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Saturday, 16 January 2021

CAR TALK 12-18-19

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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CAR TALK 12-18-19
CAR TALK 12-18-19
CAR TALK 12-18-19

Now from the epb weather center, your storm team 12 last even longer.

No all the time i talk about maintenance maintenance is the key to makin car last longer in each manufacturer has different specifications so the key is is is to get out your owners manual.

It'll have 30,000 60,000 90,000 hundred five depend on the model of the card makes or whatever original have service intervals and it'll tell you what these to be done at each windows intervals are give me a example.

I was say a 50,000 mile ... checkup or to not what have you on a particular court.

What would be all in doing something at the 2000 50,000 miles.

Most immigrants for they deftly fill system clean need to replace th cool need to replace the brake fluid transmission fluid are so the angel changes are all very if it comes in about the same time or not but it didn't go over like a major inspection on the car.

Look at everything on look at all the door hinges all the all little plastic uses that may or may not break and stuff like that 50,000 miles is a good point to get it into place and just leave it for a day and let them go over the car really well.

Make sure things go.

Seems to me like a situation of pay for now.

Or you can pay for it later and later scored to be more expensive for you as things go by the wayside.

Definitely dumbing it if you don't stay ahead of it is as lucky thing else because they had of it is can be more expensive and is coming more costly batteries are also something that you need to pay attention to the way cars are now you don't have a whole lot noticed between the slope rate and the no right sometimes a day so that sometimes no news for me personally i had a jeep that was starting well rented a house for a quick go back in, it would start back up.

It wouldn't start.

Fortunately, the new battery testers today can pick up a lot of that stuff and see once coming if you're going to the repair shop for brakes and they tell you that your battery needs to be replaced using been starting fine right.

The machine picked it up and it knows it is going down, and surprisingly enough, just one failure.

One time he left the headlights on.

When tommy left the radio on someone take 25% of the battery life out do that a couple times three times in the battery spring was toast so it is not a we bring the car to you and ask you to do a load test the battery that's a that that's a quick two minute process.

It is in low test are really a thing of the past because it only picks up a certain certain couple things in.

Now the the battery testers are so much mor grants well.

It's amazing to think technology is improve you work life with others are else really has helped out of the automotive industry.

When the car now gets 30 miles to the gallon of an average car and they're going to easily 253,000 miles so amazing that when you were here on the next visit to talk about something new happening with ford.

We talked about this earlier huge news from detroit boyd at thousands of jobs for plan of yours will give you plenty of them so that we find you what your phone number where we check out on th internet.

5128 hixson pike dixo and 875-2276 right across from avocet so merry


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