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Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Toybox Tuesday, KOAM News at 5, 12-17-19

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Toybox Tuesday, KOAM News at 5, 12-17-19
Toybox Tuesday, KOAM News at 5, 12-17-19
KOAM Toybox

Conditions in some parts of the four states.

Plus, we'll meet a family who is able to put presents under the tree thanks to donations from the community.

And, the u-s house passes a trillion dollar federal spending bill.

Kate: time is running out.

This is the last day you can contribute to the toybox project.

You call in a monetary donation -- and we'll use that money to buy toys for area children in need this christmas.

The number to call -- one-888-620-4-toy.

Volunteers from bishop and hayes law firm and equity bank are manning the phones.

Again today is the last opportunity to contribute.

We'll check back in at the call center a little later.

First-- let's go to dowe for some of the day's news.

Dowe: okay kate we'll see you soon.

We start with the wintry conditions out there.

Some roads across the four states are still under dangerous conditions.

The cherokee county kansas sheriff put out a notice that bagdad road east of the k-26 junction is closed.

Still, multiple drivers went around the closed road signs and some ended up in the ditch.

For a list of closings in the area -- head over to our website koam news now dot com.

Dowe: doug heady joins us with what's happening now -- news now dot com.

Doug heady joins us now with a look at what's happening now and what lies ahead.

>> actually looks pretty good from this point on for the next several days even though it is kind of cold for us today, we saw the clouds kind of slowly breaking up, but eventually we'll get clear skies tonight i do think we're going to get some pretty thick fog in here especially with the moisture on the grounds are going to watch out for that tonight into tomorrow morning besides that we look fine no big storm systems moving in until late this week temperatures so cold in the upper 20's to near 30 degrees.

The winds are fairly light with campbell light westerly wind at about 5 to 10 so through the evening hours will slide back through the 20's eventually lower 20's later on tonight of course we'll look the rest of we can in the christmas.

Here in jñ now at our toybox tuesday phone bank.

Kate: the toys will go out to counties all across the four-states tomorrow -- so this is the last opportunity to participate.

We have lots of groups teaming up to make dollars stretch farther.

The fraternal order of eagles group 918 in west mineral dropped off three hundred dollars this afternoon.

They want to challenge other eagles in the area to donate.

You can phone in right now -- one-888-620-4-toy.

Have your debit card or credit card number ready.

Pledge what-ever you can afford.

Every penny you give goes to the purchase of toys for kids in need.

Kate: for the past 31 years, koam's toybox campaign has been keeping the spirit of christmas alive for families struggling across the four states.

It's no exception for the yocham's in moran, kansas.

When ashley yocham's infant son was at children's mercy hospital with medical problems, she wasn't sure how she would pull off christmas for her family.

It was a stressful time, but for her kids who truly believe in santa, toybox and the community came through, giving her kids the holiday she was afraid she wouldn't otherwise be able to afford.

"with his medical problems, we weren't able, i mean it costs a lot to be up there, so we weren't able to help out as much as we'd like to with the kids and that helped supply what they wanted."

Tonight at 6, we'll unwrap more gifts with the yocham's.

In the meantime, give us a call with your donation to make christmas merrier for families in 15 counties.

Now, back to you dowe.

Dowe: the house rules committee spent the day setting guidelines for tomorrow's impeachment vote by the full house.

President trump faces two charges -- abuse of power and obstruction of congress.

The impeachment vote is expected to pass the democratic-majority house.

The process would then move to a trial in the republican-controlled senate.

The senate trial is expected to be the first order of business in the new year -- but dates and format have not yet been set.

Dowe: president trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, is being investigated by the justice department to determine whether he violated any laws in a recent trip to ukraine.

In a tweet today -- giuliani claimed 'recently acquired documentary evidence' shows former u-s ambassador to ukraine, marie yovanovitch, perjured herself -- when she testified during the impeachment hearings.

Dowe: top congressional leaders have reached a deal to greenlight a nearly one-point-four trillion dollar federal spending package.

The agreement funds the government through the end of the fiscal year.

It also includes provisions such as permanently repealing a number of healthcare related taxes, and will give president trump steady funding for his u-s-mexico border wall.

Dowe: the senate today also passed a bill for defense spending.

The 738-billion dollar package will give all federal workers 12 weeks of parental leave and give military personnel a three percent pay raise.

The bill also green lights the creation of the space force -- a new branch of the military falling under the umbrella of the air force focused on outer space.

