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Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Thursday Morning Sprint

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Thursday Morning Sprint
Thursday Morning Sprint

We're waiting on a date for the Senate trial following the House's impeachment of President Trump, and a warm-up is expected this weekend.

It's 6:5 .... time for the morning sprint as we give you everything you need to know before heading out the door.

That includes a warm-up headed into the weekend... let's start with meteorologist haddie mclean.

Today: mostly sunny and milder.

High: 34 wind: sw 5-12 mph tonight: variable cloudiness and not as cold.

Low: 24 wind: bec.

Se 5-10 mph we are waiting on a date for the senate trial -- following the house's impeachment of president trump.

President trump is the third president in the country's history to be impeached.

The house voted along party lines to approve two articles against the president -- relating to his conduct in dealing with ukrne.

Two democrats broke with their party and voted against that article... and one republican- turned- independent voted in favor of it.

In russia this morning -- president putin is holding his annual news conference -- and commenting on the impeachment... he said the proceedings are quote "far- fetched" -- and predicted the senate will reject it.

:48 so i think the real difference is no one is actually saying the president is innocent here.

They just want to talk about everything else around it.

:55 at is representative mark pocan... responding to the impeachment.

Wisconsin's four republican representatives all voted against impeachment... while the state's three democrats voted in favor.

Republican represenatvie bryan steil tweeted his reaction... saying in part "i voted against impeaching president trump.

From the start, i have been opposed to impeachment... the house should get to work on issues impacting americans: tackling the rising costs of health care, securing our border, and addressing our national debt."

Democratic candidates for president are preparing for the final debate of the year.

It's set for tonight at loyola marymount university.

Only seven out of the 15 candidates qualify for the event... because of stricter polling and donor requirements.

It airs tonight at seven... on wisconsin public television.

A conservative law firm has until monday to respond to a request from the department of justice -- to put a hold on the deactivation of 200-thousand voter registrations.

An appeals court set that deadline, after the d-o-j requested the judge make the hold immediate, without hearing the conservative firm's side.

Governor evers says wisconsin will continue welcoming refugees.

He submitted a letr to the state department, saying wisconsin has a rich history of welcoming people of all backgrounds... the letter is a response to an executive order by president trump -- requiring states to provide written consent for refugee re- settlement.

Evers says he was disappointed that the administration was creating roadblocks.

State and u-w employees will see a two- percent raise starting after the new year.

But wisconsin state troopers won't get theirs.

This was expected for the committee in charge of those raises not to include the state patrol.

Assembly speaker robin vos, says the rate the state patrol wanted -- at about 23 percent -- was too high.

He said if they come back with something in the high single digits, he would hear it in january.

A new date is set for a rock county murder case that ended in a mistrial.

23-year-old jullian collazo is expected to go to trial again on june 20th.

Collazo is facing a first- degree intentional homicide charge... he's accused of stabbing and killing 43-year- old christine scaccia-lubeck... and then fleeing to missouri.

A teenager is facing charges for allegedly killing a man who she says was trafficking her.

Chrystul kizer is charged with the murder of randall volar kenosha county's district attorney is arguing the murder was premeditated... however, kizer's attorney argued the murder falls under 'affirmative defense'... which acquits sex trafficking victims of certain crimes... but a judge disagreed -- saying it only applies to prostitution or child trafficking cases.

Two rock county residents are facing charges... after using dogs to sneak drugs into the county jail.

The inmate took care of the dog as a part of a rehabilitation program.

They say he used it as an excuse to get outside.

From there, he picked up a dozen pills that someone else had dropped off... and snuck them back inside.

The two people involved in the drop-off are both facing charges.

While letting your kids use an app is a good way to keep them entertained this christmas... the better business burea is cautioning parents to question if that holiday app is as safe as you think.

The better business bureau advises parents to do several things before letting your child download a holiday appread the privacy policy so you can see who is collecting the information and how that information is being used.

If an app doesn't have a privacy policy... that's a red flag.

Also learn what information is being could be consenting for the app to use pictures, voice recordings, or video of your kids.

You can also set permission requirements... and last but not least, be wary of free apps.

A lot of them have innapropriate advertising and some even trick kids into clicking on things.

Good news for amazon shoppers -- the company is expanding its free return program as the gift-giving season wraps up.

The company is letting shoppers return millions of items sold and fulfilled by amazon for free... it applies to purchases made between november 1st and december 31st -- and will accept those througjanuary 31st.

Usually, amazon only allows returns within 30 days of the purchase date.

6:5 now... let's turn it over to josh timm with a look at your first-alert traffic.

The westbound beltline is starting to get busier now with brake lights between stoughton and west broadway.

Inbound john nolen picking up near rimrock and olin as you make your way downtown.

And other main routes heading into madison moving along with no crashes or delays.

With your first alert traffic, i'm stacey k.

Today: mostly sunny and milder.

High: 34 wind: sw 5-12 mph tonight: variable cloudiness and not as cold.

Low: 24 wind: bec.

Se 5-10

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