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Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Rallying for impeachment

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Rallying for impeachment
Rallying for impeachment
People across the country are coming out to make their voices heard. <nats > a cold minnesota night did nothing to cool off these political actvists... alarmed by the actions of our president.

<nats > these rallygoers say the stakes are high.

"i think regardless of his policy decisions, he's a serious black spot on the office of the presidency."

"for me it really comes down to facing looming constitutional crisis."

"he should not be able to think he's above the law and get away with his actions without the consequences."

This crowd unanimous and unwavering in their disappointment in our commander in chief.

<nats > "i don't think people can point to him and say he's representative of what kids should grow up into."

"it's clear he's been obstructing congress in a legitimate investigation."

"there are certain things framers put in our constitution to prevent things like this where people are taking too much power from the three parts of government."

As the impeachment inquiry nears a vote expected to fall along party lines... there is no doubt how these demonstrator s view donald j.


Nats "regardless of where you view his position on things, the fact is he isn't getting anything done thank you isabella.

If the house impeaches trump... the senate will hold a trial to consider if he should be removed from office.

/// bernie sanders

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