Dowe: that's a look at our top stories and weather in the first seven minutes of koam news at five.

In a moment -- we're going on a shopping spree with some of the money previously donated to the toybox project.

In the meantime -- our phone bank remains open.

Call right now.

Kate: our volunteers from bishop and hayes law firm and equity bank are staying busy, let's keep it that way!

So far we have donations from --- .

Give us a call at the number on the bottom of your screen, that's one-888-620-4-toy.

Kate: in addition to raising money -- some of our partners have also helped with shopping.

Some equity bank employees bought toys at the pittsburg walmart.

They had been raising money all year -- as employees put money into a pot every time they wanted to wear jeans on fridays.

They know these gifts can make a real difference for families during what can be a lean time.

"it helps those who are in need and they may not be in need all year but maybe they need alittle extra help during the holiday season."

Kate: folks at the bishop and hayes law firm also did some shopping.

K-o-a-m photo-journalist ty parks captured some of the fun at joplin's 15th street walmart.

"well we were excited about the opportunity to help out families in the area that may need some extra help for christmas.

The opportunity we have to share with our family and friends and those around us in our community the spirit of giving and of love."'it has been a blast it so fun to get to oick toys and different gifts for kids and it just gives you a sense of christmas.

It helps take the pressure off of families from trying to purchase gifts for all of the kids and the parents get to see the joy on their kids faces.

It shows just the benefit of getting to see the benefit of getting to seeing a childs face on christmas morning and just getting to see them believe in the magic the magic of christmas kate: again -- you phone in the donations and we'll do the shopping for you.

But time is running out.

Call right now.

Dowe -- back to you.

Dowe: wallwide healthwatch nexio a new study finds home hospital care decreases hospital readmissions, reduces cost and improves physical activity compared with traditional hospital care.

Home hospital care includes nurse and physician home visits, intravenous medications and remote monitoring.

Harvard researchers say they found no significant difference in quality or safety compared to traditional hospital care -- which can have drawbacks such as increased risk of infections.

Dowe: a study from u-c san francisco for the first time links using e-cigarettes to a significant increased risk of developing chronic lung diseases like asthma, bronchitis, emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Another study from university of nebraska medical center shows three quarters of teens who vape report they use nicotine, marijuana or multiple mind altering substances..

Which is much more than previously thought.

Dowe: the u-s house voted to raise the national smoking age to match the drinking age.

That includes e-cigarettes and other vaping devices.

A number of states have already raised the tobacco sales age to 21 by state law.

The change comes as part of a sweeping year-end spending agreement.

A group of top senators have also agreed to raise the federal tobacco sales age -- according to multiple people involved in the talks.

The senate needs to pass the spending package by friday -- to dodge a partial government shutdown.

Dowe: that's a look at today's health news.

A little later -- we'll check back in with kate to see how things are going with the phone bank.

Health news a little bit later we're going to check back in with kate to see how things are going with the phone thing.

>> plus another cold night for us tonight, but we are going to start to warm back up we'll have those details coming up next.

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>> well definitely turn out to be a very cold day today temperatures struggling to even hit 30 during the afternoon and the clouds really just kind of hong tights all day long so we have mostly cloudy skies.

Still nice time lapse of buffalo run casino resort of course, this is miami.

Oklahoma as we did see just mostly cloudy skies all day long some of the roads.

Still a little bit slick but at least most of them have greatly improved since this morning, 30 for a high today, average highs 46 are nowhere near that mark for least tomorrow, we'll get back to where we should be for this time of the year zoom in it's cold there's 30 and seneca 30 in miami pittsburgh, still 2829.

And webb city and this is pretty consistent across the entire 4 state area, mid to upper 20's to near 30 degrees a little bit warmer.

Once you get into northeastern parts of oklahoma but everybody is cold across the entire central plains, even or through the great 2 thirds of the country as below average but we're going to flip the script here as we head into about the next 7 to 10 days, it's actually going to warm up quite a bit.

Lisa winds are light come to light westerly wind at about 5 miles per hour and still mostly cloudy skies with the roads pretty good something range line currently sitting at 29 feels like 23 west.

Southwesterly winds are light and about 6, but the humidity is high.

That's going to be a key for us tonight with the moisture on the ground.

I do think we're going to get some pretty thick patchy fog across the region will slide back to the 20's eventually lower 20's later on tonight you can still see the back edge of the clouds trying to work through once we finally clear out it's going to be dark.

