Victim of Lu Verne bank shooting identified as Algona woman

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Victim of Lu Verne bank shooting identified as Algona woman
A 43-year-old Algona woman was killed during a shooting Wednesday.

One person is dead after a bank robbery and shooting in lu verne this morning.

That's a small town in kossuth county.

Kimt news 3's nick kruszalnicki joins us live from garner.

Live nick what's the latest?

/ / robbery and lockdown-vo-5 amy - i am in garner right now, where earlier this morning a daycare was in lockdown because of the bank robbery in lu verne.

Robbery and lockdown-vo-1 lowerthirdcourtesy:breaking news woman identified lu verne, ia let's take a look at some video from the scene.

The robbery happened at around 8:30 this morning at security state bank.

One woman was shot and killed during the robbery.

Right now, law enforcement is holding a suspect, but we don't know if he has been booked or charged.

The woman killed is 43 year old- jessica weishaar- of algona.

Sheriffs office has not released the name of the suspect e.

We did get a chance to speak to kossuth county sheriff steve kollasch, here's what he had to say.

Robbery and lockdown-sot-1 lowerthirdcourtesy:breaking news steve kollasch kossuth county sheriff everything played out in front of the bank.

From what we could tell.

We had ems personnel here as well as fire and other officers just trying to make sure that the scene was safe and do what they could for any victims. robbery and lockdown-sot-3 again several schools in the area went on lockdown or shelter in place, like lu verne elementary and west hancock schools in britt.

Live in garner- nick kruszalnicki kimt news 3.

/ / robbery and lockdown-tag-2 thanks nick- be sure to stay with kimt news three on air and online as we continue to learn about this tragic story.

/ / lowerthird2line:clear skies rochester,

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