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Friday, 22 January 2021

Holidays under the Peaks at the Aquarium

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Holidays under the Peaks at the Aquarium
Holidays under the Peaks at the Aquarium

Miguel the eel is getting national attention now for his Christmas tree display at the Tennessee Aquarium.

As always, or something really unique really different happening at the tennessee area.

When we were to bring to speed on exactly was going on from tomlinson of us here tom or anyone you got something here that looks suspiciously like an eel that does look suspiciously like an elf.

This is the miguel want them plush that was only a great gift shop to celebrate our electric illness.

You are doing something will be different with what he him like a christmas tree.

I heard you talking about this and i've see some video of it, but literally miguel this miguel another miguel lights a christmas tree yet so let's be clear, though h doesn't actually power the tree brought it's a representation of how much power is emitted, so we have two sensors that are in hi exhibit in the picked up those electrical discharges that heat let's go from time to time when he's at rest, just like you or i were not using too much energy right giving off much energy an so the display is, in a quiet but anytime he's moving around her.

Anytime he's eating are as excited to get in the sand.

The output level.what level goes up and up as electric eels use their electricity in three different ways mainly in the murky waters and south america in which they live.

The use tha is kind of an electric golf location device so you could think about this similar to how dolphins navigate these echolocation.

Lastly, some of the signals outside of the things electricity is kind of force field lets them know where objects are helps him avoid up underground or underwater obstacles, so it miguel is really pumped up, how much energy does he put out.

We think that there's it's probably somewhere around 600 old what one thing that researchers have learned is that the bigger and eel gets the more electricity can met up to about 804 and so and eel that's in the 6 to 8 foot range is probably meant upper threshold galas somewhere around four 4/2 long and so he's only met 600 range.

He lets off the the most explosive electricity.

Now i see him as would have a look at the backdrop.

Also got an additional miguel, a scuba diving santa transco causes still making weekend appearances halfway through the weekend before christmas so he'll be in one of our freshwater either on saturday or sunday and can check her schedule, which so exhibit what time i have wondered services of first-year guys had a scuba santa awarded how does he get out that tag because it is santa soon, even when her totally dry.

I guess wait to a winner soaking wet.

I walk could be imagined.

Well, you get up another chimney so it exactly right.

The problem was people of all ages, really likes good because it's a big smile on kid faces when i see him in the water interacting with the fish sure, times are feeding and there will closet another and it's really a lot of fun so the holiday the peaks tell us how long this will last and how we can get the whole family of bodily through christmas eve or sequentially closed today's your next giving a christmas day so we have all these activities special programs like electric you'll program see stars and grandson flashlight and over.

I'm actually got the special spring is expressed by sounds good.

If we had more time you think so scott asked tom how you keep santa spear floating over his head.

The subject is a talk i can somebody find


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