So doesn't really matter but eventually pretty much clear skies.

Not much here across central plains.

Here's our storm system that rolled through yesterday so still that colder air filtering in for a look at west.

Here's our next little system run up the coast california which will start to practice late thursday night and then to friday so for us tonight.

We are going to have a fog watch out for that still there may be a few random slick spots on the roads.

When you wake up in the morning, cold start 22, westerly winds are going to be light.

Most of the day but at least we're going to be warmer tomorrow we're going to warm through the 20's, upper 30's by noon high temp right around 45.

As we head into the afternoon which is right about where we should be for this time of year.

So if we continue.

It continues to warm up as we work into thursday night friday southerly winds will start to kick in.

That's going help us going to lower 50's by time we head into thursday and i think we'll be much of the same by the time we head into friday, even though we'll have some clouds could pick up a random shower by the time friday afternoon rolls around most of the weekend looks great southerly winds.

We are going to be a storm system in here late christmas eve.

Into christmas day.

I think as of right now it's going to be warm enough, anything we would get mainly is going to stay rain but we may get some snow on the backside but that would be.

Right after christmas.

So it looks like brown christmas, 45.

For us tomorrow 50's return, 52 on thursday 50 on friday.

Look at the 60's.

Sunday monday and tuesday sir huge switch what we're seeing phone banks.

Kate: we'll be right back.

Kate: the phone lines are still open and volunteers are standing by to take your call.

With our consumer watch story coming up it's important to remember -- even though our economy has seen record highs this year and unemployement has reached record lows -- not everyone has enough to provide gifts to their loved ones.

That's why your donations are so important.

Maybe you have a little extra you can give to someone in need this year.

We still haven't heard from .

Let's keep those donations coming in.

Kate: the pittsburg area chamber of commerce is giving people a chance to get some last minute christmas gifts and support local small businesses.

They are offering new gift certificates that can be used at 51 businesses in the pittsburg area.

Some of those businesses include honey does l-l-c, palluccas-frontenac, and ron's supermarket.

Officials say it's a good way to drive local business.

"we're really excited that the business community has embraced this program and they like this program because it drives the business through their door especially if there not able to offer gift certificates or gift card through their local office they can get on our gift certificate and still receive the benefit."

Kate: the gift certificates are available for purchase at the chamber office.

Now let's turn it over to dowe.

Wallwide push consumerwatch dowe: thanks kate -- in consumerwatch -- it seems some communities are more giving than others.

Americans across the country donated more than 427-billion dollars last year.

A wallethub study sought to find the most caring u-s cities.

Virginia beach topped the list.

Madison, wisconsin was the runner-up, followed by pittsburgh pennsylvania.

The rankings were based on several factors including shelter provided homeless people and hours residents spent volunteering.

Dowe: target has a plan for last minute shoppers.

Now through monday december 23rd -- most stores will be open from 7 a-m until midnight.

On christmas eve many locations will still stay open until ten p-m.

Customers can also place online orders for same day delivery during normal business hours through december 24th.

Dowe: ground-breaking on new homes rose in november.

According to the commerce department -- housing starts increased 3-point-2 percent last month.

That was more than expected.

And building permits, which indicate future construction shot up to a 12 and a half year high.

Dowe: one last check in with kate and the toybox telethon -- next.

Dowe: koam takes this time to honor a local veteran.

Mark horrell junior served in the u-s marines from 2006 to 2008.

The carthage, missouri native was stationed in iraq.

We salute sergeant mark horrell junior -- a four state hero.

Dowe: the cbs evening news is next.

Then on koam news at six, charges are filed against a neosho armed robbery suspect.

Plus, we'll look at a new behavioral health program in labette county.

And, we'll hear more from a southeast kansas family benefiting from our toybox campaign.

Stay with us for the cbs evening news and then koam news at six.

Dowe: we want to thank everyone that has if you're going to be out tonight into tomorrow morning.

At least we warm up a little bit 45 tomorrow 50's return thursday and friday could see random shower on friday, but tuesday telethon as well as our volunteers from equity bank and bishop and hayes.

If you still haven't donated yet, there is still time though it is running out.

You will only be able to donate over the phone through koam news at six.

Kate: remember the number is 888-620-4-toy.

That's 888-620-4869.

And you can donate online.

Just go to koam news now dot com slash toybox to make a donation.

Dowe: thanks for joining us, the cbs evening news is next.

Of course, we'll be right back here for koam news at six.

We'll see you then.

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