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Saturday, 16 January 2021

Helping animals in need

Credit: 41 Action News
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Helping animals in need
Helping animals in need
A 10-year-old is raising money by reading to shelter pets at Great Plains SPCA.

READING TO OURCHILDREN.BUT ONE LOCAL GIRL ISPUTTING A NEW SPIN ONTHE BEDTIME STORY."A couple months ago, she justshowed up out of the blue - Igotemail saying she wants to cometocome read to pets."WHAT STARTED AS AWEEKLY ACTIVITY HASNOW TURNED INTO AFUNDRAISER FORSHELTERED PETS.ONLY ON 41 ACTION NEWS--RAE DANIEL INTRODUCESUS TO A REAL LIFE 10-YEAR-OLD DOCTORDOLITTLE.Bridget Lynch//Volunteer ManagerHalley Vincent// Paws Up KCFOR TEN YEAR OLDHALLEY VINCE....READING IS A PART OFHER ROUTINE...NATSSHE'S NOT READING FORHERSELF...BUT TO THESEPETS, LIKE ANGELA....30:28:00I just really like animals - Ialways haveFOR AN HOUR AFTERSCHOOL... HALLEY WILLREAD TO THE CATS ANDDOGS HERE AT GREATPLAINS SPCA.46:49:25she comes in here , brings awhole squad of people andkids to come and read to theanimals with her and they willsit in the room or they'll sitoutside the kennels and they'llsit outside the kennelsdepoending on which animalswe have and just gives themthat form of enrichmentROUGHLY SIX TO EIGHTMILLION PETS ACROSS THECOUNTRY ENTER ASHELTER EACH YEAR.48:57:we help about 6000 animalsannually and so it is veryserious -- people don't alwayssee it...but is still a veryprevalent issue and we areconstantly fettign animals inallthe timeA PREVALENT ISSUEHALLEY SAW...AT JUST TENYEARS OLD...THAT'S WHYSHE HAS HER OWNFUNDRAISING GROUP SHESTARTED."It's called Paws Up KC"HELPING ANIMALS INNEED.....AND WITHIN JUSTA FEW MONTHS... HALLEYRAISED OVER 400 DOLLARSFOR GREAT PLAINS..BUTTHAT'S NOT ALL....NATS OF THEM WALKINGPUTTING DONATIONS INDOZENS OF DONATIONSWERE COLLECTEDTHROUGH HERFUNDRAISING EFFORTS...FROM FOOD TO CLEANINGITEMS....35:08:26It gives me joy, it's fun35:19:03When I figured out what theword philanthropist means -well I guess philanthropistmeans you do something forsomeone without expectinganything in return and I likedoing that -- I thought it'd benice to do something forsomeone and not expectinganything in returnWHAT MANY MAY THINK ASA FAIRY TALE ENDING, ISJUST A SMALL CHAPTER INHER BOOK OFPHILANTHROPY.IN KANSAS CITY, RAEDANIEL, 41 ACTION NEWSTODAY.HALLEY ALSO RAISEDMORE THAN 400 DOLLARSFOR CHAIN OF HOPE.



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