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WCBI NEWS AT TEN - December 9, 2019

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WCBI NEWS AT TEN - December 9, 2019
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - December 9, 2019
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - December 9, 2019

Thanks for joining us tonight... the f-b-i is now in charge of the investigation into the shooting at naval air station pensacola by a saudi arabian national.

As cbs's david bagnaud reports, the bureau wants to know if it was an act of terrorism..

Family members just want to know áwhyá it was a somber sight.

Three fallen service members arrived at dover airforce base in delaware last night where a dignified transfer ceremony took place.

The u.s. navy identified the men as 23-year- old ensign joshua watson, 21-year-old airman apprentice cameron walters and 19- year-old airman mohammed haitham.

Haitham followed his mother's footsteps into the navy.

This is his mother, evelyn brady.

Looking at photo of haitham i love you.

I am so very proud.

Tonight the fbi confirmed -the shooter 21 year- old mohammed alshamrani, a member of the royal saudi airforce was active on social media.

Law enforcement agencies are still searching for a motive.

Barely two hours before the shooting spree.... ...someone matching alshamrani's identity posted this on twitter: o american people - i hate you because every day you supporting funding and committing crimes not only against muslims but also humanity the associated press reported the shooter hosted a dinner party the night before the incident and showed videos of mass shootings to three other saudi students.

The fbi says alshamrani carried out the shooting with a legally purchased 9 mm handgun.

Florida governor ron desantis is now calling to close federal loopholes that allows access to guns for foreign nationals.


Ron desantis sot i'm a big supporter of the second amendment but the second amendment applies so that we the american people can keep and bear arms. it does not apply to saudi arabians.

The wall street journal reports investigators are looking to en-sen joshua kaleb watson, one of the 3 victims, was a graduate of enterprise high school in clarke county..

Vo off top the accused parkland florida high school shooter was back in court today..

Nikolas cruz is charged with 17 counts of murder.... for allegedly shooting dead 14 students and three staff members at mar- jer-ry stoneman douglas high school in parkland on valentine's day 20-18..

A trial date is expected to be set , but cruz's lawyers are asking the broward county judge for more time to prepare.

Broward county judge elizabeth sher-er called for recess until tuesday.

Take new at 10 stinger curtis flowers will be heading back to a courthouse in winona.

Flowers faces a bail hearing at the montgomery county courthouse next monday, the 16th.

Circuit judge joseph loper had announced last week that flowers' hearing would take place in another county, but loper had a schedule change, and the hearing was moved to montgomery county.

Flowers has been tried six times for murder in the shooting shooting deaths of 4 people at tardy furniture store in winona in 19-96.

Two of those trials ended in mistrial, and his 4 convictions have been overturned..

His most recent conviction was overturned by the u-s supreme court on the grounds that african- americans were unfairly kept off of the jury..

Wipe to gfx here at home... a registered sex offender from prentiss county finds himself in jail on new charges.

Prentiss county deputies have arrested terry gene smith of marietta for possession of child pornography.

Smith is a registered sex offender, and is also facing charges in lee county for failing to register there.

His bond is set at 75 thousand dollars.

Smith's case will be presented to the next prentiss county grand jury..

Centred up experts say law enforcement and first responders work in áextremelyá high stress environments.

Sometimes that stress can boil over into their personal lives.

Our cash matlock speaks with an area sheriff on finding a common ground, and has this story.

Winston county sheriff jason pugh says just like any job, law enforcement officers deal with mental and physical stress.

"some people can deal with stress better than other people can deal with stress, and some people need help coping with stress."

The difference is... if not properly taken care of, officers can end up carrying that stress with them... for years.

"you know, we can bring in a counselor from our insurance agency, and we have offered that several times with traumatic incidents that happened."

Pugh says it's tough to get members of law enforcement to seek out the help they may need.

"you're biggest problem is getting your officers to say 'yes, i have a problem.'

It's re for them to do that.

We have offered grief counseling to the whole department after a disaster in the county, not a soul took us up on it."

Wendie woods has been a counselor for twenty-three years.

She agrees that it can be hard to get first responders to share their feelings at first.

"it can be very difficult for an individual who works in law enforcement or first responders to open up because the nature of their job, is to do the job and move on to the next one.

So, you don't spend much time reveling or talking or thinking about that incident."

Sometimes, the stress can become too much... and in some cases... lead to domestic violence.

Pugh says any officer in the state who's convicted of domestic violence will automatically lose their job.

"by federal law, he can no longer possess a fire arm.

An officer who cannot possess a fire arm, is actually no good to anybody obviously, so it is a show stopper."

Woods says the key to avoiding this... is communication.

She says it's crucial for an officer to have someone to talk to .

"it doesn't always have to be a counselor, it can be a friend, it can be a pastor, but truly talking about the day to day stressors that you are experiencing can help to minimize the physiological impact that they stress can have on a body."

Centred up according to a study from the national center for women and policing... domestic violence is two to four times more likely to occur in a police family.

First look stinger summary: cold rain, a wintry mix, and even some snow is expected in the region on tuesday.

The best chance of any snow accumulation during this event looks to be across the northern 1/3 to 1/2 of the area.

Warm, wet ground along with air temperatures mainly above freezing as precipitation falls are limiting factors with regards to snow accumulation.

Bottom line: this is not looking like a crippling or impactful system at this time but there could be a few slick spots on area individuals, community groups, and businesses often fill unmet needs during the holiday season.

But one company works all year long, giving thousands of dollars to several organization.

Our stephanie poole has more on what international paper company foundation is doing in the community.

