cookie countdown.

Today we're sharing a classic gingerbread cookie that's earned its ranking by being so cute and tasty, not sure what i mean let me show you we start by bringing together some butter and brown sugar to that we had some molasses.

Next we slowly at a dry ingredients, including lots of spices which makes them so holiday >> the fun part comes after we roll it out that's when we can cut out shapes to make anything from gingerbread men and women.

2 holiday wreaths.

If you make a hole in the top of each cookie before baking it.

You can hang them on your tree.

Once they bake and cool.

We have frost and if we want the good news is i've got a recipe for royal icing to decorate these live.

That is super simple aren't these acute this thing ever and not only do they look amazing.

But they taste even better to get the recipe for our holiday special gingerbread cookie cut outs all you need to do is visit our website.

I'm howard with kelly in the mister food test kitchen where today we found out whimsical gingery way for you to say i think we should eat these instead, it >> so in the detail you can find this recipe along with a lot more good food from the mister food test kitchen online just go to our website at koam news now dot com.

Let's check back in with cage in the koam 20 bucks call center.

>> hey everyone you still have time to give us a call and make our first we box tuesday telethon of 2019 a big success.

The number is 1, 8, 8, 6, 2, o for toy.

You call give us a donation using your credit or debit card and will shop, giving is easy and it's guaranteed to make you feel good so give us a shout before 1230 or go online any time to koam news now dot com to make your donation.

You can donate in memory of someone or challenger co-workers we want to keep those calls coming now back to tania.

>> thanks kate.

We take this time to honor today's 4 state hero.

Corporal elven jabin in the us army, the soldier from independence, kansas joined the 5th regimental combat team in 1952.

>> the fight at hamburger hill during the korean war earning the presidential unit citation and 2 bronze stars the corporal elvin job and we thank you i forced a few around there's a look at our for state market price nominate your 4 state hero today.

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The holy father.

>> of making reckless decisions that endangered the lives of others.

They'll use my testimony.

Thursday 10 9 central on scene, yes.

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>> they're replacing old clay tile it's broken down over the years.

It's called them so it's created a water issue.

The power runs across the field across as our pie so they're going to replace metal plate high with new 8 inch plus the fight, they're our line of work safety is number one with a short cut.

>> especially when you work around large diameter high volume high-pressure 5 yes, 5.

We want to share my goal to say.

>> sunny skies for the afternoon and as we head to the joplin parade tonight, yeah you're going to coke is will be down in the 40's when santa claus rolls through main street, but it's going to be dry up until thursday night now back over to kate kelly from the toy box call center cake.

>> everyone would like to thank pittsburgh and joplin salvation army here for answering phones during today's noon telethon.

We've had a lot of great success with it just now beverly robertson from quapaw oklahoma gave us $50 thank you so much every dollar counts.

>> it's going to continue at 00:05am tonight at 5, 6, when introduce you to shanna passenger family, miami oklahoma she's been getting help a pretty presents under the tree to help put box for the past 3 years.

>> that's right we'll be back tonight at 5, 6, giving you another chance to donate in the meantime you can donate online if you'd like to do the shopping to find a list of drop-off locations on line as well.

And on our website koam news now dot com.

Back here 5.


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