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Tuesday, 18 May 2021

'Bombshell' leads film nominees for SAG awards

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'Bombshell' leads film nominees for SAG awards
'Bombshell' leads film nominees for SAG awards

A drama about sexual harassment allegations at Fox News scooped up four nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Wednesday.

Reuters spoke to the creators and stars of "Bombshell" about the message they're hoping to send.

Eve Johnson reports.

Docudrama 'Bombshell' opens in U.S. theatres this weekend But the film, about sexual harassment at Fox News, is already making waves.

On Wednesday (December 11) it grabbed four nominations for the SAG awards, including top prize for best cast.

Bombshell depicts the downfall of Fox News chief Roger Ailes after several female staffers accused him of sexual misconduct.

Anchor Megyn Kelly was one of them, played here by Charlize Theron.

(SOUNDBITE) (English) PRODUCER AND ACTRESS, CHARLIZE THERON, SAYING: "I think this story lends itself really nicely to the complexities of what sexual harassment really looks like and how it lives and breathes in very different gray spaces that we might not have necessarily been wanting to acknowledge." Actress Margot Robbie plays an up and coming staffer - a composite of several real-life women.

She talked to Reuters about a scene where her boss asks her to prove her loyalty.

(SOUNDBITE) (English) ACTRESS, MARGOT ROBBIE, SAYING: "It didn't take a lot to put yourself in the shoes of Kayla in that room with Roger Ailes.

There wasn't really something to figure out.

Oh, I wonder why... No, it's very clear why she felt uncomfortable, why she felt humiliated, why she felt conflicted and why she couldn't really define what just happened." Ailes always denied the claims and died a year later in 2017.

Actor John Lithgow plays a man who sees himself as a mentor to female staff even as he asks them for sexual favors.

Charles Randolph wrote the screenplay.

(SOUNDBITE) (English) WRITER, CHARLES RANDOLPH, SAYING: "By casting John and by humanizing Roger to some degree, you realize that the predator is not the guy who's sitting in his office twirling his moustache, it's the mentor who turns on you, it's the colleague who on a business trip who turns on you.

They are actually us and the best way to address this as a social issue is to understand that." The film also stars Nicole Kidman as former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson.

So far, no comment from Fox News on the film other than saying that no one had contacted the network to fact-check the story.

'Bombshell' is released in Los Angeles and New York on Friday It goes nationwide a week later.


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