During this time of the year, the international paper company foundation throws on their red santa claus hat to deliver gifts to some community organizations... communications manager kellum kim says the foundation awarded 70- thousand dollars to area schools and non-profit groups.

" signature causes that we focus on are education primary around literacy, hunger, health and wellness, disaster life and they we have some extra for critical community needs.

They look at the community, they look at the needs around the community.

It's a great reach through the foundation that we're able to impact a-lot of lives."

Lynn brown with the boys and girls club of columbus says a 2 thousand dollar gift is helping members ágrowá " this new fund they've given allows us to bring our outside garden inside with the new-age technology we like to call a tower garden.

We're able to grow vegetables all year long inside of the clubhouse.

Kids learn basically how to live a healthier lifestyle through eating vegetables, exercise, and things of that nature."

And a grant to the columbus- lowndes public library system is helping employees stay at the top of their game.

" for us it's extremely beneficial because a-lot of time budgets are tight and with this grant we want to make sure that we're staying re-certified."

" how did you use this grant, how did it impact, how many lives did you touch, what was the real effect that this money had on these people's lives.

We just hear stories in general about the ways that the funds were used and the difference that was made in for more information about the grant or how you can apply visit our website, wcbi- dot-com.

Stinger wx open sunny, drier, and cooler weather will continue for the end of the week now that the cold front has pushed through the area.

Rain chances slowly increase through the weekend and into early next week as our next cold front approaches.

Monday will be our best chance for showers and storms. wednesday night: cooler air will continue to move in overnight tonight with lows in the low to mid 40s.

Winds will be out of the north at 5-10 mph.

Thursday-friday: we'll see plenty of sun for the end of the week with highs in the upper 60s to low 70s.

A nice breeze out of the north will help to keep us comfortable through the day.

Morning lows will be in the 40s, so you may have to add an extra layer as you head out the door.

Saturday-sunday: temperatures will return to the mid to upper 70s for the weekend as a few showers slowly creep back into the area.

We'll keep rain chances lower for saturday, but there could be a few more showers on sunday as a cold front approaches.

Either way, the weekend overall will be pretty nice as many of us won't see rainfall and will see plenty of sunshine.

Monday: showers and storms will develop through the day and will likely last into the evening.

Some storms could produce heavy rain and gusty winds.

Temperatures will top out in the mid 70s by the stinger it may be the christmas season, but it's also flu season - we have what you need to know to fight it when we come back..

The weather is turning colder// the sniffles are starting and so is the spread of germs// we're talking about the flu tonight in our health talk with baptist// hi, i'm dr. lee richardson, a physician in the emergency room at baptist memorial hospital - golden triangle.

Tonight i want to talk to you about influenza, more commonly known as the flu.

The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that infect the nose, throat and lungs.

It can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death.

Influenza symptoms can include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue.

Some people may have vomiting and diarrhea, though this is more common in children than in adults.

Most experts believe flu viruses spread mainly by droplets made when people with flu cough, sneeze or talk.

These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby.

Less often, a person might also get flu by touching a surface or object that has flu virus on it and then touching their own mouth, eyes or possibly their nose.

Flu is unpredictable and how severe it is can vary widely from one season to the next and even from one part of the country to another.

Older people, young children, pregnant women and people with certain health conditions such as asthma, diabetes or heart disease are at greater risk for serious complications if they get the flu.

Join us next time for health talk with baptist when we will discuss the single best way to avoid getting the flu - the flu vaccination.

Stinger a new era of ole miss football is officially under way... more from lane kiffin's first day in oxford, next in sports... spx ole miss' search for a head coach lasted one keith carter and the athletic administration believe they've hit a home run... lane kiffin returns to the sec....hoping his experiences from the past return rebels football to a contender in the sec... courtney robb has more from a big day in oxford.... " kiffin signing on toa deal through 2023 with ole miss.

Agreeing to that deal for sixteen point two million dollars.

Next up, kiffin says meeting with his new team as well as making decision on who is assistant coaches may be.

Reporting in oxford, courtney robb, wcbi sports."

Deal through 2023 with ole miss.

Agreeing to that deal for sixteen point two million dollars.

Next up, kiffin says meeting with his new team as well as making decision on who is assistant coaches may be.

Reporting in oxford, courtney robb, wcbi sports."

Deal through 2023 with ole miss.

Agreeing to that deal for sixteen point two million dollars.

Next up, kiffin says meeting with his new team as well as making decision on who is assistant coaches may be.

Reporting in oxford, courtney robb, wcbi sports."

Deal through 2023 with ole miss.

Agreeing to that deal for sixteen point two million dollars.

Next up, kiffin says meeting with his new team as well as making decision on who is assistant coaches may be.

Reporting in oxford, courtney robb, wcbi sports."

The ap naming its all-sec team for 2019 a pair of bulldogs on the list....running back kylin hill named to the first team, and defensive end chauncey rivers to the second team hill becomes the first running back at msu to be named first team all-sec since anthony dixon in 2009 alabama sets the mark in selections....a league high 11 chosen to the all-sec teams a 2a football program is officially on the market for a head football coach.... wcbi has learned mantachie head coach tj seago has resigned from his position as football coach..

Seago spent five years as the head coach, leading the mustangs to two postseason appearance, and was the defensive coordinator for two seasons prior mantachie finished 2-8 in the 2019 season a pair of caledonia baseball players sign with emcc... justin black and tony brooks will continue their careers with the lions... black and brooks hope to lead the feds to a deep playoff run come the spring still to come..



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